Sight Fishing Crappies, Northern Wisconsin

Sight Fishing Crappies, Northern Wisconsin

(outdoor rock) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the
water) We eat! Fish eat! (way out in the woods) (gunshot) (where the breathing is easy,
the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) And
welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors! We’re sponsored by The Badger
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Holy Moly! (music end) (music end) (music) Sun Drop machine! Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mist,
Pepsi Diet, Mountain Dew, MIst, no Sun Drop! What the heck! I can’t believe
a SunDrop machine with no
SunDrop! False advertising going on here. Ok. (laughing)
You have a SunDrop machine out
there! There is no SunDrop! I know it!
Right? What do you have to say about
that? We gotta get some! We
gotta get some SunDrop! It’s the soda of all sodas!
That’s right! (music) We’ll make the big Warrior fit
in here! (music) (music) You said it couldn’t be done. I
did it! (music) Hey I’ll tell ya what
Jeff! We got the boat off the
trailer. A little tight fit
right there on these lakes for this big 208
Warrior, but we’re gonna start off this
morning fishing walleyes, now
what kind of structure are we fishing here?
There’s a little emergent weeds
scattered along here, but it’s mostly gonna be down wood.
These fish are post spawn, when these fish are right after
spawn, alot of times you have
those pods of males that are still going through that
spawning structure and they’re
real easy to find. But they also come up and feed in those
areas. The wind has been
pounding for a day or two, and we’ve got some good down wood
near deep water. That’s where
we’ll start. That’s awesome!
Let’s give it a shot! Little bit of a storm to the
north, huh? Yeah. Looks a little hairy, but it’s
running parallel not
perpendicular so we’ll be ok
hopefully. We’ll be ok either way because
I got my new Carharrt gear on and thanks to our good
friends over at Carharrt, they sent me a bunch of their
outdoor gear! We’ll give it a test, I got a feeling today. If
not today, tomorrow! (music) You just put a new minnow on
there too huh? I did. It looked
like it was getting a little beat up. It
wasn’t running quite right. I casted out there, gave it one
pop and… You need a net or
you gonna flip it? Feels like a
nice walleye. Give it a flip! Hey, hey! Something got a hold of him! I
got one too! Nice man! That’s a
legal fish! Let’s see that! About 15-16.
You’re a big musky fisherman,
do you think that a musky got that? Musky
definitely had a hold of him.
Got one there, Larry? Nice! You know I did the same thing
you did Jeff. Flipped it up
there a little tighter to the
cover. I got a pike! There you go! I want a walleye! We’ll get him
back. He deserves it. He won the
lottery twice! Ha ha ha! Put
him back in there! Nice little pike. Alright. (music) Hey Jeff! It wasn’t supposed to
rain today! Nope. Welcome to the Northwoods!
Can’t trust them weathermen! I want a job where I can be
wrong 50 or 60 or 70% of the time! I might have to switch colors
here pretty soon! That’s a
decent walleye! Another legal. Beautiful fish!
What is legal up here? A lot of lakes we’re gonna have 1 of 3 size
limits. Your gonna have either
15 in minimum. With a protected slot from 20 to 24. I wish every lake would be
like that! It’s really nice! Beautiful fish! They just
started doing that 2 years ago and it’s really
nice. Especially the lakes that
have the potential to produce bigger fish, our fish grow a
little slower up here. It’s not
like out on the bay. They are just a little more
limited so it’s nice to give
them some protection. I’ll tell ya what Jeff! That is absolutely awesome! You got
that chartruese on and we’re
both pitching to the same spot! I think we found what they
want! Definitely! That’s a
little nicer fish! Absolutely! Hold that one up. And
basically, tell everybody what
we’re doing again. We’re using fathead, you got an
1/8 oz jig, and you’re pitching it
up into the wood. And it’s key
to have that weedless jig in there
or you’ll be snagged all the
time. A big thing about that is, if
you’re snagged all the time, and you move that wood back and
forth you’re gonna spook them
fish out of there. Absolutely! You miss a few more fish with a
weedless jig, but you save a lot of jigs and
the main thing is you don’t
spook the fish out of the cover. Absolutely! This was again, I
walked it over a little piece
of wood down there and he crushed it!
You got another one of those
