REVIEW: Daiwa Emblem 45 SCW QD reels

REVIEW: Daiwa Emblem 45 SCW QD reels

20 years ago, almost to this very day, I
walked into my local tackle shop as a keen teenager, handed over some
hard-earned cash and got a gleaming pair of Daiwa Emblem S big-pit reels. Two
decades on, these still get a little bit of use, but we’re a long way down the
Emblem evolutionary pathway. Introducing the latest member of the family: this is the Daiwa Emblem 45 SCW QD 20 years on and, if you adjust for inflation, these are probably fairly similarly priced reels, although this £199 new
version absolutely knocks spots off its older cousin when it comes to features. The latest addition to the Emblem family has 45 in its name to signify 45mm spool. That 45mm profile is the optimum long-cast profile
size and is normally found on much more expensive Daiwa offerings, but it’s not
just the spool size that makes this a great casting reel. Daiwa have furnished
this reel with a reduced-speed oscillation called Slow Cross Wrap, which
reduces casting energy during line release there’s also a double-lip
profile to the spool which has been shown to improve casting distances by
more than five percent. That double lip channels the line to a narrow corridor
so it flies smoothly through the rod guides. So what else do you get with these
reels? Well, aside from the fact they look absolutely gorgeous with that sleek matte-black finish, you get Daiwa’s proven QD quick drag
system and their high-impact line clip which is chunky and really nicely sprung
so you won’t damage your mainline when hitting the clip. You also get Daiwa’s Air Rotor and their DigiGear II internals, plus a machine-cut aluminium
handle which is really sturdy and will help you cranky in 104cm of
line for every full turn. There are two spools available for these Emblems. This is the C spool, which stands for casting and it’s a shallow spool and holds 300m of 0.35mm-diameter line meaning you can fill three reels from a
bulk spool of mainline. The other one is the LD, that’s the long-distance spool
and that holds 530m of the same diameter. So, how far we come in 20 years
since I bought those old Emblem Ss? Well, the short answer is a long way,
and a long way is exactly how far these are designed to cast. That 45mm spool profile is designed to strip line off as quickly as possible but in an
orderly fashion using that double-lip design to channel it through the guides
and out towards the horizon. When I knew that I had to take some of these out in
the bank I dropped Terry Edmonds a message. He’s the long-range casting
expert and tutor and I know he’s been putting some of these through their
paces recently he told me that he’s cast leads over 200m with these reels
and that will be on his field of truth as he calls it that’s not over water
using wrapping sticks that’s marked out with a metre ruler so it’s a proper cast.
He tells me that for the money, and these are sub-£200 reels, remember, there is no
better-performing reel on the market he loves that Slow Cross Wrap
oscillation and the way they handle. So there we go, these are the Daiwa Emblem 45 SCW QDs

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  1. They are looking awesome. I really like that design. How would you compare them with Windcast Z? I own 3 of them

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