Pike Fight 2019 – Episode 6 Finale

Pike Fight 2019 – Episode 6 Finale

My most powerful and one of the first fishing memories I have is from a trip to Åland. Which taught me the art of passion and defeat. Everyone got plenty of pike during the week at Åland and I didn’t get one single fish. My grandpa fished a lot with 26g Hi-Lo in the perch color. The last day grandpa looks at me because he could see my defeat. And he says, you can borrow this today Claes. I take his Hi-Lo, go down to the shore, cast out, and this massive pikes comes after. In this moment I panic and reel the leader up in the top of my rod. And I also back up like a scared rabbit, and the pike is standing there still looking at me. Then the pike says fuck you, and swims away. That is the most important fish of my life, because that taught me to never give up. Before a competition of this caliber, the teams are putting in their souls to succeed. Hundreds of hours have been spent on practice, tactic and gears. Not to mention the mental and physical exhaustion from fishing under pressure all the time. All this has come down to the final and exciting hours of Pike fight 2019. Until the final episode of the final day, the teams have gathered this many points. In the lead, team Sufix, with the other teams chasing after. Sufix also has the lead in Big five, which gives them a great striking position in Pike fight 2019. But, as we have seen in previous seasons, anything can happen during the final´s afternoon. The best team so far is Westin, who has fished good, with a solid average on their five fish, compared to the other teams. Svartzonker has nothing on the scoreboard and needs the mentality from Åland more than ever. It is time to determine Pike fight 2019! Lets go! Pike fight 2019, is arranged by Sportfiskeprylar.se. The leading tackle shop in Sweden. And a great thanks to our sponsors… Atlantica. Boat insurances sine 1916. Grundéns, clothing for us fishermen. Mojoboats, biggest in Sweden on sport fishing boats. Lowrance, first hand choice to find fish. Minnkota, market leading electrical engines and shallow water anchors. Leech, eyewear for fishermen. Sportfiskarna, Sweden´s sport fishing and fishery association. The plan for the afternoon is to keep on upgrading the protocol. It is a bit tricky, because we noticed that the reef fishing is not easy today. At the same time, we got our bigger fish on the reefs. It is hard and a bit iffy. So we will start targeting the reefs and then we can freestyle depending on the result. Because, at the same time we have had four bigger fish in the reed bays. So it is not 100% sure that we will only go for reefs the whole afternoon. We start out like that. It seems to be pretty good fishing. I think we win this. Nice! So do I believe. The train has not passed, it hasn’t even left the tracks yet. It is nice, we just need to bigger pike. Although, Westin will keep on hammering those nice fish and we will have a hard time beating them on the total. We just have to secure the second place. And get ahead of Sufix. And we need a kicker fish, other wise we are out. We have to beat them today and in the Big five, otherwise we can’t make it. We are fishing terrible right now, but we will do it better during the afternoon, right Snooken? Yes we have to. We have to crack the code and… This was a bit of a slap in the face actually. We just have to sit down and look for… Fishing is fishing, they have found the fish and we haven’t The pike are not at the same locations as when we practiced. But we will crack the code and get something down in the protocol. It just feels a bit tough right now. But all we can do is keep on hammering. Lets do it! After lunch we will probably go for the same type of fishing, try some of the reefs that we have tried before. Approximately the same area as we fished until noon. I don’t know how the other teams are doing, but we are fishing pretty fast. We are fishing fast by doing effective drifts. For a whole day during practice, we didn’t fish, just mapping our own plotter. You can build your plotter with the sonar. We did this to get a better understanding of the area. So now when we are here, I know exactly where to stop the boat. I know just where the reefs starts so we don’t have to drift too long to get to the fish. By doing this we get way more effective and that is our way to win this day. We know approximately where the fish are, now we just need some bigger pike. I have fished with some bait combos that I don’t really have had mojo with, and don’t feel confident. And then I continue with that lure, even though I don’t feel 100% with that bait. For example, earlier today, I had gotten one fish. Then I switch to McPike “tånglake” and get a nice fish instantly. I think that is crucial in fishing, to have baits that you believe in. So during the afternoon I will use more of my safe cards and favorites. To get a better gut feeling when I fish and not experimenting too much. We will continue to fish the favorite reefs that we have Then it might happen that we try something else. For example, fishing closer to shore, more shallow or just try something else. In order to see if we can get something bigger, because that is what we need, to win. I got one! I am stuck in the reef. First cast after lunch. It is better. Come one Evelina. I am here, I am here. Take it on the other side. You are fucking amazing! So amazing! We were joking… We were joking about… That Pike fight is all about new things. That you can notice, by looking at the teams, who uses a lot of new baits. This episode will be called “breaking the law”, because I fish with my old favorite Mcpike. And I can tell you this, buy the new “real colors” in Mcpike, they are amazing. But you have to get the “Tånglake” as well, there is not coincidence I got my biggest Mcpike pike on this color. And here we have it, what a pike Evelina! – That must be over the meter, right?
