Rock fishing for Yellow Tail Kingfish!! Slay Day

Rock fishing for Yellow Tail Kingfish!! Slay Day

– Hey how’s it going, welcome
to outdoor adventure with Kz. Today we’re out in the beautiful Fudiung and I’ll tell you what, we’re
gonna be looking at targeting Kingfish, we’ve got the
Burley working right now we just put a nice little Kawai out on the slide bait rig and tell you what we’ve only
been here for a little while and I’m excited. So hopefully very very
soon you’re going to see some action but Jeremy’s got a live bait
out under the balloon. We’re gonna be using
the slide baiting rigs, balloons, and possibly even ledge rigs cause we saw a John Dory in the Burley trail earlier so yeah, we haven’t been here long and it’s already starting to show some life down there. Hopefully we can get what we’re targeting. Little bit later on when the sun starts to creep down passed the horizon we’re gonna shoot back to the beach and do a bit of kite fishing and yeah, hopefully get to take home a good feed tonight so, hey if
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get involved with us, we’re gonna be doing a whole lot more, this is summer time now
which means fishing, fishing and some more fishing. So get involved and
hopefully soon we’ve got some cool action for you. – So we’ve got us a
nice little honey kawai live bait, target of course in Kingfish. And this is the rig we’re using, slide baiting. Okay, now we just need to get slide that into the entry reverse slide baiting clips. So they can only go one way. And hopefully then straight passed the live-ie under the balloon. Going to swim out there. So basically I cast out my sinker, drop that snag out there, put a bead down the main line and now as you saw put
the Kawai down there that’s just so that I can get that Kawai setting up methods. Basically wherever I want it, just aim the sinker there
and you slide the bait down accordingly, and now we just wait and hopefully that
suckers gonna get slayed. And we’re gonna get some boys so, stay tuned, enjoy your popcorn, while we enjoy slaying some Kingys. I’ve got a slide bait out and it’s just been extra hit. – [Cameraman] Whoa! You wanna grab the hook Jems? – Get the guess, took the guess. Kingy! Oh careful bro. Oh no. It’s not a biggy. So a really big part of targeting Kingfish is getting your Burley working, big shout out to Southern Baits for, we’re chumming right now what the both the tuna and the pilchers. We’ve got the salmon
burley rolling down there and I tell you what we’ve
got a school of Kawai at our feet right now. Aw that is amazing, that is awesome. And they are feeding. – [Cameraman] Oo! Oh! Bro Kingy. Oh another one! Bro! Four Kingys! Four! – [Jeremy] Four right here bud. – [Cameraman] Woo four Kingys bro! – Okay we’ve got one on the stick bait. Try and bring him over this way. Oh bro, I don’t know
if this one’s a keeper. – [Cameraman] Oh dog fight! – Put this fella back to live another day. Nice little Kingy.

45 thoughts on “Rock fishing for Yellow Tail Kingfish!! Slay Day

  1. You guys are a crack up. I'll subscribe, look forward to a few more laughs……Jeremy with his rod upside down hehehe

  2. Your the man bro. What's the easiest way to catch kahawai and what's ur set up to get them on the hook. Keen to go out this weekend and try this

  3. When I first started out back home in ( NZ ) I used to use an extendable painters roller stick, get a good 12ft out of it ( just add the gaff hook ) ..  Poor Jeremy I mean a nice fish and congrats , but when a rod and reel are made to work one way and he turns it over …oh well your just going to have to give him some pointers.. I never used a free spool reel till I came to Oregon and fish salmon. I saw all the benefits , I was so into shimano 6500 bait runners back home…keep up the video's . well done boys..

  4. mean videos ! Chur. wasn't sure about the shop but def.gonnango there get me some sliding rig setups 👌 any spots around West auckland landbased u like

  5. nice vid bro. thoughts on using braid vs mono on your live bait rod off the rocks? looks like you had braid. I've heard mono is better for off the rocks cause it more abraision resistant what you reckpn? also what sort of gear you use for stick baiting ff rocks? 24kg rod ?

  6. subbed 😀 really love the vids im 11 yrs old and are keen as fisherman favourite thing to do keep up the goodd work

  7. Summer time less fishing and less fishing more like… best rock fishing is from the end of feb thru to mid july espesially on the eastcoast whangarei north.

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