Preparing Pigeon Conditioner for Carp Fishing

Preparing Pigeon Conditioner for Carp Fishing

hi welcome to the latest video from me
mark carp of the north west carp and anglers diary fishing blog today I’m
looking at pigeon conditioner and coming up I’ve got three good tips for
using pigeon conditioner but first I’m gonna answer the question why pigeon
conditioner well in order to understand why pigeon conditioner is such a good carp catcher we’ve got to go back to the 1970’s now back then there was a particle
fishing revolution and hemp pretty much won the day that was the first real big
blockbuster particle once hemp started to lose its effectiveness and it does
lose its effectiveness eventually the fish won’t stand for big beds of hemp all
the time once they get caught a few times they go off them like they go off anything
else they do learn people started looking at other particles to use and back
then people were experimenting with all kinds of things they were using
baits like rolled oats or groats red dari seed white dari seed wheat barley
pulses like mung beans pinto beans black-eyed beans all kinds of things and
pigeon conditioner is a mixture of all these kind of things if you look
on the label and see what’s in it you’ll find wheat red dari seed white dari
seed rolled oats or groats and sometimes a bean like a mung bean or a pinto
it’s a mix of particles that are really good for catching carp
it’s meant as a pigeon conditioner for feeding birds but for carp fishing
it’s absolutely ideal and it’s so good it can run hemp
a pretty close second and it’s well worth using
so let’s crack on with those three tips and we’ll go to tip number one and in
order to get tip number one we’ve got to go home to my place so here’s tip number one
okay so you just see me on the bank extolling the virtues of pigeon
conditioner and saying how good it is so it’s time for tip number one how to
prepare it and the best way to prepare it with a
cool box one of these this is a Coleman ten litre it’s only a small one you can
use a bigger one if you need a big bucket of pigeon conditioner and if you’re spodding
or anything like that you can obviously you can use a bigger cool box and you
can get a lot more in and as far as preparing particles goes pigeon
conditioner is one of the very easiest to do I simply put my pigeon conditioner
in the bucket and then pour boiling water over it and close the lid and
leave it overnight and that’s it it’s done you know if it’s not labour
intensive if you are a busy family man or you short on time or anything like
that it’s the perfect particle mix for you so
that’s tip number one prepare it with a cool box and I’m gonna go down to
the kitchen and pour some boiling water on this and you can come with me okay so
here we are back in my kitchen again it’s not the first time we’ve been here
for the fishing video is it now I’ve got my cool box and the kettles on you
can probably hear it just coming up to the boil in the cool box is the pigeon
conditioner this is what it looks like as you can see it’s in there ready to go
there’s a about a pound a pound of pigeon conditioner in there just for a day session on a Saturday but apart from hand balling it into the cool box and pouring the boiling water on it there’s nothing else to do so I’ll get
the boiling water on these and then we’ll go back on the bank again and I’ve
got a few more tips for using pigeon conditioner so make sure you stay tuned
okay so here comes the boiling water now I’m gonna pop that kettle on again
and put some more in and what I like is two or three times as much water as there is pigeon conditioner so close the lid I’ll top it up again and then we’re just
gonna leave it and let it cool down and in the morning it’s ready that’s it okay
so let’s get that kettle on again and there we go okay so that’s it for
pigeon conditioner as you can see that was ridiculously easy all I’ve done is put
two kettle fulls of water on it and closed the lid and that’ll do until
the morning one other tip I would give is don’t keep opening the lid because
you let the heat out apart from that that’s it that’s pigeon conditioner done now I’ve got a couple more tips about pigeon conditioner so we’ll go
back to the bank and we’ll look at the next tip tip number two okay so stay tuned and let’s crack on with tip number two okay so tip number two layer your bait
by layering I mean add in different sizes of baits on top of the pigeon