jigs? I think I can find you
one! I appreciate it! Hey I’ll tell
ya what! This week’s tip is brought to you by our
good friends at Mikes Country
Meats up there in Tigerton, the finest jerky on the planet.
Hey Jeff, you know what? You’re talking about keeping
your hooks sharp, how important
it is. Of course, you’re a musky guide, you do a lot of musky
fishing, and musky guys are
always sharpening their hooks. But now
you’re gonna sharpen a jig?
Yeah. I just noticed after that last
fish, I bumped some wood
earlier and the tip was a little broke off, so
something that is
super-important in the musky
world, I carried over to the walleye world. Make sure you’re
hooks are sharp. A lot of times
they’re dull out of the box. A little edge, a little touch
on each side can make all the
difference. Show us that quick. Just a little touch on this
one, peel it back, Ok. A little on that side, Little on that side and you
have yourself a razor sharp
hook. Hey I’ll tell ya what! This
week’s tip of the week brought
to you by our good friends at Mikes Country Meats! (raindrops) Hey! I want to thank our good
friends over at Carharrt. Thanks for sending me this
great rain gear! You know what?
I’m putting it to good use today! And I’m
definitely dry! Look at the way that repels
that water! (thunder) Does it repel lightning? I think there’s a disclaimer on
lightning… (music) There’s only a few things that
make me nervous. A woman that’s mad at you, and
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less casts! Because the fish
come to you! Rip it or shake it for crappie,
walleye, northern, salmon, or
trout! And experience mulit-species
action with just one bait! (music) Hey we sat in the truck for
probably about 3, 3 and half hours waiting for the
storm to pass by because of the
amount of lightning. Now we’re back out doing a
little bit of crappie fishing. (music) Nice job! Again, just kind of
going through this cabbage,
we’re fan casting and picking away at them! Yep.
Just covering water. Another nice fish! Gotta like
that. Sometime today, Jeff, I
am gonna keep about a dozen of those if you
don’t mind. That’d be fine. No
problem. Hey I’ll tell ya what!
Definitely found them now! That’s a nicer fish!
Absolutely! I’m gonna keep a few of these
if you don’t mind. I know the
limit is 25 and I think that’s a
little bit high. You know, a
good dozen crappies is a great meal for a
good family. As far as eating quality goes,
it’s hard to beat that. That’s
the perfect size. Right. 10 and a half-11inch
size is perfect. Anything
bigger we usually throw back. I would agree. Anything
smaller, you could clean, but
these are the ideal size.
That’s a perfect fish. You just missed one too! Good
deal, man! Another one! You are on fire! That’s a nicer fish! Gotta like
that one! Whoo! Now that’s a nice fish right
there! That’s a dandy! Got some
good beef to it right there too! Absolutely! Again, we’re
talking about letting those
bigger ones go, That’s about as big as we’ll
keep them. That’s a perfect 11
and a quarter. Really a nice quality fish!
That is! That’s a nice fish for
sure! Just keep casting and working
it. There’s definitely a school
of them up there. (music) I love this! It doesn’t matter
what kind of fish it is, but there’s
something special about crappie
fishing! Especially when you can use
that light, little jig like
that. And fishing it without the
float! That’s kind of nice! It’s a really fun way to fish!
It’s my preferred way. Running
that float is great if you need to suspend it, it
they’re a little finicky, Right it hovers in front of
them. Or if you have a little
wind. Sometimes when your casting
it’s hard to keep the bow out
of your line. You can get the
line close to the water then se. You won’t miss as many fish
that way. But when the option’s
there, floatless is my
preferred way. I have to admit to you, when we
were sitting in the truck for the last 3
hours because of the storm, this is probably the most
thunder and lightning I’ve seen
out of one storm in a long time! I thought for sure these fish
would be blown out of the
shallows. I’m glad they weren’t. I was a little worried too. But
you just gotta come out and see what you can do. We’ve got a
good hard to soft bottom
transition here, a few fish are setting up on beds way up,
but we have them cruising along
the edges here too. Glad they stuck around. I am
too! ha ha ha! (music) This is absolutely something!
(raindrops) (music) (music) I should’ve put this up a long
time ago! Get fishing! Are you serious? It’s raining
