Powder Mill Pond  BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water

Powder Mill Pond BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water

Ahhhhhh. That was a nice one. That was a real nice one. It was probably 2 pounds. It kinda knocked it it didn’t. (Got one on.) Mine jumped the water and missed it. Oh I got one on… I didn’t I didn’t see. There you go. You good. You got it. Oh man, oh man. This is a huge one. (I was off on a lure but..) That’s a fat one to it look that. Two and a half that’s close to… perfect. We have it on video someplace. That was exciting. Yes, not and it’s my second bait caster topwater. It basically did what I wanted to. It was about two and a half pounds lighter than the one I was predicted but. Mine’s not huge… it’s a crappie no wonder it hit it so weird. Wow it’s a big crappie. It was so weird. And I foul hooked him. Can you hand me that? thank you Nice crappie that’s a fat one. If we had a bucket I take it home and eat it. I bet that’s what was just popping yours because he didn’t he didn’t eat it, he popped it that did you see how when it uh when I got hooked it was like on like… It it snagged itself because that the hook was on the outside. Yeah I was gonna say the way it hit it feels like a pickerel. I was just thinking the same thing. I feel like it’s dangerous or the river current. Might not be difficult but it might not be safe. Oh you know what let me check my… I think this is also a pickerel. Ah no it’s a pickerel. Alright enough of this.

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