conditioner so the eagle-eyed amongst you would have seen a pan on the stove
when it was preparing mine that had maple peas in it and I was putting maple
peas into my pigeon conditioner and fishing maples on the hook you can add
in a couple of different sized baits I put maple peas in mine you can add
sweetcorn maize Tiger nuts chick peas or if you want to put in chopped boilies
chopped and whole boilies trout pellets a couple of different size trout pellets
build your mix of different different sizes of baits different layers of baits
as you go up you don’t want them preoccupied on just the pigeon conditioner rooting out the seeds you want them eating bigger items of food as well and
that’s where you’ll trip them up and by putting a couple of different size baits
in there with it you give yourself options on the hook bait as well so
pigeon conditioner is the base layer for you spod mix if you like and you just
add in on top of that layer in different baits that’s what I mean by layering so
layer your bait add in a couple of others and create a nice spod mix with
it okay that’s tip number two coming next stay tuned for this one tip number
three is rather an important one so here we go it’s been a tough old day
today the sun is just on its way down eventually I’ve winkled one out fishing
over the pigeon conditioner with the maple peas so that’s a decent fish it’s
just over sixteen pound which is a good fish for the water happy days
right let’s move on to tip number three I know you’re all dying to know what it
is so stay tuned and we’ll get tip number three on next okay so we’re back
home for tip number three for pigeon conditioner and that involves the price
how much you pay for it and where you get it from I’m back at home looking at
Google and a quick Google for pigeon conditioner has revealed a few places
you can get it from an obvious one is pets at home on the high street you can
get it from them no problem it costs about eighteen or nineteen pounds a
sack from pets at home there are a few other places you can get it from as well
marriages of Chelmsford the seed merchants bucktons the seed merchants any local feed or livery place will sell it again expect around eighteen pounds
maybe slightly less I’ve seen a couple for £16.99 here and if you are a user of
pigeon conditioner yourself post in the comments below please let us know
where you got it from and how much you paid for it and let’s see if we can do
everybody a favour and get it as cheap as we can okay so pigeon conditioner why
you use it it’s a great alternative to hemp you know it’s a seed mix those
seeds they keep the fish in the swim grubbing around just like hemp does only
it costs less than half the price at the moment as I’m speaking hemp is about forty to forty-five pounds a sack there’s a couple of places carp merchants like CC
moores and haiths I’ve checked their prices they are around 45 pound for the seed merchants like bucktons and marriages you may get it for £35 a little bit less, minus the carp tax if you like but it’s still expensive you no
even at 35 pound a sack it’s double what pigeon conditioner costs and pigeon
conditioner believe me it runs hemp a pretty close second it’s an absolutely
marvelous bait and it’s so much easier to prepare as well you know you’ve seen
me doing it there in the cool box just tip boiling water on it close the lid
and walked away from it you know the next morning when I tipped the pigeon
conditioner into my bucket errm it was still still a bit of warmth in that
water so it cooked really well like it was okay and that’s the way we do it you
know it’s simple it’s easy and it’s ideal if you’re a family man I’ve
said this before earlier in the video you know you’re short on time or anything
like that you can throw it in a bucket in the cool box sorry and
pour boiling water on it and you’re laughing so that’s why you should use
pigeon conditioner you know it’s as good almost as good as hemp it’s easy to
prepare and it’s half the price so it will leave you with a much fatter wallet
now you’ve seen me talk about layering the baits there’s a video here on maple
peas just coming up and another one here on a video to YouTube thinks you
might be interested in that I’ve made check them both out and I’ll see you in
another video soon don’t forget to hit the subscribe button tap the bell icon
tight lines and take care of yourself

