Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Hayley’s Dad and Fishing Contest | Episode 4 “Making Waves”

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Hayley’s Dad and Fishing Contest | Episode 4 “Making Waves”

Thanks for letting us help you in the fishing competition, Dad. Sounds like it’s gonna be a blast. No problem, Honey. Wait til you see what I’ve got to help us. Oh, cool! But what is it? This is my diver drone, programmed to find anything
unusual, like a huge fish. Whoa, what’s that? It’s a custom net cannon, so I can catch fish without hurting them. This competition is the
perfect time to test it. Hey, you guys wanna put it in the water? Okay! (laughs) Whoa. These dots on the radar are small ones. We just gotta wait for some
big ones, and then catch it. Wow, so your dad built that? Yep, he’s a marine biologist. He uses drones to study marine life. Hey, I think we got something. It’s gotta be bruiser! Time to deploy the net cannon! (electricity crackles) Oh, what happened? Look, over there!
Oh no! Oh, what happened? Look over, there!
Oh no! Oh. I’m sorry Dad, that doesn’t look good. [Dad] No, my diver drone! Hi Sarah! Oh, hi Mom! What are you doing here? I thought I’d try to catch bruiser too. What’s going on? The net is ruined, and
the circuits are fried. It looks like it found
something made of metal? Dad, I’m sorry. Looks like we have to wait for next year to go after bruiser. Nonsense! I can help you fix that thing in no time! It’ll be fun. I’m Sarah’s mom, Jackie. You must be the handsome
owner of this handsome drone. Mom! Indeed I am. I’ve heard you’re quite the inventor, which means you’re not only
pretty, you’re pretty smart. Okay, dad. Aaron Foster, Hayley’s dad. Let’s get this drone working again so you can win this contest. Great idea! And then maybe we can grab a bite to eat. You know, just to say thank you. I would love that! You’ve got to be kidding me. Our parents are going on a date!

77 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Hayley’s Dad and Fishing Contest | Episode 4 “Making Waves”

  1. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 4 "Making Waves" Clips

  2. Watched the episode on mute, and I actuality enjoyed it this time. I'm gonna start doing that with Mega Megaforce and Super Duper Samurai

  3. The moment Jackie showed up, I just took a guess she might like Aaron and the girls get disgusted, why do I always have to be right about these things?! XD

  4. "Our parents are going on a date." Yeah….and? I mean, unless you don't like one of the parents than that's normal. But, you two would become sisters. Is that bad?

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  6. Well, this will definitely be the first instance of Ranger parents flirting. Maybe it'll be the first season where Rangers become in-laws too?

    Sarah's "Oh my god, NO" face is the most hilarious thing I've seen this season.

  7. Wouldn’t your parents going on a date would be great and besides you guys would look better as sisters

  8. At 2:08, when Jackie said "You must be the handsome owner of this handsome drone." That literally triggered Sarah's head! LOL

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