Redington Crosswater Review | with Due South Outfitters

Redington Crosswater Review | with Due South Outfitters

hey guys this is Patrick Sessoms with due
south outfitters, fly fishing guide service and fly shop located in Boone
North Carolina I wanted to take a minute and just kind of talk to you guys about something that I get faced with a lot of questions about from a day-to-day basis
ultimately I have guest fishing guests and folks who come into the shop that
asked me all the time is there a way I can get into the sport without spending
an arm and a leg you know maybe they’re fresh to the sport they haven’t tried it
before they want to dabble in it but they’re not fully committed to buying
really expensive or nice rod and reel setup well the answer the question is
yes there is a way and I think Reddington has really hit the nail on
the head with this year’s kind of redo of their cross water combo the cross
water is a rod that’s been around from Reddington for a while now
but they just revamped it this past year the graphics are a little different it’s
got a different real really a handsome rod all at the price of one forty nine
ninety five there’s a two-piece it’s one thirty-nine that’s available but the
four-piece that I have here I personally prefer just because singer to travel on
a plane somewhere it’s much easier to carry a rod that’s broken down to this
size rather than double the size the cross water does come in a nice Cordura
rod tube and it also has a real case built into the rod tube but yet so let’s
talk about this for just a second the rod itself comes in various weights and
sizes ranging from a four weight all the way through an on way in lengths of
seven six through nine feet there’s a pretty large gamut of rod sizes that you
can cover with across water combi the line on it is Rio mainstream which is
typically a forty dollar line so within the package itself you get line rod and
reel and to be perfectly honest I mean unless you’re really experienced caster
as an angler getting into the sport or even an angler that just needs a backup
rod this is a great little rod just because price point solid the action of
the rod is gray it cassadee you know think the days of people
thinking oh you’ve got to pay for a super expensive rod to get performance
are kind of done I mean this is a great performing little rod for the price like
I said especially for the intro angler yeah I just wanted to take a minute and
show you guys a rod that we kind of are willing to back as a great entry-level
rod that a won’t break the bank is easy to navigate casting wise and kind of
just hits a nail on the head in terms of a great beginner combo to get into the
sport without breaking the bank ultimately oh yeah there it is the
Reddington cross water combo

9 thoughts on “Redington Crosswater Review | with Due South Outfitters

  1. I’m trying to get into fly fishing and would that cross water rod and a behemoth 8wt be a good setup for redfish and speckled trout

  2. I just bought this yesterday and I'm finally on my way today to try it out. I'm a first timer so I'm excited to try this sport out.

  3. redington crosswater is my main rod been using them for years . I own a 5wt. and 8 wt. love them !!!

  4. Nice I'm trying to get my buddy into fly fishing and this would be perfect for him! I sent him this video maybe it will help. Thanks for the info.

  5. I am looking to purchase a new rod but I am a beginner. I live in Florida and will be doing a mix of freshwater and saltwater. Is that possible with this rod?

  6. Does the non-metal reel cause any issues? Im relatively new to fly fishing and my only fly outfit has been a White River Fly shop Hobbs Creek outfit, and while its good, I want to pick up another fly rod/outfit. Im on the fence about this combo because of the polymer reel. Have you found that to cause issues? would you recommend I get just the rod or the combo? if just the rod then what other reel do you suggest? Thanks!

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