Ocean Fishing for Monster Redfish on the Florida’s Space Coast

Ocean Fishing for Monster Redfish on the Florida’s Space Coast

Well welcome to this episode of
Addictive Fishing we’re right in my back yard off the Space Coast. We got Captain Jamie Glasner again with us. And hopefully we’re going to be
showing you a few redfish today. It is the season for them to be here. Mid November… Yup, mid November, October… Giant bait pods out here. Big red fish swimming all around them. You got to love the Space Coast
on a winter day like this when it’s nice and calm. 81 degree water temp [laughs]. Not for long though. Tomorrow
it is supposed to change. What’s it supposed to go to? Oh, there we go fish on baby! [drag screaming] You get yourself a goldfish? I think it’s a big goldfish brotha. (Laughs) I think it’s a big goldfish too. Nice! (Laughs) I’m going to have this other rod ready in case there’s others with him. This kind of reminds me of the Pamlico Sound fish. Never fished there. It’s a neat place It has these big bruiser redfish just like this. But here we’re right of my home turf and your home turf. Don’t have to go five hundred miles to go catch forty-five pound redfish. Five minutes down the road. (Grunt) Seems like a good one. I think it’s a pretty good
one. This isn’t the same school that gets out here in like February or March is it? I can’t really answer that question. (Laughs) Nobody has been doing any tagging? Nah . . . I think they stopped tagging all that stuff when they use to do the hatchery when they would release them at ramp road. Yeah, oh nice! They’ve been averaging anywhere from twenty to forty pounds. Twenty to forty? This one feels like a grown one I can tell you that. Port Canaveral redfish. Oh it’s a nice one! Oh yeah, that’s a good one [laughing] That’s maybe a thirty pounder. I get people that ask me, “don’t you ever get sick of catching redfish?” I’ll ask them, “don’t you ever get sick of breathing or eating dinner?” Dude, that’s a stud! That is a stud and a half. oh . . . You beat me to ’em. Let’s let him get good and tired first before we bring one in green. (Laughs) Dude that’s a stud! He’s tailing in twenty feet of water. (Laughs) Oh my god! Here, can I have the honors of grabbing this one? Yeah, go for it. Come here dude. Help the guy who’s half broken. Since you’ve been busy all day guiding. Yeah. Dude look at the head on that. That is a big fish there. There we go, circle hook… and a monster redfish from Port Canaveral there brother. Big broom tail. Nice, yeah he’ll do about thirty five. I didn’t get any that big this morning. They were all twenty to thirty pounds. Right off the Space Coast baby, got to love it. Big ole’ head. Big ole’ head. Big ole’ goldfish. Someone flushed him down the wrong toilet. Feels like all that lactic acid is out of him. Send him on home. Alright back on down to the deeps you go baby. Well welcome back folks, let me show you how we’re rigging up these pogies and basically what our simple little redfish rig is here. 8 / 0 Trokar circle hook and I’m taking and hooking right in the nose of this pogie. Just like that. And we’re rigging a slide sinker is what you’re calling it? I just call it – it locks and you can actually pull it down like that and it will sit there or you can slide it right there and it sits there. Just a simple, simple little rig here using forty pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon. 30 pound test Smackdown by Seaguar, 4000 size reel and my eight foot rods. Basically the same rig I used up in Pamlico Sound for these big redfish. And it’s definitely getting the job done, got to love it. It’s working excellent. It’s working excellenté. Come on. There we go, sorry Jamie.