– Easily! Nice, we will let her go back, fantastic fish! And lets get another one! I tell you what, ABU is one fire! We are on fire. All of you who plays cards… Knows that you are supposed to save your triumph card to the end. That is how you win card games, and this is our triumph card that we will win Pike fight with. Do you have the text, Ludde? I get so happy, like a little girl who can’t stop laughing. It feels so nice. We will get a couple more. Yes, that was just the start, that fish will be our smallest when we are done today. Yes, yes! Nice Thomas, nice! This feels like a big fish! Should be big! I can’t use the electrical engine now. We went out deeper to get a bigger fish, after lunch. And Thomas hammered into a massive pike. Come on Thomas, lets get this! – You have cacught many big pikes
– This one is big dude. I can see it on the sonar, down on the bottom. God damn! Okay Thomas, lets do this! It is taking so much line! Where is my line? I will try to break a bit. This is really really big, huge! God damn it! Insane! Okay Thomas. Oh shit, I can only say SHIT! Keep pressure! Holy shit it as super strong, this is a meter fish. It was so strong, insane! God damn it! This is so much fun, look at the girth of it. It looks beautiful! We just had to go out and try some deeper reefs. And after five to six casts… Thomas hold the net. We just had the lunch report. This is a few minutes after we started fishing. And we thought, it is mid day now, which might make it slow. So we will try some really deep spots. To see if there are any big ones out here, that are active. Like five casts later. Then “The mink” comes and shows who is the boss. Shad teez, head light 27cm. There is no better bait in these conditions, unreal! Now it is aligned. 1,06meter. This is a dream fish today. – You can say that.
– 1 meter and 6cm. This is so damn nice. And the best thing is that it feels like we are doing something absolutely right. I believe! I believe! So much fun! ABU and Westin get a great start of the afternoon Daniel and Thomas are getting ahead of competition, and this will make them hard to beat. Can this have a similar effect on someone who really needs it? Now we are getting over the top. Was that your line? What the fuck was that, it said boom boom in the line… Sick! Nice dude, nice! Better fish? No, but it is a pike. Good job! With the anchor function. Shit I am stuck. It looks better. And keeps down under. – It feels a bit heavier.
– Yes I think it looks like that. – It is hooked bad.
– But it is a 80cm, I don’t have a long shaft on the net. – You have to put more pressure.
– Get the net out! What the hell, you have to get it closer to the net, if I would have had the longest net in the world I might get it. Pressure, and we have it! God damn! Oh my god! What a fraking day! Hallelujah, that took a while! Alright, now we have one down in the protocol. So nice! You should never give up, but sometimes it is hard. But suddenly, it happens! A nice little… Incredible colors. A little scratch over here. Lets get you back! Lets get another one! We needed that! Right over the head. Yet another time, the rattle chamber. This looks so hot, never been here, but look smoking! I have been really stoked. We are trying new things now. Trying to find new reefs. No contact this far though. What we want to do is, to get some contact. A follower, a strike or something, to see that they are here. If we get that we will hammer the spot. If we get some fish, we might stay the whole afternoon. If we fish four different reefs and no contact. I prefer to move for five minutes and then go to the next area. We have two areas, where we had more contacts. One follower, landed one and got two strikes. I mean… The pike are moving back and forth as well, so it might be worth coming back, like we did last year. Then we have the shallows over there, where Niclas got a 80cm. We did the same during practice, one drift over the area, and we could actually go back there. I think we should go for areas where we have a chance to win, not trying to fill the protocol. I had a nice follower. I tried a smaller bait. Started fishing close to the bottom. Around 5-6meter. I felt a nibble, and thought if I hit the rocks. Then he came up behind the bait but I missed my chance. Unfortunate, it was around five kilos. I feel for our photographer, good job! Back on his feet again. If anyone is wondering why you don’t see us with any big pike, it is because our camera man is sea sick. So we don’t count the ones that are not on tape, thus our total length is pretty bad right now. That fact is… Usch. I try a Mcrubber now, that has so much UV light in it, that it turns blue. I moves so nicely and should give me fish! Come on! – What did you say, shall I get one?