37 thoughts on “Preparing Pigeon Conditioner for Carp Fishing

  1. Written article for this video.
    Interested in trying pigeon conditioner?, get a small 1k bag here >
    There's always Hemp Seed.
    North West Carp.
    Anglers Diary.

  2. Brilliant video again fella I'll be getting a sack for the river campaign on the boat. Thanks for posting Mark

  3. I bought the Marriage's Breeding mix as it had lots of maple peas in it, cost me about £15 for 20kg from Farm and Pet near the north Wales border at Gledrid/Weston Rhyn. they also sell hemp seed at £27 for 15kg. these products dont show on their website for some reason.

  4. Very informative vlog Mark.

    One of the best things about pidgeon conditioner is that it's under used and carp love that aniseed flavour!

  5. Nice one Mark I’ll definitely be trying this out this year, keep up the videos mate always watch them when I see you’ve uploaded 🙂

  6. Cracking video mark, very informative and one i will be looking at for sure as i like the ease of prep. Hemp is getting silly now mate to the point its actually cheaper to buy it form companies ready cooked than it is to buy raw. mpst particle companies are selling 20 kilo of hemp for under 30 quid.

    thank you fro sharing those tips mate

  7. deffo gunna try that in my tench groundbait mix 😄 add in some hemp corn maggot and caster and it will be amazing. thanks mate. u are a 💎

  8. Hi Mark some great tips there I'll deffo be trying Pigeon conditioner this summer …I noticed the desk mic and handy there who's the radio ham or CB'er mate ?

  9. Hi mark 🙂 i consider myself as a beginner as im only on my 3rd year carping (although 30+ years a sea angler beach and boat) so as you may imagine ive bought thousands i reckon of expensive cc moore and sticky baits so far and yes there great but its bothered me that the carp on pressured venues where i fish have become acustomed to them a bit yeah! And so i thank you so so much for sharing your experience and secrets too buddy 🙂 sadly ive found the more knowledgeable ive become the less fish i catch hahaaa and the funs gone a bit too as nothings better than landing a whopper on a blunt hook on a flimsy rod in a shithole small venue right hahaaa , ive liked and ive subbed and hope you keep on making videos that make sense to beginers like ma as well as all the experts ive met hahaaa, there all experts according to them teheheee, tight lines buddy, Paddy 🙂

  10. Just getting started carping, enjoying your channel, thanks for the tips, I subbed, appreciate the same!

  11. HI Mark great video could you tell me how long it will keep once prepared or do you just boil up enough for your session

  12. bamfords in leyland, about 9 quid a sack, although i ve not got it for a few years but salt and tandori powder and mollases made it rocket fuel,

  13. I've only just started out carp fishing with my husband and absolutely love it! Your tips are great…no fancy, over priced products. I love to be very active on the bank so Pike fishing is something I am keen to start. Do you have a beginners guide to Pike fishing? I am in Kent Rachel 😊🎣

  14. Once u have cooked it , do u drain it off or keep in in the water ? If u drwin and frezze it ,do u just use it like that or soak it in water ? Cheers

  15. Bought 12kg of Johnston and Jeff hemp seed for £22 from my local chicken feed supplier, Seamer N YORKSHIRE. Gonna price check their pigeon conditioner now. Know a tight fisted pigeon fancier in Brid', so I'll be asking him about it too.

  16. Nice one mark I used this tactic in France just fishing sweet corn over the pigeon conditioner on the hair for 5 days days and it worked boss it was devastating and so much cheaper not a boilie in sight which is very unusual for me nice one pal 👍

  17. i use chicken scratch ,,25 kls for 15 bucks cdn ,,it contains every seed you can think of .soak it over nite then boil it ,,,its magic got 32 carp last week biggest 28 lbs ,,but hey i live in canada ,,carp fisherman here are spoilt lol

  18. Really good video mate. Im goin to give partical a go and found your video very helpful.
    Thanks mate, you need to swap that cup for a blue one tho. COYB 💙

  19. Cracking little video for those who need a cost affective bait, I've used this type of bait most of my fishing life. Very well explained mate.

  20. Local country store i pay £1.00 per kg for conditioner 57 . I use it im my spod mixes and i also put it through a coffee grinder and add around 200g to a 1kg boilie mix . The perfect match for your spod mix .

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