PRODUCT WALK-THROUGH: LureCamo Tackle Bag Magnum – Rapala®

PRODUCT WALK-THROUGH: LureCamo Tackle Bag Magnum – Rapala®

This is a heavy-duty reinforced bag that has the ability to hold a lot of gear. And one of the first things that you
might notice other than the really cool waterproof LureCamo design is this
front section here with the leader-feeder and what that allows you to do is
to easily store and manage all of your most commonly accessed leaders in a very
organized way. So right now there’s three sizes stored in here and at the front
section it allows you to store the bigger hanks of leaders as well, or
something else that you might want to keep in there really. A nice feature that
keeps everything easy to access and organized. Behind that you have two
zippers on either side. When you zip it down you can see all of your tools very
well organized again for easy quick access when you need them the most.
There’s a couple of D-clips in here so you can attach carabiners or other
essential tools like these scissors here. And then as we turn the bag around you
can see on the side we have two other pockets, and these pockets are really
great for storing your bigger tools like; on this side I have a set of scales and
on the other side a Roll Ruler for measuring. You can also keep a drink
bottle or a towel – an extra pair of shoes, or something else that fits in here as well.
And you can obviously see that this rod holders or net holders or… long pole
holders here as well. There’s two of them – easily hold any size rod that you want
to keep there so extra storage on the boat for those extra rods. On the lid of the bag you can see that there’s room for one tackle box of
3600 size, and it fits perfectly into the slot, and when you
remove that tackle box you have a working station here so you can tie
knots you can re-tie leaders or basically use it for any kind of
hands-on activity. When we open up the bag into the main compartment you can
see there that on the top you have a clear visible storage section where you
can keep essentials like terminal tackle or something that you might want to keep
dry because it is a water resistant area. In the main compartment you can see
there is room here for seven large tackle boxes these are seven of the
3700 size tackle trays like this so there is plenty of space to store a lot
of gear to keep you fishing for a long long time. On the other side we have this
stretchy neoprene pocket that right now is holding a Weigh & Release Mat, so it’s
a really good place to keep your bigger accessories again another towel or
something else that you might need some space for. The bottom and the top are
made of waterproof molded EVA which is going to help to keep the
insides dry. One of the more commonly underappreciated features of a bag is
the carry strap. Many bags out there have too many they’re unnecessary and they
just get in the way. This one has just one, but it’s adjustable so you can have
it set as a shoulder strap like it is now, or with the quick pull of the two
tabs on the side you can adjust it just like that to a carry size and to set it
back it’s just like on an airplane seat belt you lift it up pull it out and
there we have the shoulder strap again. All of those features combined with high
quality materials like YKK zippers gives you the ultimate boat tackle bag. LureCamo Tackle Bag Magnum from Rapala.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea another tackle bag from China with your advertisement on the side of the bag it can be ordered without your advertisement for half the price or less from China you are better than this you are the inventor of the hard bait why don't you specialize in the storage of hard baits with individual box it stores sixty-eight individual hard baits with individual access door so that if you drop the Box it doesn't throw out all of your hard baits at one time onto the deck of the boat, to put into that pretty bag with your Rapala advertisement on the side this I would buy and so would every heartbeat user around the world good luck don't forget my 10% for the idea

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