– Get one now!
– I fix! I fix! Is it possible to place a cast that nicely? We have just arrived to the first off shore reef. And there are plenty of big baitfish in the slopes around the top, making it feel smoking hot. Now we will just try to trick the pike to bite. They were down deep, the baitfish. Rocks. There I had a fish, fish, slow down! 100% fish! Exactly like before, hit the rock, set the hook and then a strike after I started reeling again. The question is if there are smaller individuals around here? Last time, we didn’t land them here. No it was really quick and small bites. But this one felt the hooks and it wasn’t a rock. – Strike?
– Yes! On the drop out over the shelf. Alternatively, a fish swam into my bait. No it is baitfish. Now again. Then there must be pike around here. Normally, 1-2 fish here if the fishing is good. Noooo. Did you have one? It was like hitting a rock. That fish… God damn it, we just arrived to an outer reef… I fish my T-bone and got a really hard strike. First mark is here… And the second is back here. The pelagic. Now we will get one, for real! – Where are the rocks?
– Down there Nice reef. Like a big shallow flat. Five meters deep. Got one instantly, small? – Yes.
– Is that true? It must be over 60cm? 60cm of course. It is too small? Yes… Damn it! All fish are important today. It is not too small. Take it over here. First cast, come one now. – Fatso.
-It is not too bad, might be 90cm. So nice. So nice! Damn it! Starting at the shallow and casted outwards. Boom! Back black flash, UV magic is all I can say. You can’t understand how nice it feels to get two pike. Nice dude! Holy shit, look at that girth. It is so girthy, it is aligned. 89cm – Can we get 90cm?
– Nope, can’t get that. No we can’t get it to 90cm, 89cm it is. 89 lovely centimeter. UV colors can be magical in clear water and sunlight. Which we just confirmed. How nice it can be. I can’t understand that there is only one pike here… There are more than that. But they are slow today. The crazy thing is that they really killed the bait, no mercy. Just have to get them to strike. Right over the head. Killing spirit. Net, this is huge! 110cm fish maybe… It came, but it is hooked bad, not ready yet! I am here, get it up! Yes but he is so strong! It will break soon! It is so strong! Come one! I told you! Pelagic dude! – What a nice pike
– That might be a 10kg fish dude. Holy shit what a fatso! Come here and give me some kisses! What an important fish, look at the back of it! Enormous! This must be over 10kg. What a fucking fatso! What to say? Suddenly it happens. It was mighty, it came so close to the boat and I hooked it. Look, he just ate the whole shad! How long is it? It has a broken back fin. It is so girthy! It will be 114cm… 9,64kg, damn I thought it weighed more! What a stunning fish he pulls out, Snooken! When needed the most, he hooks the biggest fish of the competition. Now the slope will be easier to handle. Svartzonker are now leaving the last place. This was a revenge, during practice… I got a massive strike on this bait, slack line and then the line breaks… I was about to go bananas, and this is one of the first examples of this model. So I told Claes, if you have one of those, I need to put it on, and boom! What a revenge, it feels so amazing. Now I must fish more, want to get another fish like that. One of the baits I use the most, in Pike fight 2019, is this Mcrubber, 29cm, pelagic. Rigged with a 15g head and our new stingers in XL, with 4/0 hooks. Another feature that I use to pimp this, is a rattle chamber. Really nice rattle and here they are. Light and tight bait, weighs 115g. Big bait, easy to cast for full days. During this year´s Pike fight, I have used our black series pro rods. 30-130 gram, fast action, a bit like american style. Which means that it is a bit under classified. This rod can cast every bait that I am casting in this competition. And it delivers, big time. Together with this I have chosen a Revo beast, ABU Garcia. Anything is possible on the big lake. You are amazing Snoken! – We needed that.
