SA TV | Will Angler Management Take the KDW Crown?!

This week on SATV we take you to fish the
pristine waters of Palm Beach Florida. We’ll be joining the 42-foot Sea Ray
Angler Management with Captain Bill Caputo and his crew as they take on
tournament day. Will the team be victorious? Will they walk away with the
$10,000 cash prize? Will they win the Costa Rica trip?! Stay tuned and find out
here on SA TV. What’s up guys, I’m Captain Phil Caputo.
Captain of the 42-foot Sea Ray sport fishing vessel Angular Management. We’re
located in Palm Beach, Florida on the North dock at Sailfish Marina. Alright guys, so a little bit about me.
Originally I’m from Long Island, New York I used to fish over there at Cap Tree
State Park, go on the drift boats out of there for a Fluke, Flounder or whatever
else we can catch. Spending days with my dad is what I always wanted to do.
Becoming a sport fishing boat captain was my dream. Here we are today in sunny
Florida, dreams do come true! Today we’re fishing the Place of Hope
KDW Fishing Tournament. The great thing about this program, whole program the
whole tournament is to benefit underprivileged kids and abused children.
It’s a great opportunity for kids to get people out on the water, to get people to
donate some money and definitely help out these kids who need more assistance
than anyone can ever give. Since the program has started they have generated
over three million dollars to help these underprivileged kids. That’s a lot of
money to help a lot of kids! So the tournament has three specific
categories K for Kingfish, D for Dolphin W for Wahoo. You get a first, second or
third place in any of those categories as well as a heaviest fish. Heaviest
fish out of those three species wins that trip to Costa Rica. That’s what we’re
hoping for guys. So the day before the tournament we
started giving a little pre-fishing it’s the smartest thing you can do before a
tournament to find where the fishes were a little bit gives you an idea of where
you can start fishing. So the day before we started doing our pre fishing we got
some kites up for a couple hours or so and then the wind completely died
unfortunately. So we switched over to doing some bump trolling to try to get
some big Kings off the bottom. A little bit of success there. Later on in the day
we decided to throw the kites back up in the air try to get a big king see what
happens from there. So we’re gonna give the kite in another
shot. Wind picked up a little bit so we’re gonna see if we can get it back up
with the balloon. Main purpose of the balloon and the white kite specifically
is to get it up when there’s no wind or a little wind. White kite’s a little
better, they’re bigger than the conventional red and green kites that
you see out there that the guys are flying. White’s larger catches more wind.
Just a bridle to make sure it catches more wind. Let’s see if we can get it to fly! so we had no wind and the kite just tends to fly straight up when you have a
balloon on it you don’t have any wind. So what we did was we put a couple split
shots on the bottom of the kite so the kite wouldn’t go directly up.
Give us a little bit more spread. Alright guys this is the combo we
specifically used for kite fishing it’s a high speed Penn Fathom narrow reel. Gear ratio on this rail is seven to one which makes for super fast cranking for when
those sailfish crank down on those baits You notice we have a old school float
like you’d use when you’re catching a little fish as a kid. This is just a
marker, this is gonna tell us the tale of where the fish is going. You never want
this to touch the water, we always want this to suspend it above the water. All
eyes are always on the bobber, bobber always tells the tale guys. Right
underneath the bobber we’re gonna have a little lead. Depending upon how much wind
we have that day if we want to keep the bait straight down we’re gonna adjust
our lead. Guys also notice there’s a little rubber band here. The rubber band
is gonna let us move the float up along the line for the longer baits that we
have. So they’re more visible to us. Snap swivel on it makes for quick
switching of baits. Once we have a fish on we don’t have to worry about getting the
hook out of the fish’s mouth, we just unhook the swivel, put another hook on
and we’re fishing again. Line on these rods 20 pound Bull Buster again. Nothing to do with the poundage of the line, all has to do with the finesse
of the angler. Let the fish tire itself out, bring them in. We also use the yellow
hi-vis line, not so much for the fish more for us. When you have a bait that’s 150 yards out you want to see where your line is.
