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Oceanpedia Critter finder Fish Seahorses

Seahorses are among the most un-fish
like fishes. They swim upright, hold their heads at an
angle grip using a strong tail and suck up
prey through a long tubular nose like sucking drink through a straw. But they are fishes and part of the family
that also includes pipe fish and sea dragons. All members of this family have tubular
snake-like bodies encased in bony armor and small tubular toothless mouths. Pipefish are like stretched out seahorses their heads in line with their bodies.
They swim horizontally in a more fish like manner
than their seahorse cousins. Seahorses and pipefish range in size
from tiny pygmy species just a few centimetres long to the large pipe fish
more than 65 centimetres in length. If you are a seahorse or pipefish good
food comes in the form of small crustaceans which they pluck off the
bottom or straight from the water column. Despite their impressive camouflage
seahorses and pipefish form a tasty snack for many large fish who are
undeterred by their suits of armor. Reproduction among seahorses is unusual.
The female deposits her eggs in the male’s pouch.
He fertilizes them and carries them around for several weeks.
Then in spectacular style he gives birth to up to 100 fully formed young

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