this is done good for you to start servicing so what i will usually do is i will place a container on top im going to show how i wash the parts if you have another method, please do so this is how i do it take some lighter fluid, pour it on the part take a crush and clean out the parts clean everything out why the lighter fluid? because it evaporates really fast clean it out the insides is the one i will emphasis on because the insides are the place your spool rotates so you dont want it to be sandy after washing it using the lighter fluid and you are confident its clean let it air dry then take a cloth and wipe it, and touch up where needed we have cleaned this part now we want to start assembly like i said no need to remove the clutch mechanism if you are starting to learn, just clean to this point only dismantle to this point and work you way backwards in assembling it the more you do it the better you will get once it is clean and good now the times has come to start greasing there is two types of greasing. 1. heavy greasing for saltwater heads 2. minimal greasing for freshwater heads you need to heavily grease for saltwater usage because when grease gets in contact with saltwater, it starts getting dry and sandy so just grease it as per your usage you need to grease all moving parts if you dont grease it enough, and it dries up chances of having damage due to raw friction is high now its time to assemble them back on so u assemble them working your way backwards to how you disassembled just now we ended with the pinion gear bearing and we noticed some rust there and there is some rust on it we will just quickly check the bearings just check the smoothness of the bearings check for rotation smoothness so that rust was just on the outerside so to clean bearings what i will do is, get a container like this place the bearings inside pour in some lighter fluid and just spin it around like that to create vortex no need to do this for a long time check the bearing again if it is smooth after cleaning no problem place it back in its position followed by the sleeve to assemble this part, check its hole align it to its hole put in the screws remember when screwing back on, dont tight it right away once you have screwed them down, only then do you tight them now going back to the worm guide apply some grease inside the shaft grease up the worm shaft some reels have bearings at the shaft and some dont put it back in clean it up im only showing it to you so that i can demonstrate it usually i will clean everything up, and only then start assembling check for the spacers at the cover next is the front cover clean and do the same make sure the gears are flushed with the body and pop that circlip back on next is mainshaft align the holes put in the screws same dont tighten it right away once you have put in both screws, only then tighten them grab some grease and grease it up now for the kicker there will be two sides to the kicker one will be flat and one more rounded the flat one goes down this is now your wet drag and on my right dry drag for your dry drag, very very minimal grease your wet drag, can apply a little bit of grease both this drags are now sandwiching your maingear to stop it hence too much of grease and will cause it to constantly slip so you can watch how much i apply now the main gear usually your main gear will have a little marks on it its pretty normal. dont worry make sure your thumb bar is disengaged this is now your wet drag i will grease it really little and rub it with my finger why i grease it a little? because i dont want it to stick not too much, just as how much i applied clean up the drag plates the smooth part on top put it in done this is your one way bearing dont put it in the wrong way now we go back to putting in the spacer press in the one way bearing into the side cover apply some grease to the side cover just to protect it and grease inside the one way bearing thumb bar to the top clean the pinion gear and its rest there will be slot for the rest and that is what you want to slot into the body the pinion gear inside, and slot fits in perfectly if it is hard to slide thorugh, lift the maingear assembly once you have slide it in and now grease up the gears make sure it is nicely greased rotate it so that it spreads to the pinion now grease up the spring holders to keep it in position this way the spring doesnt drop as you are putting on the reel side cover screw it down, but dont tight it yet assemble back your tension knob assembly now we will service the spol bearings before putting the spool back on you need a special tool to remove the pin dont use my method. but mine is broken so im just using a set of plier to force it out i dont recommend this use your finger to remove the clip tap out the bearings place back the sponge if it comes out same way of washing bearings fill in lighter fluid clean it by spinning it around create a vortex alternate directions remove the bearings air dry it then check for rotation smoothness this is DRAVE’s highspeed bearings both these bearings are good put it back on close it back on now back to the handle part grease it up check the bearing watch out for the drag springs washers the direction should be correct it is concave in shape so you gotta make two concave’s meet one concave bottom concave both of them should should face each other like this not like this this goes on top, the other one bottom then the stardrag washer put in the stardrag tighten it in anti-clockwise next the washer handle then the handle this is a DRAVE custom handle tighten it until it is hard, dont over do it like i previously said, the function of the retainer ring is to retain the lock nut from coming loose. hence you dont have to tight it like crazy this is after service very smooth dont check your spool rotation by reeling and then suddenly engaging your clutch only use your fingers to check spool rotation why? because if you remember the pinion gear bearing that will get damage if you send the pinion gear rotating at high speed back into the bearing and that will cause u that cluk cluk noise good luck!


  1. pls jwb sifu roob ….klau dh bersih kan bearing pkai petrol/zippo, pastu x perlu ltak oil bearing ke?? klau ltak jugak xde perubahan eh?

  2. bang terbaik video infomasi mcm ni bang.. tp selain mesin daiwa, mesin yg lain mcm abu garcia atau shimano cara nak servis dia sama juga ke?

  3. tq 👏🏻Roob sbb tujuk ajar baru saya tahu fungsi komponen reel.tak payahlah susah nk hantar kt orang lain servis reel.👌🏻 terbaikkkk💥

  4. Sgt2 bermanfaat,, tapi belum ada keberanian lagi nk buat heavy servis mcm nie,, newbie lagi dlm dunia bc,,hahaha,,, tq boss,,, u are the man,,,

  5. Kalau dah bunyi ketak ketak time karau tu kira kena tukar la ya bearing tu? Sebab previously saya tak tau tak boleh karau then tekan thumb bar secara mengejut tu. huhu.

  6. Bang terbaik lah….saya dah lama cari vidio macam nie…..akhirnya jumpa jugak…..cara abang pun menjadi dan senang…..thanks buat vidio macam nie…..terbaiklah..Nanti saya share vidio abang pada group kawan2 saya….🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

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