[laughing hard] Hooked up again, I can’t get
a damn bite. Am I under you or over you? I can’t tell. We’re free, oh Spanish mackerel, crazy! Anyways, what we were saying is the pogey migration is going on right now. And if you can see this big black spot right out here in front of us that’s all pogies. and there is just absolutely millions of them out here. An amazing bait to use for reds. For anything, everything eats a pogey. I don’t understand why they keep biting your bait. You’re the one casting them off every time. Well I keep a fresh one on. [laughs] What’s with all these moon jellies man? I ain’t see all these moon jellies like this. oh . . . this is nothing. It’s usually just the ball jellies that are in here. Three to four days ago, you couldn’t catch your pogies in your cast net without having fifty pounds of it in your net. Really? Yeah . . . it was bad. I think this is better than the last one. Is it? Oh my god. Dude, where do these fish come from? I’ve been fishing them all day and they all were twenty, maybe to thirty pounds. Oh just twenty to thirty pounders? Yeah, just twenty to thirty pounders but… That’s a moose. That’s another mid-thirties I’d say. That would be classified as a Mogan. He’s tailing. Tailing. Tailing in the ocean. Have you had any sharks eat them yet? Not personally, I’ve caught some fish that look like they’ve been hit by a couple sharks, like half the tail will be gone. This guy is about ready again. Yep Easy with that arm, how did you break your arm? Ah . . . I . . . I . . . Slip and fall? I fainted. Look at that circle hook brother, right where it’s
supposed to be. Right in the corner. Right in the corner. Roll that sucker out. Nice Trokar circle hook on that big old redfish baby. That’s nice. Yeah he’s bigger than the last one, definitely bigger than the last one. Big ‘ol broomtail. I’m gonna show you guys something, and I can do it with a big fish like this. A lot of people think I put my hands in their gills, and if you see back where I’m holding this fish I’m on the back plate of his gill plate here. You don’t want to ever stick your finger in there, that’s where they breathe that’s where they get their oxygen from. And THAT is how you hold a monster redfish. Get him back in, phew! Big boy. Big old goldfish ain’t it? Oh yeah (Splashing) See ya! Oh bluefish… Oh and we’re on! Did you get one? Finally. Oh something broke me! Here you want to come around the front? uuuuugggghhhh Did he go back under? Where is he at? Ok he’s not under, he’s wanting to stay underneath the boat though. Staying in the shadow. That’s hurting my arm. Oh . . . you want me to take him from you? NO [laughing hard] Mine broke it’s line. I’m going to have to re-rig when you get this guy up. [Grunt] This is so ackward. Gah! She’s a drag screamer all right. A hard fighting goldfish. Yeah. There we go! Tina finally ate. Ms Tina So are these guys in here spawning? Have you had any do their uh… I have not had any . . . done their thing on the boat. What we mean by them doing their thing, a lot of times when you catch a big redfish and you hold him up for a picture they’ll drop the milk or drop the eggs out of their little compartment and put it all over your deck. Yeah . . . I’m mean – You got a grown one there Jamie. Yeah it’s a good one. He doesn’t want to come up on the pretty side of the boat so he can get his picture taken. He doesn’t at all. Can you turn him? She’s starting to. Or he. It’s just awkward because I cant grip my hand all the way around the rod. [Laughs] It’s like . . . He’s fishing with a handicap. Open palm. There we go . . . oooooooh! Well there you got your forty-eight incher. This is a catfish. It’s a kitty cat. Oh yeah . . . that’s a grown one. It’s a pretty one. Dude, these are WAY bigger fish than this morning. New school moved in? Or the bigger ones started feeding. The little ones must have got full. See that circle hook, right in the corner where it’s supposed to be. That fish could literally have swallowed that bait all the way down to his stomach and being that it’s a circle hook it pulls out of their stomach and the angle or direction when you reel them will get them in the corner of the mouth every time. Ooooooh man that one almost pulled me in the water. You got quite a few spots. Some half spots. Yeah, He’s been trying to mate with them sea trout. [Both Laugh] A beautiful fish. Or she. Or she. It’s hard to tell when they’re male or female when they’re not doing their thing on the boat. Oh, he’s about ready and there he goes. Tailing Tailer! Rig It Right by Wright & McGill On today’s Rig It Right, I’m gonna show you what Capt. Jamie and I were out there using We were using Trokar circle hooks by Eagle Claw and these are 8/0 awts. and let me show you how we were rigging the pogies too. Basically, what you want to do with the pogey – they have a real hard piece of cartilage right here in front of their eyeballs so what you want to do is take your circle hook and hook it right in that cartilage just like that. Very simple way to hook them up. Throw it out underneath