Red Vox – Trolls and Goblins

Red Vox – Trolls and Goblins

In a forest, past the harvest, lived a troll named Drizzle Drozzle Dum His obsession with possession led him to an awfully tragic end One bright morning, after yawning, Drizzle Drozzle stole a goblin’s lunch He was hungry and his tummy gave the signal for him to have a munch Tasty snail stew, quite tough to chew, Drizzle ate well then he went to bed Dreams of dragons, gnomes and half-lings, elven woodsmen began to fill his head Soon the goblin, to his chagrin, found his food was taken by the troll So he set out, there was no doubt, maimed poor Drizzle, hung him from a pole Drizzle Drozzle got his fulfill, but his actions led him to his fall That’s his story and I’m sorry if you can relate to him at all

100 thoughts on “Red Vox – Trolls and Goblins

  1. This is like hall of the mountain king — You could progressively speed the tune up and it would still be perfect.

  2. So when can we be expecting your hit single "Rub Titties" to be officially released as a bonus track on the album?

  3. This is why you don't leave IOUs, he would've been fine if he hadn't left a "sorry I'll pay you back" note and just lied about it.

  4. The animation reminded me a bit of The Wall just because of how fluid the end of it was.

    The songs pretty great too, i wanna buy that shit.

  5. As soon as I heard this song, love it btw, these lyrics just popped into my head as a sort of sequel tale –

    Deep within
    That fabled forest
    Where the Troll
    Was strung up dead and hung

    The brave Goblin
    And his Tribesmen
    Sang and drank
    Of the thief's bloody end

    But in his rashness
    And great hubris
    He saw not
    A dreadful fatal flaw

    For unless burned
    By acid or hot pitch
    Trolls can with ease
    Regenerate their forms

    Drizzle Drozzle
    Woke quite perturbed
    As his limbs,
    Were scattered to and fro

    Dreams of vengenace,
    Carnage, bloodshed
    Gave him strength
    To see himself reformed

    Soon he managed,
    With great effort
    To remove
    Himself from that damned pole

    Now he goes out
    Club all set
    This time surprise
    Would favor that sneaky thieving troll

    That brave Goblin
    Woke that morning
    To discover
    His village set ablaze

    In this game of
    Trolls and Goblins
    It seems as
    The Trolls just always win…

  6. The song sucks. But the music video is 100% badass. Makes me feel like I was inside one of those fuzzy glow in the dark posters. Too bad it couldn't reflex on the song at all.

  7. This song has such a strong King Gizzard vibe even though you had no idea who they were when you wrote this. I hate that this song isnt in the what could go wrong album because i forgot about it until today and its actually a quite catchy song.

  8. I had no damn clue this song existed until now. I have listened to literally everything else by Red Vox since but I swear I thought they started with What Could Go Wrong. Damn.

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