Oceanpedia   Critter finder   Fish    Reproduction

Oceanpedia Critter finder Fish Reproduction

Bony fish reproduce by releasing eggs
and sperm into the water where the fertilization occurs. This is known as
spawning. Some species the broadcast spawners form large groups and release
vast quantities of eggs and sperm into the water column. When they meet the eggs
are fertilized and drift in the water column. From here they develop into
larval fish which live in the plankton for weeks or months before they mature
into their juvenile and then adult forms. Since the chance of each larval fish
surviving to adulthood is very small broadcast spawn has released thousands
of eggs in the hope that a few will make it to maturity. Other fish species are
demersal spawners. Instead of releasing their eggs into the water column they
lay them on the substrate like these trigger fish who make a nest for their
eggs on the sea floor and defend it vigorously. The majority of bony fish do
not take care of their young but there are some exceptions. Male cardinalfish
carry their fertilized eggs around in their mouths until they hatch and one
species of reef fish a small damsel fish is known to protect its young even after
they have hatched.

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