The yellow from Bull Buster really let you see everything that’s going on. So
the rod that we have matched up to our Penn reel is a X Generation custom rod.
These are probably the best rods that you can get for sailfishing. Super
sensitive tip, enough backbone and enough just to let you know that the fish is
still there. While we’re doing some prospecting we decide to drop a couple bottom lines get the fish in the cooler. Ended up getting
in a couple of snappers, dinner and lunch later on. A couple of sandwiches,
everyone’s happy. So what we’re doing out here is we made a
move. The wind kind of died down Captain Austin from the other boat right
next door also from Angler Management decided to take us to one of his
secret spots. So we’re out here dropping bottom. We’ve got a lot of light down
there. We’re hopin pick off some nice snappers.
We’ve got a few in the box already. We’re hoping to keep them that momentum going. So we’ve started up the morning bright
and early. Everyone met it at the boat at 5:30 a.m.
to get everything ready to go. We departed from the marina at about six
o’clock for lines in at 6:30. Some of the people we have with us today
were of course Noah from SA. We had Mike, one of the great fishermen from around
here. Does a lot of commercial fishing. Dawn Williams great snapper fisherwoman
and Morgan who happens to be the girlfriend of the captain of the other
Angler Management vessel. We decided to go south by The Breakers. Started doing
some bump trolling. Alright guys so we’re leaving the dock now. Ready to get our lines in the water, get this tournament started and have awesome day out on the
water today. We did run into some trouble.
Unfortunately there was a bad fuse for our live well so when we were halfway out
there. We noticed all of our live bait had died. We contacted our live bait guy, he met us right at the inlet. We were outside rockin and rollin in 10-15
minutes. Hey Scott, it’s Phil. You got two dozen Pilchards? If you could meet us closer, that’d be great. Alright cool, I’m by The Breakers right now
so I’m going to head in. Can you meet me any closer or do you want me to go in right now? I don’t know what happened here. I think
a Gog got hungry. Sup guys, thank you for coming over! I’ll give you my money first. Hopefully these don’t die So we just picked up bait from
Hard Target Baits. Scott normally we get bait from it every day. Super reliable,
super hearty baits. Can’t go wrong with Scott Then I said, you know what, let’s haul butt
North. Got North and we started to getting into some action. Weather-wise today, I couldn’t ask for
anything better. Blue skies, flat oceans, a little bit of
wind, blue water, gorgeous day out there today guys. So right now we’re doing
something called bump trolling where we have two lines up top, two lines on the
corner, with different size bank sinkers on that.
On the port side we have a 12-ounce Bank sinker which is gonna allow the weight to
go a little lower. When I bump the throttle
it’s gunna allow it to rise up a little bit covering every water column that we want
to fish. With the Outrigger line we have lines up top so you can catch the
king fish that are up top rather than ones that are on the bottom.
With the way we’re fishing we’re effectively fishing every water column there is. maximizing our fishing. We’re starting to think this we’re gonna
get our first fish. We’re in a water, water color change rip line with some weed lines. Right here we’re starting to mark some
kingfish about 60-65 feet. We’ve got a lot of bait swimmin around the bottom.
Hopefully we’ll get one of them to come up and take one of our baits. We’ll get this day started. All right guys we got a first Kingfish
of the day. Probably about a 70 pound king fish got it
on the down line with a pilchard. I’m gonna put some more pilchards out and try
to get its daddy. Yeah, that’ll hurt, that’ll ruin your day real quick. This is one of the reels that we used for trolling and bump trolling. It has a lot of different
uses. It’s a Torium 20 with a 6:2:1 gear ratio
which makes for really really quick retrieving. I think it’s 5 foot per retrieve per
turn. Versatile reel has tons of drag on it for the fish that we catch down here.