– I kid you not. This is a big pike bait. Such a cool big pike bait! Insane! This was amazing. Really think fish around here.
Yours was 89? Really thick. He came with an insane speed. Had no line out. No line at all dammit. Let’s fight now. If we catch two high 90 fish we’ll be in the game again. Yeah I think so. We’re back where we started. This spot felt really hot,
so we’ve let it rest for a while now. There should be more pike in this area,
so we’ll go over it again. And we’ll take them! We’ve used natural colored baits so far. But on practice I had only one fish. And that was on this bait. Can’t be bad. To go outside the box. Or what do you say Tobias? I’d say it’s good.
I feel confident about that one. I do to! There’s another rock over there.
You see it. We should drift all the way down there. We’re just next to the spot where I caught the McPike fish, and then the other one. On the Beast. This spot has to produce a big fish. Beast shad. I don’t think it’s giant. But it might increase us a bit. Nice, nice nice nice. I believe so. I’ll pull it up. Sweet! So nice! Really nice to catch a fish. I’ll get my stuff back in the boat. Do you see the pliers? Yeah it fell down by the measuring board. Oh damn I had a strike! Damn it!
I fished it much faster now. – You should keep fishing Evelina! I’ll handle this myself. 81. Small upgrade, 81.
Evelina had a bite too. Get it back, it’s hot now. In the water! Sweet! Let’s get another one. Let’s do it! I fished it faster now to get the gear up fast. And I felt that thug. But just a quick nibble. I fished slowly when I got this one. Okay, interesting. Maybe we should try different speeds. When we need the big ones now. It’s been awful quiet from ABU for a while now. But this fish take them back into the hunt for Westin. There’s no camera man in that boat? There’s no man back in the boat? Or what’s going on? There’s a Talon. Talon?
Is it Tobbe? – There’s three people up front.
– Ah okay! It’s not Söders. It’s not Tobbe with a Talon.
It should be Rapala. Can’t say if it’s a Talon or a Power Pole. We have another team coming this way. We have another boat coming this way,
can’t tell whether it’s Sufix or ABU. But it is at least one of them. They’re fishing our spots that we’ve been fishing.
Not good. But we’ll handle it. You understand why I’m so obsessed with this one. – Wow, there’s one right here!
– Big one! Really good fish following the Shad Teez. – Did you see those red fins?
– Yeah it was beautiful. Incredible fish. One more cast. What could that be? – Is this bait fish?
– Yeah it is! It’s a hot spot! Two times! We should hit a huge fish here. Oh what a follower.
It’s still there. – No it’s a tiny fish.
– Yeah, but that’s the fish that has been biting. Maybe this fish bit my tail. Had a follower at least. We’re jumping back and forth between points, shallow areas and deep structures. We’re hunting four upgrades. We’ve just got one fish that we’re happy with. But still, four upgrades.
If we fail that, we won’t succeed on this last day of Pike Fight. Hoping for a bite pretty soon. I believe the fishing god are with us.
Wouldn’t you say? We’ve lost five big fish,
so I can’t really agree. Yeah we’ve been quite unlucky. That’s fishing. Really unfortunate a day like this. Yeah that’s really disappointing.
We could’ve been in a winning position. To be able to catch that many fish
when bites are so rare on these cays. Yeah, we had our chance this morning. Over there is the most shallow part. It’s cay fishing in general: I’m 99% sure there are three teams
fishing these cays today. And Westin are the only ones doing good. But they don’t count. They know this lake too well. But the others that know this place as well as we do… they’ve caught three or four fish
each in several hours of fishing. And four fish in two hours will be hard. But it has to work. Can’t tell how just yet. This is by far the toughest season of Pike Fight for us. Great water bodies, holds great numbers of fish.
