100 thoughts on “QI S17E16 Series Q – HD – Quads And Quins 14 February 2020

  1. Aisling is always the best. She should do something together with Sandi, they're great together!
    Nish on the other hand annoys me in every episode. His biggest fan seems to be himself, he laughs too hard at his own jokes.

  2. As a British person watching a British programme, I feel that temperatures should be given in the scale that most British people use.

  3. Presidential PARDONS are the TOOLS of the Devil…

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    Johnny Exodice

  4. Put a half a dozens microphones on Sandy. She is to soft-spoken and my neighbors don't like it when I turn it up past 10.

  5. Is that a "45" flashing on the screen? You know, to us Americans with half a brain – few though we may be – that number makes us feel physically ill. Our only hope is that, come November, we can turn that into a 46. Keep us in your prayers…

  6. 17 mph is still a friggin fast run. Considering the average non Profesional athletic person will top out at 12 mph in a full sprint.

  7. "Office temperatures set to male averages instead of female averages." Like there's a huge difference in temperatures for that reason. It probably varies way more individually and even due to persons alertness etc. at the time, so it wouldn't matter. I know how it works for me at least. Sometimes cold and sometimes hot in the same place.

    Oh yes and then she said it herself.

  8. Another great show. Thanks, pcromabe! You're a champ! We're looking forward to ( hoping to?) seeing the long version of the episode if and when it becomes available.

  9. Perhaps one of the QI elves can answer me this question…As Alan Davies hasn't missed an episode of QI in seventeen seasons (242 episodes according to Wikipedia), would this be some kind of record?

  10. 5:30 – Well, have you ever seen an adult human in water if they haven't specifically learned to swim? They sink & drown too.

  11. And so we discover why giraffes are so tall: as they can't swim, they've evolved to be able to reach the bottom even in very deep rivers.

  12. My understanding is that a horse can't win a race without a live jockey or no jockey at all after a guy had a heart attack and died in the saddle but crossed the line first. At the time there was no rule regarding this so one was put in place subsequently but that original case had to be recorded as the winner as it hadn't broken any rules. (Might have even heard on QI and haven't fact checked!!!!!)

  13. Use fucking Celcius you weirdos. At least America pick one, imperial. By what logic does it make sense to you metric AND imperial.

  14. Whenever i see Aisling Bee and Nish Kumar on panel shows, their spontaneous humor to me appears so much more funny than their normal (scripted?) commedy bits. Also regarding Mrs. Lagarde: she was convicted for negligent usage of tax money during her time as french minster for economy. (She didn't get any punishment, but hey, the money in question only made up 403 million € 😉 )

  15. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it until now, but I’d love for Susie Dent to be a QI guest. She’d be, as one might say, quite interesting.

  16. I'm always sad when they interrupt David Mitchell in the middle of explaining "you want me to say X, but the real answer is Y", and he always looks so irritated afterward.

  17. Other apes can’t swim because they lack the webbing we as humans have on our fingers and toes. It also has something to do with body fat as well.

  18. The Pakistani or Indian Kumar (who the F knows the donkey he was spawned from), is an England hating racist, as his CBBC children's voice over recently proved. The fact that wanker management at the Beeb hired this F pig is proof enough for me the BBC are so left wing now they're Momentum thugs in the disguise of nice people who care about this great country; As F ing if!

  19. ‘Active racism’ is the perfect metaphor for hungarian income tax avoidance, I vouch that. Especially when humanity needs to decrease in number.

  20. Here are some fun facts: Income tax are imposed on corporations in accordance to the letters of incorporation or the act that creates the entity. Taxes are imposed on officers or employees of the crown. Taxes are also imposed on slaves, by the parens patriae, by way of threat of violence, jail, and confiscation of property.

    A municipality, county, province, state, nation are corporations to which you are incorporated into. A de facto employee but not being paid.
    The law of man comes of evil.

  21. Yes, but: that doctor with the long thermometer for underarm use probably knew, as did people with normal-length thermometers, to add a degree to whatever the reading was. It's not complicated.

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