Muskiefiske på Lake St Clair [Muskie Fishing on Lake St Clair] [ENG SUBS]

Muskiefiske på Lake St Clair [Muskie Fishing on Lake St Clair] [ENG SUBS]

We´ve just arrived at the harbor in Lake St. Clair And one and only Jason Quintano is waiting for us We are super psyched and we´ve been up all night preparing and rigging the fishing gear. We can´t wait any longer! We have to get started! Hopefully… the wind will pick up. For the moment it is totally calm It´s chilly and humid but we can smell the muskies! Let´s do this boys! It´s as simple as that! I have hope! The Big McRubber (the wire) with wire through 60 gram lead weight This one will for sure get eaten! To bad you don´t know how to fish Yeah unfortunately that´s the problem Well…let´s see if we can manage I told ya! Awesome buddy! When do you book your nect trip? Well…tonight perhaps “Little weiner” Jason is the King! A “Walleye”? Is there any Walleye in this lake? For sure! This one should work out just fine! We´ll see. Yesterday them seemed only wanting big lures It was cool to see how Jason was “jigging” the Muscies using the sonar while drifting Maybe not the most amusing way to fish but it´s super efficient We´ll see what happens during the day I´m so excited Oh la la A “Golden Shiner” You mean “Golden Chinese”? God damn what a rush! Nice work Rille! Congratulation! On the spinner! Great job! It came in super hot and I was thinking “Well let´s give this figure 8 a try” An emotional roller coaster without doubt You earned this one buddy Swedish jibberish slang “Did you see that frickin take Jason?” One thing that you must not forget when you´re fishing Muskie is to practice on you figure 8 70-75% of all Muskies takesthe lure in the figure 8 It may seem crazy for a swedsih pike angler to stir their rod tip in front of the boat in every cast That is one of the key element of Muskie fishing Up and low, down deep, even deeper Up high let it hang, down deep and the “Figure 8” of course What can you say?! 5 Muskies in 2 days The “Figure 8”! Never forget that! My gosh what a strike! Nice work buddy! It´s a descent size Wow nice fish man! It may be a 50 It bit me Yeah, I told you Bring the head forward a bit That´s a fat lady! Say something! A light and easy little lunch sandwich right after the major on Lake St. Clair We had a blast this morning with a lot of action and followers 2 fish in the boat so far And now we will chug this little sandwich Thanks a lot you all! It´s time for the last cast To sum it all up It´s heavy and toilsome rewarding when the time is right and when that time is in…it comes in the speed of lightning How about you Jens? A lot of feeling and emotions. Ups and downs Rille how about you? A ton of emotions It´s hard fishing but so much fun! Well…we have to make one more cast in that case Those are the rules right? Let´s do this! If you´re watching this right now you might not know this but We´ve been fishing Muskie for 3 days And before that we´ve been fishing pike for 7,5 days in a row, 17h hours a day It´s quite hard core But still we are in great shape! It´s been a fantastic journey The Muskie fishing was way over our expectations Everybody got fish! Jens got the most, Philip caught the biggest and Rille caught the most beautiful one What can you say? To sum it all up Muskie fishing kicks ass! If you haven´t tried it I can highly recommend it but in that case you need a lot of patience because this is not for every angler Well done all of you!

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  1. Grym film grabbar och vilka grymma fiskar. Dom snackar om "mus arm", jag tror inte dom testat att stå och dänga efter Muskie i 3 dagar i sträck he he!!!

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