Pontoon21 Esentira. Anglers Box.

Pontoon21 Esentira. Anglers Box.

There were times when there wasn’t much diversity. Surely, there were braided lines, they were even called “superlines”,
but, to tell the truth, there wasn’t much difference between them. Nevertheless, the properties of three-, or even, four braided lines made of polyethylene drew anglers’
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attention. They quickly understood that the lure casts farther while using the thinnest and the softest braided line, but at the same time a tightly braided one. Producers used the same material, but the technologies applied made one or another a leader of the spinning charts. In fact, behind this thin line there are countless attempts and experiments and tons of
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of high-tech equipment. And everything was done for the line to be soft, thin, strong and round. The last property added more fuel to the fire of competition between the producers. Let’s return to the first braided lines which were predominantly the flat ones. There were even attempts to improve its aerodynamic properties. And it is not accidental that circle is an ideal form, without angles, and with abilities to balance them. Soft, strong and rounded line ensures very tight winding on the reel. It rules out the retardation at the casting and prevents the line from overlapping or flinging. It doesn’t allow it to dig into the lower layers under pressure during the heavy drag. Well, the spinners clearly expressed their requirements towards the braided line. But producers continue struggling
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for the anglers’ votes to the satisfaction of the latter. It seemed that Multi-braided lines will exclude old four-braided one. But nothing of the kind: everyone liked multi-braided line,
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its thin fibers are less resistant to damages, than thicker ones which are applied for the four-braided lines of the same diameter. The Japanese company YGK found an original solution as a counter to standard approaches. Intensive braiding technology applied in new lines Eighteria and Esentira, winds the thread at a big angle and braids them under greater load. As far as eight-cored Eighteria is concerned such technology allowed to achieve less diameter
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with more density. But Esentira is a clear example of the qualities of the special braiding method. Together with natural firmness of four fibers it acquires additional density, getting more resistant to damages. This is exactly what we value in a four-braided line. And in section this line is more rounded, its surface being smooth. And this is what we value in an eight-braided line. YGK together with
Pontoon21: Esentira is a unique braided line.

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  1. Отличная плетня. Пользую больше чем пол года – радует постоянно. Тонкая, не лохматится, хорошо летит – вообщем, хоть она мне бонусом и досталась, но порадовала гораздо больше, чем более дорогие плетенки именитых брендов. А да, использую в основном на море )))

  2. Обычная плетёнка, практически ни чем не отличается от Yamatoyo FameLL SW Super PE и Varivas HIGHT GRADE PE, только на Yamatoyo FameLL SW Super PE летит дальше, но износостойкость обычная, а на Varivas HIGHT GRADE PE повышенная износостойкость, но цены на японские плетёнки ГУМАННЕЕ !!!

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