Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | King Patlu | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | King Patlu | Wow Kidz

Come, come fish queen, it would be fun if a single huge fish is trapped in my fishing rod. Look, I guess she is coming. Oh! They seem to be very big fishes. Patlu, pull it hard. Big brother, help!! We went to hunt the fishes but the fishes hunted us. They whirled us like a twister and threw us away. Oh my lord! The fishes hunted you? I’ve an experience of catching fishes for twenty years. I will teach you how to catch them. No, I have sworn that I will catch those fishes. Big brother, give me a gadget through which I can breathe under the water. Hey Motu, my friend, take this, you can breathe underwater. Now you can stay under water for long and catch fishes. Wow Dr. Jhatka!! This is a very useful thing. Can we talk to each other underwater also? Yes friends, you can talk to each other through this? Thank you, thank you big brother. Lets go. Now I will show those fishes. Come, big fish. Come, this time you won’t be able to escape. Motu, be careful, I guess a big fish is trapped. Pull the rope. What’s this? This is some king’s throne. Motu, look, there is a crown too. Wow, this is so beautiful!! There are so many diamonds and pearls studded on it. Patlu, what’s wrong with you? Why are you looking at me like that? Remove the crown and get up from the throne. Hail the king!! My lord, you have come here after a long time. We were waiting so long for you. Our ancestors told us that the one who will wear this crown and sit on the throne would be our king. Who is this man? Where did he come from? Take him away from here. Hey Patlu, what are you saying? What’s wrong with you? I am your friend, friend. Chingam sir, thank god you are here too, I am ruined. Oh my god!! What’s wrong Motu? Who ruined you? Tell me his name. Patlu!! Oh my god!! Patlu ruined you? Your friend ruined you? Impossible!! Chingam sir, listen to me, we both went to catch fishes but. Oh my lord!! I swear on my patients, let’s go and repair Patlu’s mind. He might be a king in his house but here, he is our friend. Hey Patlu, swear on the law, swear on the goddess of earth and surrender yourself to me. Ashtabhuji!! Give them such a punishment that they won’t dare to come to our kingdom next time. Sorry Patlu, ask him to stop. Oh my god!! It hurts. Piranha!! Leave us!! Hey fishes, swear on the law, leave us. Help!! I want my friend back!! Doctor Jhatka, what I am saying is, all this is happening because of the crown. We will dress up like fishes and go under water. Patlu won’t recognize us and we will bring him back. Ok, I will prepare a suit, which will look like a fish. We will hide inside it and appear like a fish then nobody can stop us from going to Patlu. Firstly, we will remove his crown. Our target is to remove the crown. Ok? Let’s go. Hey look at them, what type of fishes are they? They don’t seem to be from our community. Lets go and see. Who are you sister? Where have you come from? Hey, we aren’t sister. We are brothers. From where have you come brother? We are the brothers from Furfurinager. Hey, not a brother. My name is Chingam. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. We already had a doubt. You all are here to take away our king. Bijlii rani!! Ashtabhuji!! Can’t you keep your head at one place? Motu, what are you doing here? First run, then I’ll let you know. Run!!! Be careful, don’t let the criminals escape. Electric fish, attack!! Hey Motu Patlu, my brothers, my friends, wear these rubber hand gloves. You can prevent yourself from the electric current passed by the electric fishes. Piranha attack!!! Don’t worry, our fish costumes are very hard and strong. But mine are not. Chingam sir, keep firing. Attack!!! Don’t let them escape. Crocodiles, attack!! We have run enough and we have no grudges against you. Go back or else you will regret. Let’s see who regrets. Motu, take this, have samosa’s and start. Stop, now that’s enough. Come on, let’s run. It is better to run away from here. Do you want to fight more? I am no more in a condition to fight, sorry. Ashtabhujii, don’t come back. Go fight and bring back our king. You are so worried about the king. Why don’t you yourself go and fight? It’s ok, if the king himself doesn’t wants to come then what can we do. It is his loss only. Come on sister’s we will once again wait for the king to come.

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