Nascar Heat 3 – Funny Trolling With Nascar Crashes “My TV Turned Off”

Nascar Heat 3 – Funny Trolling With Nascar Crashes “My TV Turned Off”

– [Main Player] Vroom
vroom! (engine noises) (upbeat rock circus music) (car engine hums) (tires screech) – [Player2] Oh my God. Hey, what car was that? – [Main] God dangit, my damn TV turned off on me.
– [Player2] What car was that? (slapping) – [P2] What the heck? – [Main] Turn back on, TV. God dangit. – [P2] Bruh. – [Main] It’s my fault. My damn TV, my damn TV turned off on me. – [P2] You idiot. – [Main] Frickin’ piece of crap. Come on…
– [P2] Dude. – [Main] It just popped off again. (slapping TV) Frickin TV. – [P2] Why does…
– [Main] Who’d I hit, anyways? – [P2] “Earnhardt Died”? What kind of a name is that? – [Main] I wasn’t an Earnhardt fan. – [P2] That’s allowed? What the heck? – [Player3] That doesn’t mean you’re just disrespectful to him. – [Main] Yeah, well everybody
– [P3] No. – [Main] knows I wasn’t
a big Earnhardt fan. – [P3] So what the fuck,
that doesn’t mean you be disrespectful to him. – [Main] Well I mean he kinda got – [P3] It’s rude, it’s disrespectful. – [Main] I mean he was always
– [P3] It’s disrespectful, – [Main] like, he’s taking me
– [P3] I don’t give a damn – [Main] on the high side,
– [P3] what he did. – [Main] I’m gonna put him to the wall. – [P3] He could have been Mussolini. it doesn’t mean you go
be disrespectful to him. – [P2] Oh my God. – [Main] Well I mean you
– [P3] Did he leave? – [Main] wouldn’t be
respectful to someone you’re not a fan of. – [P3] Yes I would. Because my parents taught me respect, regardless of whether
– [Main] That’s not respect. – [P3] you’re a fan or not. – [P2] Bro man I was
– [P3] Yeah it’s called – [P2] frickin’ so close.
– [P3] human dignity, but you wouldn’t know
that cause you’re probably some fucktard Millennial. – [P2] Your TV turned off then…signs… – [Main] I got it back on now. – [P2] Kay. – [Main] Piece of crap
did that to me a week ago. – [P2] It’s annoying. I’m
trying to race, not get wrecked. – [P3] He lyin’ his ass off. He fuckin’ deliberately
cut down on the infield the first fucking lap and took
the whole fucking field out, – [P2] I’m gonna give him
– [Main] Tell that to Sony. – [P2] one more chance.
– [Main] It’s their TV. – [P2] Ah it’s stupid, bro. – [Main] I mean, Earnhardt
used to crash everybody. – [P2] I was so close to frickin… – [Main] Then the one little
time that he got crashed, he couldn’t handle it.
– [P2] Why would you put “Earnhardt died laugh-out-loud”?
That’s not even funny. – [Main] Because I’m not an Earnhardt fan. – [P3] Because he’s a Millennial. And he doesn’t have respect
for anything or anyone. (thoughtful piano music) Including himself. – [Main] No it’s because of
– [P3] Because anybody – [Main] how Earnhardt
– [P3] with any amount – [Main] used to drive.
– [P3] of self-decency would know that’s in bad taste. But you weren’t taught that. You were taught only to
concern yourself with what you feel, and what you want,
and what you think is okay, and what you think should be said. The world revolves around
your tiny little… Your tiny little pea brain
– [P2] It’s fine, It’s fine!! – [P3] is the center of
the universe, isn’t it? – [Main] I was at the
race when it happened. I’m pretty sure I was,
probably, there was probably three of us in the crowd
that were cheering. I wasn’t the only one. – [P2] That’s messed up! – [P3] Like I said, you’re
just solidifying all the things I just said. – [P2] That’s messed up. Bro, man, I was even about to win, too. – [P3] It’s okay buddy.
– [Main] I know that. – [P3] You get rid of him – [Main] It won’t happen again. – [P3] and we’ll have a good clean race. – [Main] It won’t happen again. – [P3] ’cause everybody
– [P2] Dude! – [P3] except for him,
– [P2] Oh my. – [P3] Everybody except for
him is in my chat party. – [P2] Earnhardt, stay on the frickin’… – [Main] The race is over already. – [P3] He’s a wrecker. – [P3] He’s a wrecker.