But it’s not easy. This is getting to my brain now. So many casts, so many cays. So few answers. But we know, all we need is a few casts. Rock. I’ve got one, fish on! Fish on! But it’s not big! It’s decent! 70-80 or so. Yes! Ah! So damn nice! Anchor down! That was a hard fish to catch. We’ve been struggling to even get one bite. It’s insane. You’re the King! It is… eighty. Eighty. Is it all the way up? I get it to 85. Nice! How hard can it be? Insane. After so many hours of casting and casting… we finally get rewarded with a little pike. Far from the one we want. God dammit. Life as a pike fisherman is hard at times. I’m in shock now. We got a bite. I couldn’t even imagine a bite out here. At your XL once again? We only need one more now to fill the paper. We have to fill the paper Henke. Can’t have one more of those days. It’s impossible. Can’t do it! Hopefully we can catch one or two out there. Maybe we should stay around this
edge here and fish all the way down? Let’s fish this point, and then follow it down. – Ready?
– Yeah. Here he is. This can be a 90-fish. The hook got stuck in the net.
So I had to turn the net inside out. I could feel this fish disappearing from us. So damn nice! Come on now! We should pat this one. – It just shrunk loads.
– Yeah it is. But it’s still…
Can we get it to eighty? Yeah it’s eighty now. We’re hunting the upgrades.
We need four over eighty and this one just barely is. Wouldn’t mind if it was a tad bigger but we’ll have to grind on now. Yeah let’s go! Yeah! We’re about to win Pike Fight second consecutive year. No. There we can see it. No we are not.
Well it feels hot here now. All other bays are so open and barren. And they don’t hold fish at all times. We have to gamble a bit. Yeah let’s gamble. We’ve moved to a couple of deeper cays all the way out in the middle of the lake. But they are connected to the
shoreline by many cays in a line. Even though we’re far out, there are cays strategically placed all the way from here to the spawning bays. So we’re still connected to land in some way. We’re the furthest out on those cays now. Hopefully we can find some fish here. Since Thomas caught one a bit deeper,
we feel like we should grind here when the feeding starts again. So we’ll drift here now for about 45 minutes. Yep, there he was. It’s not a huge fish, but might put our smallest away. Nope. Small fish. Impossible to be an upgrade. I’ll let this pike go back now.
This is amazing. We’re having a blast out here today. Catch and release is one thing you can do for the pike. But another thing you can do… is to become a member of Sportfiskarna. I am, and have been for years now. There’s no reason not to be. It benefits the fishing we have in common. You should become one too. It’s time to break the law. Let’s use some forbidden stuff. Let’s do this now! They’re toast now. My favorite combo. Instant Spinnerbait and Eelpout. It’s a perfect match: If you wanna catch something big. I’ve caught big fish on this before to say the least. Come on now. No more fun and games. No more! We’ve got another spot too. It was great on practice.
Big fish around. But it’s far away. Get’s your mind going. Should we fish this, were we know there are fish. Or go to the place were we had a great practice day. So many choices. But you won’t win Pike Fight doing nothing. We should really consider all
our choices and make a decision soon. Don’t know what to say. It’s really hard. In my opinion. I think the cay is that way. Yeah. No here. What do you say Evelina? Wanna go over this spot again or do you wanna leave? If we wanna leave, we should leave now. And we’ll let this rest. And we can go back here. It’s 16:32 o’clock now. We need to leave this area at 18:30 the latest. Which means we’ve got two hours left. So in theory we could waste an hour on a new spot. If we waste one hour at the new spot,
and if it doesn’t produce any fish we’ve got one more hour here. We can spend some time here before ending. – Wanna do it or not?
– I say we do it! I think so too! Let’s do it!
Try a new spot! This is where it should happen. There will.
This is the best one around. I could even call it beautiful. Beautiful? You’ll hit the sweet spot over there now.
That light green area. We will both hit it now! Nice Thomas! You damn Mink. Big? Get back here then so we can work together. Can you head over there? I’ll get the small ones out of the way,
and the Mink catch the big fish. So damn cool that it’s working to
fish out here in the deep. Put some pressure on it now! This one is so nice! What’s going on!
So nice! It’s close to ten kilos. It might even be over. Wow what a job Minken! This one! This is how you end a great day! So damn nice. I’m so happy! What a trophy fish! So nice! This is so damn cool! Get it up now,
let’s do it fast. Come on now!
Open it’s mouth! Can you see the upper part now?