up there! Yeah, I know! I’m waiting for Jeff. He’s my
scout. I’m waiting for him to
catch one then I’ll go back out there! (music) (music) How’s life in the rain boys?! I’ll tell ya. You sure are a
little sassy after getting this new
Fishini bimini put on by Dowco! Yeah. (music ends) Badger Sportsman Magazine!
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magazine! Fishing and hunting in
Wisconsin, written by outdoor enthusiasts from Wisconsin!
Each issue features timely fishing and hunting articles
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Badger Sportsman Magazine will help
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Subscribe to Badger Sportsman
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sonarphone! By Vexilar! (music) (music) You know, them crappies Jeff
are just absolutely stacked in there! Boy he just
absolutely cruched that scrub! Almost pulled it
right down the jig itself! Again, I’m using 6 1/2 foot rod, I’ve got my
limit creek rod. 6 lb test on here. Basically just working that jig
real slow across that structure. Either cabbage or wood down
there. We just went across one
spot that had a little bit of rock
and few fish were sitting on
that. That’s two in a row just
casting up there! Awesome! I’ll tell ya
something, we’ll show you how
it looks, but when you see that little crappie
scrub going through the water,
it’s got a very unique action to it and you
don’t have to move it much.
There you go Jeff! Nice! Double! I’ll tell ya something!
You’re not too bad of a guide! To put us on fish after
about 3 and a half hours of thunder and lightning! I said
to Dan when we were in the
truck, I bet we’re not gonna
catch many fish when we go back out. You proved
me wrong! Nice! Nice job! (music) Oh that’s a nice fish too! Hey
did you see that? That is a nice fish! That’s a
hog! To be able to see that fish come up and pop that
bait! Absolutely! That’s cool! That’s a beauty! (music) Whoo ho ho! I just pitched up
against the shoreline there, and he was sitting in about a
foot of water! I just saw that jig disappear! Nice having these glasses on!
Saw the jig disappear, set the
hook, and crappie! You know, again, we’re
gonna keep about 15 of these
for a nice meal tonight. Perfect size. Don’t like to
keep them too small, and
definitely don’t like to keep the big
females or the big males. (music) Here we go! Jeff just broke off and…
Beautiful! I just casted up ahead of him and again,
these are absolutely perfect! Gotta love it! You know what kind of nice too,
it’s quiet out here today. That
big storm came through and there was obviously
nobody out here during that. I’ve seen one boat since the
storm passed. This is a nice
place. You know, there is something
about fishing northern
Wisconsin, I’ll tell ya that! Oh yeah. It’s a great place to
be, isn’t it? Absolutely. There’s a lot of places to fish
up here, and for trophy fish
too, the bigger game species,
but there’s just something special about up north, no
doubt. There certainly is. (music) (music) (music) (music) Mmmmm… What do you
think? Those are fantastic! Aren’t
they? Oh man! I’ll tell ya what! I’m glad I took a big chunk!
This is a, when you talk about fine food,
Burgers’ Smokehouse! Wow! This is as good as it gets,
I’ll tell ya that! (music ends) (Guncocks) (sizzle) Shotgun Steve Schafer in the
kitchen! I’ve just been outside pushing the lawnmower, the wife
got me a nice real lawnmower
with the reels on it from a rummage sale for 2
dollars! Now she wants me to
make dinner! So I have fully cooked, St
Louis style pork ribs by
Burgers’ Smokehouse! They’re all in the other room on there
tablets, phones, texting stuff.
I’m gonna go out now and make ribs, I got coleslaw in
the refridgerator, and I’m
gonna see if I can make the family happy on
Memorial Day Weekend here!
Let’s go outside, caveman, and
see how this works! We are gonna throw these ribs
on the official Larry Smith
Outdoors gas grill here! (sizzle) I would
say by the way that noise is and the
temperature, about 3 to 4 to 5
minutes and she should be warm
to go back inside and start
chewing on them! Let’s close it
up, we’re losing our heat. She’s sitting at about 475. Right now. Alright people, I got maybe 7-8 minutes on it! It’s
smoking hot! It’s breaking apart already! Just coming off the
grill! Let’s pull it off, take
it inside, the family said they’re gonna put down the
tablets and come eat with us. Oh boy, a little bit stuck on
the grill. That’s the cook’s
stuff here! Can’t leave that back, people!
Look at that! Here Dan have one. That hand