– [Main] No I’m not a wrecker, the race is over already. – [P3] Yes you are.
– [Main] I’m not driving. – [P3] Let’s see what your
fast lap is and that’ll tell whether you’re a wrecker or not. – [P2] Oh my God. – [Main] On this one it ain’t
very good because I wrecked and my TV turned off
– [P3] Everybody, yeah, – [Main] For three minutes.
– [P3] You tried – [P3] to wreck everybody. – [Main] My TV. My TV was black for three minutes.
– [P3] Right. Right. – [Main] What do you want me to do? – [P3] Every single lap, right? – [Main] For three minutes. – [P3] That’s what you’re saying? – [Main] So I just gave up. – [P3] Your TV was black
– [Main] I just gave up. on every single lap. (Arguing amongst players) – [P4] What the fuck up with
all that wrecking bullshit? (voices overlapping) – [P3] Earnhardt says his TV blacked out. That’s why all that erratic
behavior on the track happened. – [P4] Well what’s up
with that gamer tag man? – [Main] I wasn’t
– [P2] I know, – [Main] an Earnhardt Fan.
– [P2] that’s what I said too. – [P3] So it’s okay for
him to be disrespect… – [Main] Look at them losers
at the bottom with zero points. – [Player] Yeah watch them
losers come flying by your ass. (car engine humming) – [Main] Go high, staying low. (tires screeching) or not. – [P2] Oh my god. Stay high…stay low, stay low!! You idiot!! – [Main] That’s what I was
trying to do and everybody kept going low on me.
– [P2] Oh my god. You’re a freaking idiot man. – [Main] What happened, why–you
guys? Get out of the grass! – [P2] I told you to stay low! – [Main] You’re messing up the grass. (giggles) – [P2] (sighs) – [Main] Holy cow. Everybody–this, this is a wreck-fest. – [P2] Yeah, because of you. – [Main] Ellu! Ell2! Ell2u! That’s who was cause of that one. Yep. I saw him. (players grumble) – [Player4] ‘specially you and your little freakin’ Earnhardt friend, man. Aw. – [Main] Don’t you dare,
don’t you dare unplug that, don’t you dare! My damn kid
– [P4] Oh, yeah, – [Main] unplugged my TV.
– [P4] there we go. – [P4] Fuck you, Earnhardt. – [Player] I’m so full of shit. – [Main] He just unplugged, turn, turn it back!
– [P4] What the heck? – [Main] I’m gonna beat his ass. My kid just unplugged my freaking TV. (other players grumble) My kid unplugged the
TV while I was playing! You don’t mess with me while
I’m playing NASCAR, boy! (players raging) – [P4] Oh, I hate that stupid lap car. Oh, that’s freaking great. – [Main] Yeah, it’s because
my TV isn’t even back on yet. I’m racing blind here, guys. – [P5] Man, are you serious? – [Main] What? Yeah. – [P4] How’s that even possible? – [P5] Dude, shut the fuck up! – [P4] Aw, man. Fucking idiot. Get a life. Fuck, if you can’t race
a car, fuck an ape, dude. – [P5] Burrow, man, I
oughta slap the freaking crap out of you, man. You need to learn how to freaking– if you don’t know how to
race, go and practice racing – [Main] I got – I’m the
– [P5] Before you get on here. – [Main] Fastest car in this track but my TV was off for half the race. – [P5] Yeah. – [Main] I’m still in fourth place. (other players grumble) Oh, never mind, that’s my lap. I’m in seventh place, I’m on lap four. – [P4] Fuckin–you are just a waste of fuckin’ oxygen, dude. You’re stealing everybody’s oxygen. – [Main] Sandman, you are my witness, this is my seventh top ten in a row. That’s gotta be some type of record. – [P4] Yeah, the morning after
– [P5] Dude, all I have to say – [P4] pill was invented because of you. – [P5] is you made me spin out and then you frigging
shoved me into him, man. – [Main] I don’t know what I did, because my TV was off!