the bait pod, let it sink down and catch you a redfish. Using the 8 foot Flats Blue inshore rod even though we’re offshore catching those redfish. Using a 4000 size Sabalos reel. 30 pound test Seaguar Smackdown some of the most awesome braid I’ve ever used in my life. 40 pound and this is the pink label Seaguar fluorocarbon if y’all ever try this stuff, it definitely gets the job done. I always say if you’re using fluorocarbon and it brings you that one more bite or more fish in the day, Definitely doing the job and getting the job done. Simple, simple redfish rig and all we’re doing is finding the bait pods, dropping them down underneath the bait pods, letting them sit there, you’re seeing how it’s happening. They pick it up and then fight’s on. So if y’all ever get a chance to come down here to Port Canaveral get to see one of these big cruise ships behind us. Come fish with Jamie Glasner or the guides he has working for him, they will definitely do everything they can to put you on the fish. Remember one thing though every fishing season starts at Dick’s. Rig It Right by Wright & McGill Dude this is amazing, as far as you can see from the tip of the cape all the way to Port Canaveral is nothing but muds, birds, and pogies. Oh yeah, hell it goes all the way down toward Patrick even. Is there pogies up north of the cape? I saw one pod up there last week. I haven’t even gone past the tip so I really – I wish the redfish would come up. [Laughs] It’s crazy. They’re here, they are just sitting on the bottom I mean you can see out there in the deeper There’s a giant mud out there with all the birds diving where the boats are at. Hey dude, hold on to that a sec. I’m double fisting. who who who hoo! Don’t say that too loud? Oh! and we’re hooked up [laughing] Good job, thank you man! Appreciate that. Yeah, anytime! There we go – OH! Uh oh? Oh you little stinker you. Oh, I think he just realized he was hooked. The double fisting worked. [Laughs] The double fister it worked. There’s you a little redfish dance. This could be a good one. That felt like a good head shake there. Yeah! Here I’m going to throw off to your left. oooh . . . I got a cramp. Yep, there he is. That’s a nice one. Big ‘ol goldfish. [laughs] And you were worried these 8 foot rods weren’t going to be enough for these fish? I don’t know I think the redfish are on the same clock I am. It’s about time for a beer thirty. Time for an adult beverage? Yes Ooooh! You got to love it when they splash. I had a kid the other day and he goes, “I want to catch one.” Oh! Ready for a double? There’s your double. Yes sir! And they said they weren’t over on this bait pod. Who said that? That wasn’t Mr. Tanner was it? That was Mr. Travis. Mr. Travis Tanner over there said there’s no redfish over on that pod. [laughs] Now these things will ooh – OK that was a quick release on him. ha haa! Don’t worry. I still got mine. I got the best of him. I didn’t get to hold that one. but I’ll hold yours. you seen him yet? No, they liked the double fisting though. You said get up here quick and we’ll have this redfish show done in a matter of 2 hours. Oh, did you see this guy, he’s like – It’s just a wee little redfish. You might even be able to lift him in. [Laughs] Oh yeah, let me high stick it in. Yeah, high stick it in with that rod. [big splash] He’s got other fishing line in him I think? Does he? I think he broke off from someone. I don’t know? That might be why he’s so mad. He’s the toughest fighting fish of the day and the smallest one. [Laughs] Fat guy. There we go. circle hook . . . has done it’s job today with the Port Canaveral redfish. He is short but fat. Look at his tail, he’s missing a quarter of his tail on the bottom down there. Short fat little dude right there. I bet that’s a male. Probably? You think? Nice fish. Well sir, we’re going to send – ohh! There you go he’s ready. Absolutely beautiful. Well sir . . . You said come and we’ll get a quick redfish show done. It don’t get much quicker than that. I think we’ve been out here half a day – not even half a day?>>Not even, maybe an hour and a
half.>>Unbelievable . . . if y’all ever get a chance to come fish with Capt Jamie Glasner or his partner in his business. What’s the name of your website? finandflycharters.com finandflycharters.com Don’t forget it. Don’t forget about our website either addictivefishing.com Check us out on Twitter. We got the YouTube Channel. We have 517 videos up our YouTube Channel. If you all get a chance go over and check it out #showyourmogan I don’t know what else to say. I’m wore out! They’ll wear you out. That’s a good day of fishing when you can get done in about 4 hours and get wore out. We’ll see you next week. Ha, you snapped a pogie. Check out more footage from this show by logging on to addictivefishing.com for outakes and bloopers. OH! I think he just got hit. I’m a little hungry. Oh god! Good pogies I’m telling ya. Oh there he is baby! Nice, right on the outside. Crazy dude in a duck boat with a blue rod [Laughing]

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