New Animal Planet Angler Fish And Octopus playset W Finding Dory Disney, Pixar Unboxing – WD  Toys

New Animal Planet Angler Fish And Octopus playset W Finding Dory Disney, Pixar Unboxing – WD Toys

yeah New Animal Planet Angler Fish And Octopus playset W Finding Dory Disney, Pixar Unboxing – WD Toys our guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another also enjoy an opening today hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel the seat will be got today why we have
animal planet deep sea creature encounter put those guys will totally
all some and he later we’ll have today secret word and an awesome in card lot
more fun videos you are is go ahead and open this guy up Emily Emily anybody see my family my family along my
family Oh what was I looking for Oh are we have my family my family my
family anybody see my family family would to see everybody it sure is getting dark all the way down
here or animals anything Oh what is that Oh just bouncing around bounce bounce bounce bounce pop whoa
whoa who are you boy you really need to see a dentist there can you help me find my family is
my family here somewhere aboard in my friend your family is right beyond the big
thing sticking down from the ceiling what in there yeah damn i’m gonna make roster ok ok where are they Dory dory are you Tori oh no sorry do not go in there Dori do nap it’s cuz my friends said
he’s gonna help me find my family no no no sorry that guy is not your
friend look at the size of those teeth he could
swallow you whole let’s go Tori now now Dori go go Oh No yeah come back your little fishy I’m gonna eat you up faster story oh sorry somebody no this is the end the dory but what is
this she thinks she’s such a bad swimmer I’ll know he’s chasing her now but she’s
swimming everywhere oh she knocked him over everything back
up and again boy destiny learn needs to learn how to swim run Dora run and while this animal
planet deep sea creature and counter set looks
totally awesome guys check that out got the big creature with
the teeth in the octopus wow there’s so many different things Wow this set includes a giant angler
fish that’s the one that’s got the antenna and the teeth the giant octopus
a viper fish figure and a lot of accessories also let’s open this up and
have some fun ok here’s everything that comes in the
box before I take anything out and they look totally awesome and also
are all these accessories here ok let’s have some fun ok so this is
what it’s included in here you got the drying angler fish I mean this guy is really cool freaky
looking and he’s at least as big as my hand so
this is a good size guy and I mean I think they did a really great job with
this i mean i really like the colouring how it logs out things move on e and
this also has the chopping action so if you push down on the ground here he chomps his teeth together and he’s big so I they include this they include this diver with all the
accessories got a knife he’s got a spear gun he’s got flippers
he’s got an air tank he’s got our goggles and the camera so this guy could just be like swimming
along the bottom of the ocean all he sees is this little light airy
swimming toward it and shop at the end of him haha ah the anglerfish what the
users are they live very deep underwater so all they have this this thing here
lights up so it’s like a glowing it’s like a lighted globe so the fish
are attracted to as they’re swimming toward it and then the anglerfish just
swallows them whole I mean it could swallow fish that are up
to 12 almost twice its size so that’s pretty cool and then the set also comes with the
awesome giant octopus this thing is also bigger than my hand really nice red
black white coloring green I nothing moves on this guy I you can move his
arms around the little but they don’t swivel or anything so this guy is more
for opposing or like imagination type play and then it includes a small Viper fish this guy also has like a little light
really big teen he’s like a grayish color with like
green dots on him so you can really get quite a bit in
this set and it is also is a lot of yea the deep sea creature and Connor was
totally all some guys and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click thumbs up which is the like button below the video
in today’s secret word is the word creature spelled c.r.e.a.m tu r e go
ahead and put that in the comments section down below the video I’m going
to enjoy the video and you remember my club you went to this video ends there’s
an awesome in Carter’s a lot more fun videos drastic world and millions and
star wars and Peppa Pig have so much fun together i hope to see you soon

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