Flip it over, he can’t see. Open the mouth and it’ll be a little bit longer. There we go.
108! It’s 108! 108! God damn it! It’s not over ten kilos. But still beautiful! 108! Hundred Yes! So damn nice! Sufix at full speed over there now. Maybe they heard our shouting. I’m buzzing at the moment. I don’t even care how the others have done. We’ve had so much fun today. Great day here. And it would be amazing if it
could hold up so we’ll win the day. I’d love that.
Yeah. We’ve earned this.
After what we’ve been through the first two days. Yeah we’ve been very unlucky.
And of course we’ve fished bad as well. It’s not fair we’ve done so bad the first two days.
Chose the wrong lake day one. I’m so happy to have a little bit payback. For me, this is absolutely the most fun fishing that I know of. And it is so much fun that we nail it here. It is insane how fun this is! – The reefs down here are amazing.
– They really are. Yes, yes, better better! Better fish! Feels so great! This is a.. yes! You are the king Evelina! – Are you ready?
– I have never been more ready. It is coming! It is huge! It is a 10kg+ fish! That is over 10kg. I can’t handle this, wow! Damn, so great Evelina! Amazing job! I can’t stand this. This is… This is Pike fight and we are team ABU! Come here Evelina! Look at this beast. Take it up here. This got so exhausting. Tell me it is 115cm. Yes! This is a beautiful pike! Look at the back. – Look how fat it is.
– On the hot spot Evelina. It is exactly 10kg, I have already taken away the bag weight. It is like 10,05kg. This is my third pike over 10kg. What a fish! Fishing at its best, and what a crazy afternoon. Evelina is landing a dream pike when they need it the most. This fish strengthen their second place. Now they can aim for Westin in the top of the scoreboard. And Westin are up to something special. I am shaking like crazy. I am shaking like crazy, and this is pike fishing! In Pike fight 2019. During the final and everything… These are the new Beast shads from ABU Garcia. They come in three different models. Paddle, curl tail and twin tail. The exciting attribute is that it has a broad profile. With a rolling attracting movement. You can take it home slowly and it still moves nicely. You can rig it with a weight or with a shallow screw, both works perfectly fine. These baits will deliver big pike, I can promise you that. My favorite gear when I go for big pike is this Mass beat rod. It is classified up to 140g Together with a Revo Beast. It doesn’t look like much, but it has power. On the reel I have a Berkley X9 line. If you want to get big fish on lighter tackle, I would recommend you to try this combination. Lets kick ass Tobbe! Lets do this, come on Evelina! That is mighty Evelina! It is completely insane! Instantly, I could see that it was a massive fish. I thought, this is like 10kg big. I nailed him so hard, because it looked like he was hooked with only one hook, right? I couldn’t see how it was hooked. Well I saw that, and I just dragged it in. That took in the back. Fish on. That is better. – We were supposed to leave
– Yes lets go dude. It looks better? It is a 85cm again. – Have you seen it?
– No, but…
– It looked so big in the beginning. That looks better, must be a 90cm fish. Lost it… NO! – It was bigger than you thought dude.
– I saw that as well. That sucks! That is not fair. That sucks so bad. Must have been around 95cm. Yes it was bigger than we thought, nice fish, thick pike. That can’t happen to us. Maybe we should go up on the backside again and fish down the wind. There are fish here, I promise you that. They are here, on this flat. The fish is mushed into this strait. – Snooken, we have 30minutes left.
– So much fun! Let us crack this nut. Two fish over 90cm, bam bam! That would be lovely. What was that..? I have fish, I have fish, and it is better! It is a nice one, over a meter. You with me? Moved the boat, and what the hell is happening. Just said boom shackalacka! – It is no meter fish, but still great
– 90cm+? – No.
– Don’t you think?
– No
– Are you sure? No! It is 88cm. We just got this little 88cm, 30 min left. Now it has to go back, have to get more! Great Snooken, great! What a strike! It said boom! One more. “I have one, I have one” I love when he says that. Dod you have a strike? Again? Did you miss it? So much fish on this ledge dude. Insane. Two times?! On the drop. So much fish around here. God damn it! That can’t happen now! that happened to me as well, I have to come up here, it is urgent. That was a cool fish. One step towards a filled protocol, and one step up on the score board. The time is running out, but they still have a small chance. The final is taking place at one of Sweden´s biggest lakes. That implies a long ride back for some of the teams. The rules are that you have to be back before 19.00. Some teams have to abort earlier than others. One of our sponsors, that make Pike fight possible, except from the competing teams. Is Minnkota. On this boat we’ve got a electric engine from Minn Kota. And also an anchor for shallow waters.