was caveman’s! Come on in, wife! Come on in Mary! Seriously!
C’mon! This is Burger’s Smokehouse, St
Louis cut! The main thing is the grass is
done! Ha ha ha ha! Told you! Look at
how nice and juicy that is! They’ll deliver it
right to your house! Ooh he’s jumpy! Which one you
want guys? Take a plate. I’m not getting
no plate! Come on, wife! Get in there!
Stay right here, we gotta try
it! (music) Hurry up! Grab one! How is it
folks? Mmmm. Delicious! It’s really good! Don’t worry
guys! After this I’ll go out
and rake the yard, kill the
weeds, everything. You are the man of the house
after all. Yah. I’m a man. See I shave! Look at
my face! From the kitchen of Shotgun
Steve Schafer, Burgers’ Smokehouse proud
sponsor of us! Thanks Burgers’ Smokehouse! You
gotta get the smile going like
this when you eat it! Get it on
your face! Come up for air my man! Thanks Larry! (music) (music) (music end) (music end) Burgers’ Smokehouse. Your
hand-crafted smoked meat
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Shooters Supply! We want to be your outdoor
supplier! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music ends) Ha ha ha! You know what? We just switched gears now
fishing walleyes, It feels like a nice fish. Need
a net Larry? No. Nice! Not too bad! You know, what a great way to
end the day too by coming out and fishing this afternoon.
We caught absolutely a pile of crappies, went in and had some
lunch, had some great Burgers’ Smokehouse ribs and came back
out to do a little evening
walleye fishing! Before we head back! Yeah! This
is an awesome day! It’s kind of
funny, it started off this
morning, we got out here, we were out here for about 20
minutes and that storm came in,
and we were in the truck for 3 and a half hours
probably. Came back out and
again, Jeff put us on some great
crappie fishing, and like I said, back out doing
some walleye fishing! Stay
tuned! Let’s see what happens next! Hey Jeff! Alright! Your
turn! A smaller one, but not bad!
Nice walleye! Hey! It’s not lightning, it’s
not thundering, just a little rain, and we’re catching
walleyes! I can’t think of
anything better! Absolutely! Yeah man! It’s a good day! This
morning got in about 25-30
minutes of fishing, caught a couple
nice fish, got chased off, sat
in the truck for how long, pounded on some crappies, and
finishing out with some quality
fish! Good to see they’re still
hungry after all those storms!
They’re coming back around. Should be more to come! Ho ho
ho! This might be the last one, Jeff! Uh oh! Is it a pike? I don’t
know what I got here? Yeah,
must be. Ohhh! Tiger! Hey! At least he didn’t get the jig! Not yet at least! Not yet! Yeah! Oops! Sorry little guy! I might leave him in Dan’s
camera gear. (music) (music) Look how big that one is! I
told you they were getting
bigger! That’s a big one for you! Right! Nice job! I’ll tell ya that! I thought we
said one more and we were going in? I know!! ha ha ha! That’s the great part about
fishing, you don’t get sick of
it! Absolutely! Nice fish! About 16 or so…
Yeah man! Never gets old, does
it? No it doesn’t! Thumped it real nice! (music) You know what? What a great way
to end the day! Nice fish! There you go! Nice job! Hold that one up! I’ll tell ya
what! We really appreciate you having us up here in
northern Wisconsin and taking
us out fishing If people want to get a hold of
you, how can they do it? The
best way to do it is either phone or
text message at my phone
number: 920-639-6286. And my website is You can find me on socail
media, the name of my business is WDH Guide Service.
I’m pretty reachable. Any of
those ways work. And I would highly recommend
him for sure! Hey I’ll tell ya
what Jeff! Thank you big time! Enjoyed
fishing with you today! You’re
very welcome! Thanks everybody for watching
our show this week and remember
like I always say, What a great day to be alive! (music ends) You look pretty good in that
Carhartt raingear! I hope there’s no sasquatches
around! I see how it is, it stops
raining and you’re out from
underneath the top just like that. Just like that.
What do you mean? I just decided to come up front
here! It has nothing to do with
that nice Fishini bimini! If Schafer didn’t flip them,
I’m not gonna flip them! If he doesn’t have to flip his
ribs, I don’t have to flip my
ribs! You always think those pike are
so big. What do you mean? Remember last week… What do
you mean, hes not big? Remember last week, Oh it’s a
monster guys! It’s a monster! I think it was smaller than
that one, maybe? (out in the great outdoors) (music) (music ends)

