Reacting to The Best Photoshop Trolls!

Reacting to The Best Photoshop Trolls!

What’s going on guys welcome back to a new video today We are going to be checking out the best photoshop trolls ever now if you don’t know what a Photoshop Troll is it’s basically like this guy We’re going to be watching this guy’s name is James Fridman troll is basically someone who is really good really skilled in Adobe photoshop and Basically takes people’s pictures and like trolls them like straight-up trolls and like makes fun of them or changes something to really mess with you now personally. I’m not gonna Lie guys I think trolling is very entertaining most of the time especially when it’s not happening to me I mean, I think anybody thinks that way right like trolling is just entertaining period When it’s not happening to you alright So let’s take a look this first one It says hello James remove the car okay, and he says okay, and then boom dude he removes the car But he puts someone in there he photoshopped someone in there Who’s literally just? Squatting and peeing that is so troll like you remove the car because it’s making the photo messed up And you put in someone peeing that? That’s great. Dude. I love it. Hey James I’m the one in the green and can you do something about that guy in the white hat he offsets the mood of the picture Thanks, alright. So you’re in the green and he wants to remove this guy and boom fixed. What does he do? He switches their outfits wow he puts the green shirt on this guy and put gives him his hat and shirt that’s trolling on a whole nother level [and] He gave everybody their faces wow dude honestly you can’t even tell that’s photoshop [that] is some good troll work I don’t even know like who the real kid is I mean I mean first of all just guys is this face Kind of look like a pig is that just me like I’m not trying to be mean like it Just it looks like a cute little pig like I’m just saying hi James We love one boy, and I want to send this photo to him. Can you make that eye look great? can you make that can you make can you make me look great and The other girl in black shoes look bad ? thanks okay first of all if you’re gonna ask someone to do something for you Via email Please at least learn how to do English wow he legit put a grate here And she’s all shredded up to it cuz she said great She didn’t spell great properly this great literally means like a food grater. You know and she’s She she’s not looking so great. Hi james. I love your photoshop work would you clean the stonewall for me? Thanks? He photoshopped himself in there cleaning the wall. That’s great. Yeah, that’s not distracting at all I’m from Argentina your work is awesome, and I would like that Albert Einstein look at my eyes it seems to look at my boobs at least bigger boobs xoxo [I] don’t even know what to say to this she’s looking like some [hunchback] [notre] [dame] status right here I mean, he literally he like shoved her head down into her chest dude So now he’s looking into her eyes, and he’s no longer looking at her boobs. That is that’s great dude She she looks great [and] look at that he even made nelson mandela smile in this picture versus the old one that is some nice Craftsmanship hey Jamie could you make my head look like it’s actually attached to my body. Thanks I’m in the orange shirt dude. He took his head and attached it to his arm. Well I mean, not gonna Lie your arms part of your body dude I mean he asked for it to be attached to your body you didn’t say where hey James Can you please photoshop me into a party so I look like I have a social life Thanks social life in 2016 sorry to disappoint you and everybody is on their phones Nobody is paying attention to him look at his face dude I mean, I don’t know what’s going on with these people that are asking him to do these photo shops But like half of them are roasting themselves like who actually publicly tweets out Can you photoshop me into a party so I look like I have a social life well I guess if you don’t have a social life then I guess no one’s really following you on Twitter, so okay question answered Hey James Can you pet? Pet me put put me I think he meant put put me in a bugatti [I] lied and told my friends I got one and he actually turned him into a dog he put his head on a dog and He’s petting him in a bugatti you see if you guys would just take some English grammar lessons and some [spellcheck], okay? Definitely got to work on your spellcheck I don’t know man [like] if they just if they just worked on their english everything would work out fine That’s why I always study in English class as a former English [teacher] to hang in this one They asked him to make it look like they were in the frozen movie So he photoshopped some Elsa hair a little crown, Elsa shoes. I mean no I don’t know what’s going on with those shoes those are some interesting [footwear], but yeah, he’s got the Elsa dress and yeah, dude I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Elsa right here. Hey James Can you photoshop highlight on my face the contour? Just looks dull without it then sure and he literally? Photoshop’s a highlighter in her hand, and it looks you literally just painted highlighter all over her face See I’m telling you guys you [just] got to be specific. Okay, if you’re just a little more specific You might actually get what you want yo, Jay Can you make me look like a black man gun in my hand gold change all that shit? This guy’s serious and look what he did dude around his neck he’s got a necklace It’s not gold chains exactly what it says stereotypes and in his hand He’s got a gun literally made out of the word stereotypes Can you please adjust this picture in order to make me look as if I’m holding that cliff? Thanks? And he legit photoshopped her arm off her shoulder, and now it’s coming out of her stomach I mean, you know it looks [like] she’s holding the cliff now, so I mean can’t really complain on that one. Hey James Can you make this look like we are in more dangerous waters? I want to look cool and now you’re legit rafting in a boiling pot of spaghetti How’s that for a danger dude? What the frick [this] isn’t even troll anymore? This is just paying me and she said hi james. Can you make my right leg look a little longer it looks very short Look what he did her leg literally wraps around her head and literally is going through the wall here see if she had just said can you make my right leg a Little longer a little bit you see you didn’t specify how long you wanted it dude I should like tweet out to this guy like I guarantee you I’m gonna be specific and I can get it right okay He’s Gonna Photoshop. Exactly what I want. Can you make it so my friend is running from something scary? Thank you, any photoshop some teletubbies in there dude. I’m not gonna Lie like teletubbies when I was a kid I thought that show was just weird And then when I got older the more like I thought about it the more creepy those things got like imagine You’re just sleeping in your bed one night, and you just turn on the light, and there’s four these guys sitting Staring at you’re just standing there staring at you like that’s definitely some of the scariest things I can imagine James could you please hide? The Gap in my father-in-law’s mouth thanks, so not only does he fill in the gap here he literally Takes the tooth out of this guy’s mouth what the heck this guy is like the ultimate photoshop Troll like definitely like if there’s another guy out there doing this like there’s no way. He’s as good as this guy wow I? I don’t even know what to say to this she said can you please make me into a unicorn please it would make me so freakin happy [and] he’s like as you wish What the frick is this dude? This this is just scary I don’t know like what this is is this a unicorn no dude This is this honestly looks like if the pillsbury dough boy And that weird Michelin Tyres guy literally got together hooked up had a daughter This is what that would look like [he] even put in the lip ring and the eyebrow piercing Hi, Jaime, please could you do something with the lady in the background, and he literally photoshop’s her from way back here Into the arms of your boyfriend that is great that is that is a lovely spider ant backpack by the way spider man He is awesome Oh man, okay guys, so that’s it for the video And that was the best photoshop trolls ever let me know what you guys think about that down below in the comments I have never seen a troll a photoshop troll like this, but yeah guys. I hope you guys are having a great day I hope you enjoy the video if you did Be sure to leave a like [subscribe] if you want and as always I will see you guys [in] the next video. [good] [night]