A Talon. When we motor around here around cays and islands we have not previous knowledge of… an electric engine is of utter most importance. We can steer it in whatever direction. If we catch a fish, we can spot lock on that position and it will hold the boat still. That’s possible because of the double GPS transponders. They keep correcting the boats position. It’s even better than if I were to do it manually. The shallow water anchor is made in three parts. It’s just like a telescopic stick. Two aluminium parts and the last one is made in glass fibre. And it will push the stick down in the bottom. And the glass fibre stick is flexible. When we’re on our home grounds, fishing shallow bays with a lot of vegetation. Maybe you don’t want to drag up 50 kilos of grass each time and destroy the eco system. Of course an ordinary anchor works well too.
But this will save your back. I can’t make it without one. Not much time left. Of this day. We need miracles to be able to win this. But we’ve done it before. I haven’t even caught one single pike. Not even a small one in all day. It’s been rough. If I were to catch one, it should be now. Yeah, you’ve got to make it up with a big one. It should be really big Henke. Nice Henke! Sweet! – I’ll spot lock here.
– Yeah go ahead. This is not the one. It’s not the one, but it’s our fifth! It’s so small, you could think it’s a perch. Not a giant. It’s the fifth 60+ fish at least. We needed that. Okay. What do we have here? 70… 73! It’s bleeding a bit, don’t know how.
I’ll make a quick release. Bye Pike! What can you say? I caught a pike! Bigger! Big one! Big! Spot lock it!
It’s a good one, it has to be! It’s the following cast after having my first pike. Get that in now and grab the net. Great head shakes on this now now. Good head shakes.
He’s coming now. It’s a beauty. Really good fish. Sweet Henke! You are smoking hot now! Insane!
Two casts in a row! Such a nice feeling when they are a little bit bigger. Great girth on this little guy. So damn fat! Sweet fish! Wow how nice isn’t this one? Nice. Oh my gosh! This one will help us! It’ll be on the Big Five too. So nice buddy. No it’s not over a meter. It’s 99. 99! Give me a hug. Come here pike, join in! – So cute!
– Never give up! It’s a great pike! Easily over six kilos. Last minute man Henke Sandahl! It’s almost terrifying. Almost like you feel ashamed? This can’t be for real. Haven’t caught a fish in all day. And now I catch two in two casts, one of which is over 99. Henke, the man who’s always smoking hot all the way to the end delivers as usual an upgrade in the last cast. These two fish take Söders up to
over four meters and a third place. Like that wasn’t enough.
They’re also in the lead in Big Five. Just like you see, this is unbearably tight. Only a few minutes remain of Pike Fight 2019. We’re back on the spot we started the day. Since we had that many big fish here on practice.
And we missed a few good ones this morning here. We’re trying to catch something decent here in the end. Feels like we’ve got the chance. It would hurt if we see in the end
that we loose with one or two fish. And we’ve missed five to six of those today. But it’s strange… that we’re only catching really small fish over to the left. There was one. And he took it! But it’s a sniper. Might well be the last fish today. Nope, not enough. We’ve fought all the way to the end.
This took on speed fishing. I’ll let this one back.
Care the rocks. Yeah, you take over now. – There! Fish on!
– Nice! – Big one?
– Yeah! It should be over 60 at least. Ready?
Yeah Come here! It’s over 69!
Yeah I would say so! Take it and I’ll cast. It’s 29, we need to go after this one. On the last cay, our last resort today. Maybe it’s an upgrade. This fish in the net is an upgrade. Every centimeter today is important. It might help us, might not. But still feels really good to have a last upgrade. Yeah it’s 80. So damn nice! Last fish today, 80! Upgraded us 11 centimeters. Incredible feeling.
We need to get our gear in order fast now. And burn into harbor! We’ve got two more casts to go. Snoken!