6 thoughts on “Sight Fishing Crappies, Northern Wisconsin

  1. Here's my thoughts on bags limits for crappies and panfish if anyone reads this;

    LS mention's a limit of 25 is high. Well in some regards and for some lake's it is. It's come to a point and very hard to do and that's each body of water needs to micro-managed. Meaning in some lake's a 25 bag limit is perfectly fine, but in other lakes it's not anymore. From a lifetime of fishing for Panfish I've noticed somethings. One is I think the overall number of people fishing these days has decreased. I remember going to certain bodies of water's ice fishing and there would be so many people out fishing for Panfish. Why and where did those days go?? These certain bodies of waters aren't lacking any Panfish yet today and it's not because of sound management from those days way back till now, that's for certain. Secondly, if you logically think about it and back to when the limit was 50 panfish, then switched years ago to a bag limit of 25 it didn't really make overall a big difference in most lake's quality of fishing. I think of all those people fishing back then on a certain bodies of waters I fish(ed) and it's those people who introduce others to fishing, hence for what I've notice in the lack or numbers of people fishing or ice fishing for panfish these days. So is a bag limit of 25 panfish still to high overall these days?? I agree with LS that I personally nowadays don't like to keep a limit of 25 and just keep what I want for a meal. Thirdly, with the changing of bag limit's I know I don't travel anymore like I use to, to destinations to fish for panfish anymore. I mainly fish by myself, no one wants to go to those destinations because they can only keep so many, people rather spend money on other things than to put gas expense towards those destinations to fish, etc., etc…

    So is lowering bag limits based off my view's a good thing or bad thing here in Wisconsin at least? I have mixed feelings about it of course and have for a long time. As mentioned and it would(is) very hard for our DNR to do, and that's each body of water needs to be looked at and managed for that specific body of water. I don't think our DNR has the funds to do that. I really do think our generation of panfishing people in general has decreased over the years for some of the facts I've stated above. Sure the average fishing people try and do introduce new people to fishing everyday, but where are these people like they use to be or that I would see by the horde's on a average day or weekend outing on certain lake's ice fishing?? I don't think if you looked at license sales from way back when bag limits were higher, compared to today, that it would explain my theories differently. I don't think if Wisconsin's license sales are more today that there's to many other variable's to look at versus why I don't see as many people out ice fishing for example like I use to.

    If anyone read's this comment, please let me know your thoughts on lessening the 25 panfish bag limit. Please don't be critical towards my thoughts, it just my opinion and everybody has one and the all stink, lol !!! I know all about already a lot of lakes have(d) certain regulations on what you can keep and certain time's of the year, so you don't need to mention it.

  2. Good job letting that little wally go, I was thinking the same thing, he was tough enough to escape the musky attack…he deserves to live

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