100 thoughts on “Reacting to The Best Photoshop Trolls!

  1. "just imagine you're just sleeping in your bed one night and you just turn on the light and there is four of these guys [teletubbies] just standing.. staring at you"
    …. i will never sleep again

  2. Now look up teletubbies if they were made before color TV, and try to tell me honestly that they aren't nightmare or creepypasta material.

  3. ะคะธะณะฝั ะบะฐะบะฐั-ั‚ะพ ะฒัะต ะฝะฐ ะฐะฝะณะปะธะนัะบะพะผ

  4. I always afraid when I comment on terry videos becuase I know my English is not good and he was English teacher

  5. 6:36 i don't know but that lady reminds me more of Mr.Conehead and an icecream cone who had a child???

  6. 6:11 when I was a kid, my friend would tell me at school every time she watched teletubbies. I would be weirded out, thinking the show was "too unpopular" for my liking. Now I think they are as creepy as Barney the dinosaur which scares me because I watched as a kid and even went to a concert event. The theme song scares me. Are these kids shows ok? My grandma finds teletubbies cute. My mom told my dad to paint my bedroom wall lilac purple. During the process, he bough black while lilac and mid purple. My sister wanted too be just a tiny tiny tiny little itty bit darker. My mom comes home from her work trip,it's beyond dark purple like if Barney the dinosaur died on my walls. It's now my bedroom, and I hate the colour. I mean, there are way worse things than that.

  7. Have any of you seen the picture of the Teletubbies in black and white they look so creepy they look like demons look it up I swear you'll get creeped out

  8. Terry legit i used to be afraid of the teleltubbies when i was a baby my mom brought home the purple one i literlally threw it across the room

  9. Man:its over
    Girl:will you ever cheat on me?
    Man:no never
    Girl:do you love me?
    Girl:do I look fat?

    Now read that backwards

  10. Im actually terrified of tellutibbies like lowkey i have no fears of monsers and ghosts but i have zoophobia sooo idont really know

  11. Hey terry what if I made a scary story and you read it if you did I would be so happy just reply and say yes or no if you say no I will be okay your still meh favorite you tuber

  12. Everytime you post a reaction video, I've always seen all of the images. But I watch the video anyways, 'cause there is you commenting ;')

  13. 6:17 my parents have all them and they just sit on a ledge. They say theyโ€™re cute but Iโ€™m horrified of them. I even thought I saw one of them move itโ€™s hand once.

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