New G-Loomis Umbrella Rig Rod | Bass Fishing

Friends at, Mark Zona hanging
with you, and this is really throughout ICAST. This is the booth I hang in really almost
the entire week. I’m in the G.Loomis booth, and right here is your award winner for best
freshwater rod. This is the Loomis NRX 916 Umbrella rig rod. We put actually a lot of
time into this rod. You all know it, especially where you’re from,
Glenn and everybody else on this website, throwing umbrella rigs takes a very special
type of rod, special type of reel. We started working on this about 9 or 10 months ago. I actually shot a show down on Lake Guntersville
with my buddy, Jeff Kriet, and the one thing we were looking for in this rod for throwing
umbrella rigs was a rod that would not wear you down. We all know you want to get some
sensitivity, you want to get some backbone, but at the same time you want a rod that is
light. The other thing that we did with this is we softened the tip of this rod, but a
complete load backbone from here down. So when you’re launching that thing out on
Guntersville or Chickamauga, or wherever you’re fishing, you’re going to actually feel, with
this rod, the tails of your umbrella rig swim baits thump, thump, thump, thump. But of all
the rods we tested and worked through, this one when one would flare on it, when one would
bite this umbrella rig rod, the Loomis NRX 916, best we can work with.

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