Ryan’s Culling Trolling – AH Animated & Source

Ryan’s Culling Trolling – AH Animated & Source

G: Prints out some F.U.N.C.
R: Get my knife back before I lose it… G: Worthless.
R: Get my knife back before I lose it… M: It was pretty worthless. R: Oh! Wait-
M: It was pretty worthless. R: What did I knock out of- A Blowgun! M: Oh shit! That’s probably worth some F.U.N.C man! G: Oooooooh.
M: Oh shit! That’s probably worth some F.U.N.C man! R: Oh shit! There is a guy over there. M: Over where? R: He’s hiding right there. J: Keep that out. G: OH! He’s shooting. J: Don’t get a weapon out, don’t get a weapon out.
R: Would you shut up, Jack! M: *laughing*
J: He’s bludgeoning with a man tracker.
R: I’m safe! G: Hit him with the poison thing.
M: You can do this, Ryan. G: You gonna throw it?
R: UGH! M: Nope.
R: I missed.
G: *snickering* R: There’s another guy right there. G: Get the poison.
M: Turn the poison on. G: Get the poison and run! M: Oh shit!
R: There’s a guy behind him.
G: That went pass your ear hole. R: See, that guy doesn’t know he’s there.
G: What are you playing at? R: I’m- There’s a guy behind him, I’m hoping they’ll fight each other! M: It’s- I mean, but he’s already fighting you. All: OHHHH! J: You’ve been poisoned. R: *sharp inhale* R: I don’t know how these work. *spit* G: *laughing*
M: You’re probably just holding rather than shooting it.
J: This is going well. I think you just swallowed the poison dart. M: *laughing*
R: *vomiting noise* J: You just inhaled.
M: Uhh….
R: Uh, nope. M: Alright. This is not good.
R: Now I’m blind. This is real bad. M: Not good. I just- OH!
R: Oh.
G: A whale! R: There’s two of ’em here! M: Are they teaming up on you? NO! They’re not! M: Oh shit! They’re fighting, just run! Just head in the other direction and run!
R: I can’t see! M: Just run in a direction!
R: EHHHHH M: You’re not poisoned, you have 5 health. R: Wheeee……ehhhhhhhh…….
M: If they’re fighting, you may actually be able to get away. G: Maybe he threw his knife at a fence. All: *laugh* M: I like that your escape noise was… “EEEEEEE” All: *laugh* R: Do I stop?
G: Whip your phone out, since there’s no one here.
M: Yeah, yeah. M: Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, whip your phone out. Don’t turn around. R: Uh oh.
J: “Map closure”?
R: What does that mean? M: Map closure has begun? I think Jeremy was talking about that earlier.
R: Okay, we’re good. M: I think that might be, like, poison shoots from all ends of the map, and basically M: forces you into the center.
R and J : Oh. M: To fight.
G: *laughs* R: Alright, great.
M: So people can’t just sit around and do nothing. J: There he is.
M: There’s a guy right there. M: Youuuuu…. are fucked.
G: You should heal. J: Where’s your- Ryan, did you throw your blowdart thing?
M: You have fourteen FUNC. M: He threw his fucking advanced spear.
R: You drop it whenever you use it.
J: Oh. M: I would hide up against that, Ryan.
R: Yup yup. G: You could mush yourself against that side there.
J: Look at them fighting over there! M: That’s pretty fucking funny, to watch in the background. J: They’re breakdance fighting. M: I would just run in there, and just try to chopping. You got your health back.
R: Oh yeah. We’re going at it. G: You can see who’s losing. One of them just took off. M: Go for it, go for it. J: Alright, Ryan, for the love of God, don’t throw your knife. R: Shut up! *Geoff laughing off screen* J: Alright, one of them is dead.
G: Oh, there’s a thing on the floor, use the thing. M: Aww, yes. M: Oh, get him.
All: OHHHH! M: Damn!
J: Went right into it. J: AUGH! *laughing*
G: *laughing* J: He just clubbed him! G: Get the knife out.
J: Get the man tracker!
R: Shut up! M: Chop him! Chop chop chop! Chop somebody! J: Grab that man tracker! M: Oh, that’s your spear.
J: Don’t- Yeah, don’t bother fighting them. R: Shuuuut uuuup! R: For the love of God!
J: Get real close to him but don’t do anything. R: You’re the loudest, dumbest man!
J: Get the man tracker. No, no, bring in the man tracker. R: SHUT UP! *Geoff laughing off screen*
M: God… J: Throw it- Yeah! There we go!
M: Nice! Right in the head! J: And he picked it up, he picked it up. J: You threw your knife at him, and he picked up your fucking knife!
R: I hit him!
G: “You’re the loudest….” R: I hit him with it!
J: And he picked it up!
G: “…the loudest, dumbest man.” R: I had no chance! M: Hey, thanks for watching The Culling. R: You were like, “Hey, you guys, you need a knife? Here’s a knife.” R: Do you wanna hear-
J: “Alright, cool. Grab it”
R: You wanna hear the dumbest R: advice a human has ever given another? Invite Jack Pattillo over.
J: You threw your knife, he picked it up and used it to kill you! G: *snickering*
R: He’s just gonna shout stupid things. J: He killed you with your own knife, Ryan.
*Geoff laughing off screen* R: “URGH! Just do something! Oh no, your on the wrong thing! URGH! R: “I’m so much better! ARGH! Remember that time I just choked to death on poison and killed myself 3 seconds into a Let’s Play?!” R: “AAAAAARGH!” J: Alright, let’s stop.
R: Only it’s fatter. M and J: *laughing* M: Oh damn, man!
Geoff: You guys…

55 thoughts on “Ryan’s Culling Trolling – AH Animated & Source

  1. I don't care if he only shouted stupid things and often insulted me. I would love to have Jack watch and commentate on my gameplay.

  2. Unpopular opinion, but I really dont like jack and how condescending he is. He's also annoying and this he knows everything, sucks to say that out of the main six he's my least fav.

  3. Good Lord, if Ryan didn't like his job Jack would be a dead man. If he asked me I'd fuck Jack up for free.

  4. As someone who played a LOT of Culling, out of all of them, Ryan was the best at it. All of his actions were right for someone just starting to play.

  5. For anyone wondering, Ryan actually played damn near perfect for a new Culling player. The throwing knife into heavy hit was a tried and true technique, and being aware of items on the ground was an essential skill. Jack was basically the idiot christian in the back of a biology class yelling out about how the teacher's facts were wrong.

  6. Awwww man I fuckin miss this game!!!!! Thanks YouTube for rubbing it in my face that this game is completely offline now!

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