Ron Howard’s Trolling Masterclass | A Nice Shorts’ Sketch

Ron Howard’s Trolling Masterclass | A Nice Shorts’ Sketch

– You have to understand that
every conversation online, every interaction, if you get it right, has the potential to ruin someone’s day. (classical music) Welcome to my new trolling masterclass. Now, you might have a complex opinion with characters, nuance, context. Okay, great. But how are you gonna put all that aside to write half a sentence that annoys people you’ve never met? Well, it’s gonna take a
little something called craft. In this series, we’re going
to rehearse an argument, line by line, and I’m gonna let you watch as I workshop with the
students, as we go from a disagreement about something banal. And use that as an excuse to label each other fascist dictators. Action! – I reckon if people voted for Brexit, we should just respect that. – Nazi. – Okay, okay, that was good. Uh, you were great, but
uh, let’s roll that again. This time, you go all caps. Really try to express a
disproportionate amount of anger to the fairly, uh, benign
opinion that was just expressed. Action! – I reckon if people voted for Brexit, we should just respect that. – NAZI! – Great, I thought that was good. Yeah, give ’em, go for
that, give’ em one, yay. In Cinderella Man, I had
to get Russell to dig deep to find the emotional truth
of, uh, his character. And it’s those emotional
layers that can bring something special to our
online interactions, as well. Okay, so your wife’s leaving you. – Yeah, I mean, she really is. She’s, um, actually leaving me. – Yeah. – Wait, how did you… – Well, it doesn’t matter. So what I want you to do is
take that negative energy, that background disfunction in your life, okay, and channel it into something. Okay, imagine they’re
rebooting RoboCop, uh, (stammers) as a woman. – Like a lady robot? – Yeah, probably with a, uh, a
woman’s voice and everything. Okay, roll with that. – Why would they do that for? Woman can’t serve the public trust, so. Do they gotta make her black and gay, too? (laughs) – Like, feminists gotta ruin everything. (sobbing) – Now, take out that rage by tweeting at random members of the cast. (screaming) On a movie that does not
affect him in any way. Okay, this is great. – It’s not fair! Just gotta gender-bend
everything, them cucks! It’s not fair! – And scene. – It’s not fair! – Scene. – I want the 80’s. – Okay, that’s great. We’re all atoms, uh, experiencing
themselves subjectively. I’m you, uh, and you are me, experiencing the fabric of the universe. Uh, which is also us. What’s great about the
online space, though, is that we can take that
awe-inspiring understanding and replace it with an almost
insane focus on the trivial things that make us all different. And that takes craft. – I’ve just said to him that vaccinations have no
proven link to autism. – That’s a great opening line. Uh, so how are you gonna respond? – Well, I might look it up. Do some research. See if its true, and… – It’s not about facts. Let’s move the conversation
away from facts. Let’s focus on something arbitrary, like her gender or sexuality. – What would you know about
vaccinations, you white, man-hating lesbo? – Okay, that was good. Online discussions are a great chance to bring in our visual side, too. In what’s called Groin Craft. – And that’s why you’re wrong. – Ah, yeah, you got me. – She’s just proven you wrong. Does this scene need to end there? Like, what’s the next step? – Uh, I could, um, send a,
send her a picture of my penis. – Ah, an unsolicited dick pic! It’s pretty good, right? – You can see the veins. – That’s good. Finally, the more advanced
classes will focus on taking your skills as an individual
and making things much worse, by guaranteeing you can
only think as a collective. So, let’s say, uh, you’re political left, and you’re political right, and we’re gonna have a discussion online. – Conservative governments
better with economics. – I’m sorry, are you
listening to yourself? Like, typical Boomer. – You need to start, uh, making a noise. Just a random noise. It’s not gonna help, but
just start making it. (man groans) Okay, now you two, you don’t
wanna be left out, right? So just start, uh,
mindlessly, uh, mimicing people on your own side. (group moans) Louder. That’s when the random, um,
Meryl Streep gif comes in. And now we’re having a discussion online. What I hope you’ll realize
is that the online space really is the best place
to express your beliefs in the worst way possible. I’m film director Ron Howard,
and this is my masterclass.

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  1. Was this an actual Masterclass given to the "Alphabet people" after Dave Chappell's new special?

    Oh wait, that wasn't trolling😂

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