We’ve mated it up to a Tackle Direct off-the-shelf rod. Great rod, great for
bottom fishing, any kind of fishing that you’d want to do down here in South
Florida. We learned a long time ago that fishing
in South Florida it’s more about finessing the fish than just forcing the
fish in. We use 20-pound Bull Buster line on here. Monofilament not so much
as the braided line which a lot of people get popular to. 40 pound
fluorocarbon leader on it to our snapswivel and right to our tooling lure. Probably one of our favorite lures it’s called a Zook. Caught our majority of fish
on it. We’ve caught tons of Wahoo on this, Dolphin seem to love it, Tuna love it as
well definitely our go-to lure. Alright guys so today we’re using a
Stinger Rig. Put the pink green a little bit of white in there goes through. Gonna take
our J hook go right through the nose. And our short stinger hook right by the
tail. Stinger’s going to make sure when that kingfish bites it bites it, he bites it and
chews like they normally do you still get them in the back. So we got our second king mackerel of the day. See how it fairs at the scales later on.
Keep tryin for that big one. So we notice two frigate birds that are
flying around on the weed line that we found. It’s usually a good sign there’s
some bigger fish down there frigate bird is the only bird that spends
most of his life of over water. They can’t actually touch the water it gets any
water on its wings oil comes off it’s wings and it’s not able to fly. Frigate birds
then look up top to the small bait fish getting chased by the bigger fish.
Come down and swoop up smaller fish, the bait fish.
Once we know that the bait fish are there chances are there’s a bigger fish
there. You’ve got to play the waiting game now. So some of the most important
gear that we use is the gear that we wear. SA Company was nice enough to hookus up with some hats and shirts and some Face Shields™. These shields are the best
guys. If you have a little bit of grizzle on your beard, It doesn’t get stuck to your
beard on these hot days out here. Shirts keep you protected from the Sun. You get
a little sprinkle here in Florida every single day. So we dry super-quick as well I
know they have some great products coming out in the future. whatever it is, it’s jumping! Nice job, I don’t know what it is. So the King Mackerel it’s a great
fighting fish, great to eat the first day. Great to have as smoked fish. Not one of
the fish I would recommend freezing but I would definitely eat it fresh. So weather started taking a little bit of a turn a little cloudy out, a little bit of thunder, a little bit of lightning. So on the way in I always like to hit
one of my favorite spots. we call it ‘The Can’. Basically a big red buoy in the
water that because of the shape and the size of it it just seems to attract a
lot of bait fish to it. Where there’s bait fish there’s always big predatory fish. So, we’ll give it one last shot before we head in. See if we can get some luck at The Can! Or.. Yeah! Didn’t even hit like a King! All right guys that’s it for today. We’re going to head on in to the weigh station, see how we do. And go from there guys. Had a really great day out there, caught a bunch of fish. The scale’s going to make the decision when we get back. So today we fished the Fish For Hope
tournament. Unfortunately didn’t have a lot of wind
we weren’t able to get the kites up today. So we get a lot of bump trolling.
We ended the day with four kings nice size. Unfortunately we didn’t make
leaderboard there were a couple ones up we’re bigger in there. But we had a great
time supported by a great company and we’ll get back out there next year! So on top of the big king that we did
put on the boat we did put four more kings on the boat as well as two Bonita.
It was a great day fishing with the team. Everyone had laughs, everyone had a great
time. Can’t wait to do it again, especially with an SA crew! This has been one of the most fun
tournaments we have ever fished especially knowing that we’re gonna be
able to help some underprivileged kids and neglected children. That’s the best
part about this whole experience. Everyone here had a great time helped a
great cause and I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to get some rest.
Well thanks for coming out with us today. You can follow us on instagram
at angler_management or myself at captain_phil_caputo on
instagram. We’ll catch up with you guys next week.
If you guys have any questions please give us a call, otherwise, we’ll see you guys
out on the water!

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