Rc FPV Boat For Fishing Testing Underwater Camera Mod DIY Project For Under 50 Dollar

Rc FPV Boat For Fishing Testing Underwater Camera Mod DIY Project For Under 50 Dollar

Goodmorning everybody thank you all for tuning in and watching my new video of How To DIY Rc i’m Happy flyer and this is the new Airboat with the last modification to the Underwater Camera Rig we placed tow pieces of green wood that act like a horizontal stabilizer It keeps the camera level from left to right and up to down its complete level now Creating a very nice clear camera view underwater It’s already recording we got the DIY Waterproof FPV System but we are not using it today there is just a very slide breeze the water is really calm that’s very rare because we are living in the Wind Valley there shut always be wind hire at the Coast Yesterday evening we went for a little test and there came a seal very close by to check on my airboat and me couple of times come up check me out and the Rc Fishing Boat and then swom away It was such a nice ending of my day just amazing a seal come up to watch my airboat just like you are watching my boat right now and iff you like what i’m doing than give it a lot of thumbs up let’s get it on! this is the position the camera shall be swimming in the water now we need to film and control we don’t get our head gear on the boat come with differential thrust lets give a little bit of power Pull the camera out of the seaweed we hope it show up on camera how the underwater camera is lining up some time the rig want to float on its side then you need to let it sink to bring her back sitting nice and level now we can trolly around catching fish in the future She docked… see you next week give it a lot of thumbs up for my FPV Airboat with underwater Camera Soon to be a Rc Fishing/Bait Boat and it’s already a rescue boat not to forget… Good Bye!

14 thoughts on “Rc FPV Boat For Fishing Testing Underwater Camera Mod DIY Project For Under 50 Dollar

  1. I absolutely love this! Huge respect for making this yourself! Very cool and innovative! 👍

  2. This is really cool mate. Love the boat design and the dragged underwater camera is brilliant. My next boat may just have an underwater cam like this ;).

  3. Thats a good way to look for sunken tresssures lol 😉 Worked pretty good I'd say. I am looking into rc boats now

  4. Hi I was going to try to make a similar version of this but had a couple questions as to how you built it. First, why were the motors tilted upwards. Second, did you use a thick piece of foam and sculpt around it to make the chasis, or did you cut different pieces of foam and assemble it. Third, is the red stuff the same material or something else?

    Thank you!

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