– [P5] Aw man. – [Main] I just now got it back on. – [P5] Yeeeah. – [Main] It takes a magic cycle. – [P4] I wanna beat the crap out of you. (laughter) I will beat the crap outta
you if I ever see you. – [Main] Uh, probably not,
because I’m a black belt in karate and Dedo knows it, too. (other players grumble) – [P4] I don’t care what
you are. You’re gonna need a lot more for when
I’m comin’ towards you. And I’m freaking black belt. Tell you that right now. (background talking) – [P6] Holy shit. What the fuck? It’s the Earnhardt Laugh-Out-Loud. – [P7] It’s the Earnhardt
Died Laugh-Out-Loud. – [P6] He died. – [P8] Oh my god, I just seen this. – [P6] Well guess what? It’s like this. (somber piano music) If you don’t get saved, you’re gonna die twice. And Hell–it’s waiting on you. – [Main] Huh?? – [other players] What? – [Main] Did I just get preached at? – [P6] If you don’t get
saved, you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die one day too. – [Main] I’m not gonna die. – [P7] Take Earnhardt Sr. You know, Earnhardt Sr. was a leader, not a follower, of all NASCAR. NASCAR was built behind that man. – [Main] Uh, technically,
he’s not a leader. Because of what happened. – [P6] Well, like I said, he’s in Heaven now. Where are you? – [Main] Uhhh, he might be in Heaven, but I guarantee you God gave
him a bicycle instead of a car so he didn’t kill himself again. – [P6] Well guess what? I’m an Earnhardt fan. It is my choice to hear you or not. It’s my choice to see you. When a man comes up, just
wrecks the hell outta me, that tells me who you are, boy. – [Main] Who got wrecked? My dog is just chewing
through my TV cord right now! My TV went blank for a couple seconds. I couldn’t see anything. – [P6] Let’s just put it this way: you hit the run on dudes. – [Main] What does that mean? I hope you don’t try hacking my PS4 because I have one of the
very first ones ever made, it can’t be hacked. – [P6] You just, actually, you just wrecked a police officer. So don’t even go there. – [Main] You gonna shoot an unarmed man? (laughter) Better get away from that cord!! Damn dog just chewing on my TV cord! Stupid dog! – [P6] Go to Walmart and get one. – [Main] This is probably
gonna be my last race, guys. Gonna throw my MAGA hat on
and then go bang my sister. (laughter) C’mere, sis! We’re gonna Make America Great Again! Hee-haw! – [Player] I wouldn’t
eat that shit, though. (giggles) What the fuck? You sent me down pit row, dude. – [P6] I know, I seen him. I seen him. We’ll get him outta here. – [Main] Yeah, my TV’s off right now, it just went black on me guys. – [P6] Yeah, your TV’s off with my fist in your fuckin’ mouth. And I’ll take my badge
and shove it in your face. And put my damn gun in your mouth and let you beg for mercy. – [Main] Hold on, let me fix, hold on. – [P6] That’s how he does, guys. Earnhardt come in here and all he does, he comes in “Oh, my TV!” “Get outta here, dog!” “You just interfered with
me! Get your ass outta here!” Little punk. (laughter) – [Main] Hold on, I almost
got it back on. It flickered. – [P6] You get the hell outta here. He does this shit all the time, man. All the time. But guess what? (laughter in the background) – [Main] Hey, who’s that
female in the background? – [P6] Earnhardt… Earnhardt… – [P7] None of your business
who’s in the background! (all talking over each other) – [P6] See, I’ll take care of you because when I call Playstation Network, trust me, they will listen to a police officer. I got you, buddy. – [Main] What kind of
police officer are you? – [P6] This police officer will be the one that takes care of you off this shit. Well, it’s more like this. Your ass will be detected
off this shit after I’m done. – [Main] My boyfriend’s
husband is a detective too. – [P6] I give a damn? I’m
in North Carolina, buddy. Tell ’em to come on down here. Whoever your detective is,
we’re on the same side. – [Main] No, he doesn’t
shoot unarmed people, though. I’m gonna tell ‘im to take your gun away and give you a taser only. – [P6] Let me tell you about
a expert, listen to me, listen to me. You talkin’ lot of shit right now. We had an issue that– – [Main] What were you saying? You cut out because you
didn’t give yourself enough time to talk. Get away from that! Get— (derisive laughter) Damn dog! – [P3] Fucking jackass. (slapping sounds) (overlapping insults) – [Main] That’s not me, guys! My damn dog chewed through my TV cord and my TV’s black right now. I couldn’t see anything. (disbelieving grumbles) Stupid dog! Losing this time, though. – [P4] Oh my god, we’re
gonna lose, what’s up, dude? – [P5] Oh my god, dog,
this is so fucking great. – [P4] Dude, I’m right, saying
I’m gonna lose are we–shit! This is fucking cool. – [P6] What’s cool? Have you been talking to this dude? – [P4] Dude, he’s a youtuber. – [P5] He’s like the
best fucking youtuber. (talking over one another) (laughter) (peppy jazzy music)

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