Pesca aos Chub e Barbos com amostras e em Fly Fishing (4K ULTRA HD)

Pesca aos Chub e Barbos com amostras e em Fly Fishing (4K ULTRA HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video first of all please give a like, subscribe and this way you have new fishing videos every week I fish in freshwater, sea fishing, on boat, kayak, from shore, I do all kinds of fishing in this video, I managed to save these images this is from my secondary cam, the GoPro 7 and I lose all the footage of my main camera, the sony I lost so many fishing but I save a little of two days and has you can imagine would be great since what you will see is just a bit just see finally another fish this is better you are seeing this all wet but is raining, I can´t do anything and release was hard to catch a fish today in fly fishing with all this rain they are in the middle of the river I got a Barbel with Savage Gear nails but besides the Bass I got, I was feeling myself failing I love fly fishing and today was so hard I can´t let him go to the weeds lot´s of times without nothing, this comes to give me hope in this day is a bit bigger than the other I catch at the begin of the day another Barbel in this corner but this is full of rocks, will be hard maybe I can get him he is not even big and some people ask me why I love Barbel… don´t know:P and this is the fish not a monster but a beautiful Barbel look at this sun after all that rain at least I got fish little chub but is the first of the day maybe will be a good day this is the best shot we no longer skunk nice fight, let´s see what this is, maybe a Chub a good Chub in Fly fishing beautiful my friends, beautiful and now let´s release there he goes second fish, this in Fly this is the streamer this looks like a Barbel my drag is very open because this hook is very thin so if I want to catch him I need to be easy and even that way will be hard got him my friends don´t know how but I got him beautiful Barbel what a fight my friends, this is the reason we wake up at 4am this is the reason we never get tired Barbel already out of the hook this is the smaller Babel I fish this year but he is welcome escaped smaller of this year there was a creek there and I cast near the shore

28 thoughts on “Pesca aos Chub e Barbos com amostras e em Fly Fishing (4K ULTRA HD)

  1. A Diversão foi boa no Fly, Parabéns amigo belíssimas Capturas!
    Esse Lugar é show também!😉
    Forte Abraço! 👍🎣🐠

  2. Show show amigão , o like 👍 aqui é garantido , seu trabalho é muito bom TMJ 👍 forte abraço amigo, lamento pela sua perda mais vamos que vamos , vamos pesca kk

  3. Sr João em Santo Tirso tente Achigã hj passou-me a frente um cardume a tona de água… Bons exeplares
    Continuação de boas pescas

  4. No Brasil temos o ditado, "-quem tem 2, tem 1. quem tem 1, não tem nem 1"……. é assim mesmo, de uma hora para outra o equipamento nos deixa na mão, felizmente você usa 2 câmeras, nossa é muito ruim quando perdemos um trabalho que fazemos com tanto carinho..
    sobre a pescaria, muito top, acho incrível imaginas quantas espécies lindas de peixe encontramos no mundo, gosto muito de conhecer novas espécies, no caso dos seus vídeos, além dos peixes tem as belas paisagens, só lugares show

  5. Lamento pelo teu disco, ainda deu para recuperar uns bons lances, os Barbos estão simplesmente a ser Barbos, lutadores natos!! Parabéns pelas pescarias e Abraço!

  6. Muito bom João, excelente pescaria no fly.
    Que lugar maravilhoso.

    Muitos peixes, belos peixes.
    Pena que perdeu as gravações da sua câmera.
    Um super Like 👍!
    Forte abraço e fique com Deus.

  7. Belas imagens , belas pescarias…. top demais…. mais um inscrito para você. e um super like…. to começando a postar minhas aventuras pescando piaparas… tamo junto!!

  8. John, this was a very good show even though your main camera had a malfunction. The front perspective was actually so very realistic because it showed all the acrobatics we endure trying to land a fish. The scenery on the creek was very beautiful and it seemed like you were totally alone; again, that is very realistic and so similar to the environment where I fish in remote places with no one else around. Nice fish also. Have a great week and hello to your wife and family. Don

  9. Faça chuva sol ou chuva nois estaremos lá… vídeo sensacional meu irmão, imagens lindad e de encher os olhos, parabéns!

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