Neko Rig Fishing Tips & Tricks Pt. 1: How To Set It Up

Neko Rig Fishing Tips & Tricks Pt. 1: How To Set It Up

what’s up guys i’m matt from SB fishing
TV here for mystery tackle box in this month we’re gonna be showcasing an
awesome finesse technique that is going to be an absolute fish catcher we’re
gonna be taking an inside look at the Neko rig so the Neko rig is what I’d call a 3-way
hybrid between a drop-shot wacky rig and a shaky head and sometimes that subtle
difference in action is what’s going to get you bit when you’re out on the water
so today we’re gonna go over the components that you need and how to rig
this thing up so first we’re gonna take a look at the head of the bait which is
where the nail rig is going to go so this is a three sixty fourths ounce Carl
stash nail weight this is exclusive to catch Co this thing fits perfectly into
the worm that I’m going to be using today and that is the Razer worm also
exclusive to catch coats their Pro Series worm it’s a six inch finesse
style bait has a really nice cut tail and also something that you need to pay
attention to when you’re throwing a Neko rig is the size and flatness of the head
because you need that nail weight to slide perfectly up into there and last
but not least we’re going to be taking a look at the hook this is a katana Neko
rig hook it’s a number two also super super sharp sticky works perfectly with
this worm and fishing this rig so now let’s get into how to rig this up
properly and what rod you’re going to be fishing it on so the first thing I do
when I’m setting up in Neko rig is I’m going to take the lead nail weight slide
it right into the head of that razor worm as I said earlier you’re gonna need
a bait that has a nice flat head in enough space for the nail weight to go
into you know this might be a little bit harder to throw on say a trick worm you
might have to cut a bit off the top so it’ll slide in and stay there so you’re
just going to take your worm your nail weight you’re gonna slide it right into
the center straight down all right so there we go we got the lead
nail way it’s stuck down into this razor worm next up you’re gonna grab your
number 2 katana hook and you’re gonna want to actually rig it not backwards
but so the hook point is sticking up so when this bait is casted out it’s
presented like this so you’re not gonna want to rig it like a wacky rig through
the center because then your hooks gonna be sideways you want to rig it straight
up through the worm I’m gonna do it right in this little blank space here so
you’re just gonna skin it through about a quarter inch of the worm pull it
straight up and you’re good to go since the Neko rig is a bit more of a finesse
technique than others I’m going to be throwing it on a spinning rod today this
is a 7-foot medium light you can throw it on a medium light to medium heavy
spinning rod I’m throwing it with 20 pound braided line to a six pound
fluorocarbon leader you can throw between six and ten pound fluorocarbon
that’s what I would suggest but today I’m gonna be fishing a little bit more
open water not too tight to cover so we’re gonna be tying it on with six
pound test all right guys we are all rigged up and ready to go out and catch
some fish so I hope you enjoyed this video on how to properly set up your
Neko rig all the components that you need make sure you catch part two of
this video we’re gonna go out I’m going to show you the action of the Neko rig
and how to fish it where to fish it hopefully we’re gonna catch some
gigantic bass on this awesome finesse technique if you guys aren’t already
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26 thoughts on “Neko Rig Fishing Tips & Tricks Pt. 1: How To Set It Up

  1. Hey MTB can you get me a good box for trout because when I had bass for September I didn't get the hunch like everyone else I got the straight tail worm

  2. I usually use a smaller hook and instead of hooking it the way he does in this video, just wacky rig it a little further toward the nose than you normally would.

  3. If you put an o-ring on you can save your worms. You can also leave the hook tip in the worm for a more weedless presentation.

  4. I'm using a VMC 3/32 nail weight and I just cant seem to get it in straight, its frustrating especially when I keep ruining senkos. Do you have a trick for that?

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