Huh? What? Two more casts. I wanna do one last thing buddy. I wanna go up to that cay over there. And attack it from the upper side. Do we really make it back in time? Of course.
I’ll drive like shark in the water. We need the gear to stay in the boat too. We need a fifth fish. I’ll take it on this cast. Thrill hangs in the air. I can feel it. First I need it to sink to the bottom.
Then I’ll fish this like crazy. That was close to being nasty. That’s not good. For the heart. I’m stuck with a rock. We were over there when we caught the fish right? We just in front of that spot where we caught fish. Yep, I’ve got one. Is this for real? No the net is stuck!
Move god dammit! It’s a good one!
Keep it down! Your rod is in the way. Come on! Whoops that bait. I tangled some baits in there. Get those baits. It’s a fatty! So thick! In the boat! God damnit Snoken! “Yes, I’ve got one!” Buddy! I don’t give a shit about these baits.
We’ve got no time for that! For real, no time!
I have time. Okay! “Yes I’ve got one!” So damn nice! This is so damn insane.
Hold that fish. Come on now!
Yes, 85! 85! Snoken, we got another fish! We’ve got no time! Drive! Get that fish in the water god damnit! What’s going on here. My line? It’s stuck in the ladder. This is tricky. It’ll break. Release the line!
I can’t! I’ve got a professional overrun here. Keep calm now! I got one! I got a bugger!
We need to leave! My reel is broken. Can’t reel. We’ll handle that later. Go up there. Can’t reel in.
My reel is broken. I can buy you ten reels if you want.
We need to head back before they shut us out. Care now! Oh my gosh, what an ending.
CAnd what a show you give us Svartzonker. Pike Fight 2019 is over. It’s time for all teams to transport into land. Pike Fight 2019 is over. What a few days we’ve had.
Insane. And you’ve all had the same tough conditions. One day with sun and hot weather. One day was windy as hell. And one day with a lot of rain. Despite this you’ve caught a lot of fish. All of you have performed well. I’m getting the feeling I have ten heroes in front of me. Who have fought, and struggled for three days. This season of Pike Fight goes
to the history as the tightest. And especially this final day. Despite having the final we had last year. Lots happened today. Lots. All teams are over four meters. And we’ve also had the honor
to greet a ten kilo pike today. And I will start with todays score. And the winners today… Team Westin! So damn nice! On a second place, with an insane comeback. A second place today. With this insane comeback. They were zeroed at lunch. Svartzonker! One centimeter behind Svartzonker. Team ABU! This means we’ll move around the tables a bit! And I won’t keep you in the dark for long. Winners of… this years edition of Pike Fight. Team Sufix! Never before have Pike Fight been as close as today. All teams ended within three points. A big congratulations team Sufix! Second consecutive year these gentlemen are to be found up top of the podium. This time it was close. Despite the failure day three they manage to win the competition by having a great average over the days. Both first and second place winners
have gathered 13 points each. But Sufix are awarded with the win
thanks to their longer longest fish. On a honoring, but still second place. Team Söder Sportfiske! Despite winning Big Five, they would’ve needed a pike of at least 104 centimeters to be able to bring the trophy home. On a third place, one point behind. ABU Garcia! Thanks to their fish at 115 centimeters they steal the third spot in front of Westin. If they had managed to bring up once extra centimeter during the last day, the victory would’ve been theirs. Despite having fished really well during the final day we find Westin and Svartzonker at a fourth respectively fifth place. Incredibly well fished,
and a showoff unlike anything else. This is unreal. We have fought and battled. But we kept missing fish after fish.
Many big ones. We could see this trophy disappearing from us. Felt like we lost grip of it all. We had six chances. My should was so torn down out there today. He was whining so much I was this close to buy an audiobook and putting in my ear plugs just to get away. But still… we should be proud. Incredibly proud. It’s a bit too fresh now to be able to put it out in words. Insane. Pike Fight is over for this time. A big thanks goes out to all the battling teams. Also, thanks to all sponsors who
make this a possibility. All gear used in Pike Fight can be bought at
www.sportfiskeprylar.se Head over to www.youtube.com/sportfiskeprylar to
see the after talk of todays episode. Link in description.

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