Pontoon21 Agarron. Anglers Box.

Pontoon21 Agarron. Anglers Box.

The pike seldom takes the trouble of looking for prey, that isn’t in its nature to chase its prey for a long time. It hunts from an ambush. It seems that pike was deliberately created by nature so that it could put all its energy into only one burst, and the reasons for such a “fast start” should be quite serious. Agarron was the first lure that had been specifically designed for pike fishing. Designers took into account the behavior of pike, and peculiarities of its hunt, thus having combined knowledge with experience of the most professional anglers keen on fishing for this voracious predator. The task to create a lure which has special traits catching for the pike determined its action, structural peculiarities, shape and proportions. Agarron comes in five sizes: 80, 95, 110, 125 and 140
mm. Such a variety helps to select the necessary lure, be it a small or a big fish. Agarron
has a standard minnow form and, as all lures of this type, has elongated proportions. Pike lures
have such structural peculiarities as firmness of the body and its components and color retention. To avoid false hooking and striking pike lure should have hooks
which are able to stand against the fish with large teeth and heavy jaws. That’s why Agarron is equipped with Owner hooks. Casting range and accuracy are ensured by Tungsten Moving Balls.
The action of the lure in the water column, the level of vibrations and noise and its buoyancy are determined by
Koto- Koto Balancing System. The size, coloration and effective action of Agarron may be enough to catch active and hungry predator at a straight retrieval and wild motions of the lure will help it on twitching. But for a cautious and selective predator looking forward to a a specific “dish”,
the key trigger factor sometimes turns out to be subtle details of the prey behavior. The designers managed to take them into account. Thus they determined the depth setting of all sizes. Agarron works in one of the most attractive
levels. It has a great similarity with prey due to special buoyancy termed as SF (slow floating). Moreover, when you stop retrieving slow floating is accompanied by wobbles of the oblong body. Even at a pause Agarron stresses its similarity to the living and catching objects. The pause of Agarron is as impressive as its action. Agarron shows its action when pausing.

14 thoughts on “Pontoon21 Agarron. Anglers Box.

  1. просто супер сейчас фаворит 140 самый дальнобойный и уловистый 2015 году

  2. Моё личное мнение я бы с размера 125 размере уже ставил бы три тройника, иначе один фиг будут сходы и крючки не спасают.

  3. За одну рыбалку на этого бойца было поймана больше 30 штук !!!

  4. Я бы на 110 поставил бы три тройника , а так их два и мелковаты на мой взгляд

  5. Воблер хорош ловит замечательно модель 140sr. Шнурки его очень любят )) Часто щуки атакуют с низу поднимаются за воблером и так дергают что запутывается поводок за тройники и после одной рыбины поводок превращается в кашу , если он сделан из стального тросика не распрямить назад только на выброс ,поводковый материал от понтон .

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