Riparazione canna da pesca con carbonio [Parte 3/4] – Repairing fishing rod with carbon [Part 3/4]

To be able to put everything under vacuum must isolate with sealant tape the ends The end of the tube must be rolled up with a piece of breather cloth so that the bag will not be sucked by the vacuum, locking it In order to close the bag you have to put the sealant also lengthwise Once sealed can operate the vacuum re-inspecting well every point of the sealant so as to avoid losses Gradually, the excess resin will be absorbed by the breather After the resin has hardened we can remove the bag and all the tissues located above the carbon On the surface there are some imperfections but now the important thing is to strengthen the fracture and with vacuum the result is perfect After sanding the imperfections we get to the aesthetic part Cut a piece of carbon so that it is always as long as the underlying part but narrower so as to cover the circumference 1 time exact (or almost) Above the fabric I sprayed glue spray previously to be able to cut more precisely without defiber I took advantage glue sprayed previously to make it adhere to the tube

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