REVIEW – OUR BOAT – Alumacraft Escape 165 CS | Team Galant (English Subtitles)

REVIEW – OUR BOAT – Alumacraft Escape 165 CS | Team Galant (English Subtitles)

Hello fishermen! My name is Tobias Ekvall and with the members of Team Galant – Edvin and Philip, we’ve been using this boat for two years. It’s an Alumacraft 165 cs Escape. This boat however is going to rest for the winter … I’ve also received plenty of requests for a video of me reviewing this boat, my own thoughts … so before this boat is becoming inactive for the winter I’ll do a boat-review! First off, the major things I enjoy about this boat. When fishing in smaller lakes here in Småland … the boat ramps are missing, therefor it forces you to use other more natural ramps. As you can see my car is a two-wheel car, therefor it doesn’t allow me to use just any boat. This boat however is quite lightweight despite it’s size which allows me to use any ramp despite my car … the solution of space in this boat is also great despite it’s size. This allows you to use plenty of gear … like, when fishing with Edvin and Philip we usually bring with us plenty of baits, boxes and food. This boat allows three persons with plenty of gear to fish without any obstacles whatsoever. People we’ve fished with have purchased themselves this boat just because they enjoy it that much. Like our friend Niclas from Team Gunki, exactly the same product, … Freddy Torstensson who has also fished with us … and our friend Janne Svensson who I pursue plenty of perch fishing with, also purchased the same boat. Edvin’s co-worker and friend also bought this boat. So people who experience this boat love it! Great! When purchasing this boat there’s plenty of options. We’re using a Fogelsta trailer … a Minnkota Terrova, two Humminbird sonars, the first one being a Helix 7 followed up with a Helix 10. We also have insurance for our boat from Atlantica. The great thing about them is that they specialize in boats compared to other companies. Recommend! Our boat engine is a Mercury Fourstroke. This engine at 50 horsepowers allow our boat to reach speeds up to … 28- 29 knots when fishing alone. With company – around 26 knots. This sonar, Humminbird Helix 10 has been working out great. The thing I enjoy about these sonars is the option Autoshot Live … which creates it’s own sea map. User-friendly as well. Never experienced any problems whatsoever. When purchasing such a sonar I also recommend you to buy a quick-attachment. When heading home your fingers are wet and cold. You therefor just insert this attachment … quite hard using one hand. Then you are ready to start the engine! This trailer in comparison to other trailers only require you to unleash these straps when using a ramp. You then remove this, open this up. Remove the security lock, move the lantern and start ramping! The front deck provide you with plenty of space.
There are three boxes … one for battery, also enough space for food, clothes, anchor and so on … this box is identical to the previous one. This is a live well and besides is the boat-charger. One for the engine, Minnkota and sonar. This live well allows you to keep your fish alive, like baitfish, perch or whatever. Easy to empty out as well using this plug. Two seats. There’s space for three or four however. One here and one in the front. I however prefer using two in order to get as much space as possible. Here’s a rod-box. Maximum length for rods are 8 foot. A lantern for darkness as well. Here’s another box. This one is used for an extra tank of fuel, bait boxes, fire extinguisher and so on. Here’s the primary fuel. A 25 liter tank.
Batteries for the engine as well. When turning on the engine you
just use this switcher. Like this. This allows you to turn on master-power. Everything is provided with electricity! So this was a brief boat review. I find it crucial to mention not only the positive aspects about the product, but also the negative. This boat however hasn’t showed it’s cons.
Not experienced a single problem! The only “less positive” thing however is when fishing around big waves like in Vättern … plenty of water can get splashed into the boat. Not something entirely special about this boat … all boats with this size have problem with water being splashed when fishing in a big windy lake. Just keep in mind, if fishing in big waters, like Mälaren, Vättern and Värnen during windy periods … a bigger boat is preferred. However this boat is perfect for smaller waters and calmer days. This boat was purchased from in Halmstad. If you’d like any further details go visit their website. I’ll also be addressing all your questions regarding the boat in the comments, in the first 24 hours. If you like these types of reviews go press the thumbs up button and leave a comment! Follow me at Instagram and Kanalgratis.
Links are in the description. Take care, tight lines and keep in mind – plenty of ice fishing videos will be released. Bye!

37 thoughts on “REVIEW – OUR BOAT – Alumacraft Escape 165 CS | Team Galant (English Subtitles)

  1. First äntligen!!! En ny video fyller år om fyra dagar jag önskar mig av dig ett svar på min kommentar älskar er!!

  2. That’s a nice rig,,it’s similar to my tracker pro v16, I love my mercury 4 stroke it has never let me down even in extremely cold weather.

  3. Har någon nån aning om varför gäddor ligger och vilar på ytan när det är en varm sommardag. Sommaren 2018 såg jag och min kompis en gädda som låg på ytan. Vi åkte fram till den och försökte få in den i hoven. Den hoven är gjord av min gammelfarfar och han har fått in flera gäddor över 10 kg i den. Gäddan som låg på ytan verkade trög och när vi skulle ta den i hoven så fick den inte platts i hoven. Så den simmade iväg… vi hade åror så vi skrämde den inte. Men kan gäddor ligga och vila på ytan sådär??

  4. Har du några tips på hur man kan få råd med en sådan båt och kunna betala den kontant? Alla jag känner som har lite dyrare båtar har dom på avbetalning..

  5. Hej ni är bäst. Vill ni fiska med mig någonstans där det finns gäddor i Småland alltså jag vill fiska gädda för huggen är fett roliga, jag är 11 år och heter Oscar Magnusson, jag följer fiskegymnasiet på Instagram som du sa i en video. Ett förslag är att fiska i en sjö som heter Rymmen där jag fiskar ofta det ligger vid en by som heter Ivars i Värnamo kommun. Hejdå älskar er.

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