Slayer 12 XC – Native Watercraft – Fishing Kayak OFFICIAL VIDEO

Slayer 12 XC – Native Watercraft – Fishing Kayak OFFICIAL VIDEO

Hey guys, it’s Ryan Lambert. I’m here to
introduce you to Native Watercraft’s new riverboat, the Slayer XC. This boat is packed with features. At the
front you’ll notice a padded grab handle You have your horizontal rod storage on
either side. Your paddle holder. A large hatch for your dry storage and access to
the hull. Moving back you’ll see your rod stagers. And then my favorite thing, the
electronics pod. The electronics pod will let you rig up your fish finder. If
you’re going on a trip where you might not need it, you can quickly take it out
and we have a flush mount plate that will give you a completely open deck.
With the electronics pod it also has a cup holder and some storage slots on the
front as well. You’ll notice that we have gear track running down both sides of
the boat. You have your adjustable foot pegs. On the deck of the boat it comes with
the non-skid pads that keep you safe when you’re standing. And then, the high-low
seat base. With the high-low seat base it’s easy, quick adjustment. You have
two screw knobs on each side and you can drop it down if you’re going to be hitting
some moving water and you don’t want to be positioned quite so high. With our
molded seat base you can adjust it forward and backward and it’ll hold up
to six Plano boxes underneath the seat. On the right hand side of the boat we
have our cup holder / rod holder combo. You’ll also notice we have these slots for
fish grips and pliers. On the left hand side you’ll notice this little lever,
that’s the skeg control and we’re going to get to that a little bit later. You’ll
also notice a molded area on either side of your seat base. What these are for is
where your reels to sit in when you’re using the rod tip protection.
And, of course, being a sit on top kayak you can’t forget the scupper plugs. Behind the seat you’ll notice two flush-mount rod holders, gear tracks running down both
sides of the tank well, and a large amount of storage. Just behind that
you’ll see access to the hull and the skeg through this dry storage hatch in
the rear. If you guys would like to use a drag chain when you’re fishing rivers, we
have these two molded slots that run down and drop out the rear of the boat
when you release the rope. We have a nice flat surface to mount your Power-Pole or
micro anchor. The other two inserts will go inside this gear track on the grab
handle. The one feature that really sets this boat apart, when you have a retractable
skeg, it’ll allow you to pull that skeg up so you can get the tight turns when
they’re shooting through shoals, but you can drop it back down when you need to track. So that’ll make this boat paddle well across flat water but also very
useful in moving water. Just behind the retractable skeg, you’ll notice a
replaceable skid plate. This is handy because if you’re dragging your boat to
and from the river, you’re not damaging the hull, you can just put a new plate on. So you’ll notice this boat has a wide
flat hull which gives a great stability for standing and casting and also makes it
super maneuverable when you’re going down moving water. It has enough bow
rocker so you can get through some chop if you need to on the lake. On the
hull, you’ll notice the molded in transducer
mount. I feel really fortunate to get to travel around and test out these new
boats like I do and I can’t wait to get this one out on the Ocmulgee and chase
some shoal bass today, so let’s go…

15 thoughts on “Slayer 12 XC – Native Watercraft – Fishing Kayak OFFICIAL VIDEO

  1. I have a pair of these…one lizard Lick, and one Hidden Oak; The obvious reason for no propel-drive is that it is mostly targeting river use, and most any but the largest rivers, pedals wont do anything but break your heart AND your wallet when you destroy your boat. It's definitely a river-boat with a skeg to help on the straights, but if you think you're going to take this thing and spend a day paddling large flat water, well, hope you have arms like Popeye and his diet too! Will it work on a lake?…yep. Is there a better option?…no question.

    There is a bit of pros to lake use though; When those buttheads who sometimes seem like they fly into the idle-zones just to try to tip your kayak on ya….not happening on these…you can just smile and ask them to do it again…kind of fun. Also sits low in the water to have such high capacity, and so wind doesn't really influence your tracking much…drop the skeg and wind is no issue at all.

    Turning into the wakes and breaks finds you staying surprisingly dry. I weigh 260 pounds, and my bull-dog who rides in the tank-well….EASILY I might add, weighs 110 pounds, and it hardly makes this thing any lower in the water than my wife sits on hers, and she weighs 135…this boat manages weight extremely well! Trim your seat forward and it even handles well with a large dog in the rear.

    I tried hard to find something about this boat I didn't like, and really couldn't come up with anything, aside from the fact that my total-scan transducer for my Lowrance Elite 7ti didnt match the inserts on the bottom of the electronics-pod…had to get creative with modifying the bracket, but that submarine-sized transducer sure did fit the scupper awesome! Sits exactly low enough for side-scan to work perfectly. Now if I can just remember to raise the pod before beaching, I can stop nearly ripping the transducer off!

    The pros this boat offers on flowing water far outweigh any negative effects it's design may have on big water. If you do rivers, you will fall in love with this thing. Even my wife easily manages this boat on the rivers…swears she won t use anything else when we hit White River, from now on.

    The only other complaint I may have is the "Paddle-Park" beyond the front hatch, finds our paddles in a bit of a bind if we park the other end anywhere but atop the seat. I installed a yakgrip on one side of each of our gear-tracks, with a 3" riser on them, and that works to catch what would otherwise be a suspended end of the paddles…which is no good for the blade up under the paddle-park pocket, nor the park-pocket itself. A small thing, but whatever. BUY THIS BOAT!

  2. Man i wish they left the pedal option open to people , should they want to go on larger water , i don't always go on rivers , if this had the pedal option i would easily grab one. Take the pedals along when i go on large reservoirs/mid size lakes ect , Leave the pedals at home when i hit the rivers , one yak for diff applications…..

  3. Muy bueno, cuánto sale a pedal el mas económico? Saludos desde Argentina.
    PD: hacen envíos a ARGENTINA???

  4. Does water come in through the back..? I see where you can drop the drag chain and it's submerged, looks like water can come up through the hole into the kayak

  5. what river are you guys on…northern smallmouth guy here, but that place looks awesome!! love to take a trip south for a shot at my first shoal bass

  6. I absolutely love this kayak.>      < I own two of them now. Takes about 10 minutes to inflate with the help of another person. Great out on the water. Easy to handle and move around.

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