SLITHER.itrOll ☠ TRAP BAIT & TROLL FACE! Duddy’s #9 & Toilet Success Games (FGTEEV 2in1)

SLITHER.itrOll ☠ TRAP BAIT & TROLL FACE! Duddy’s #9 & Toilet Success Games (FGTEEV 2in1)

-cringe- HELP ME PLEASE STOP WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME *CRINGE* HELP! ittsssss FGTeeV! Intro And What’s up FGTeevers. its Duddy and today we’re back with more and were gonna be trapping some peeps up in here. Trap me pleeeeeeeeaaase WOO Just kidding, I’m gonna say don’t eat me. what ever you do! today, what we are doing is we are going to try to circle our selves.. …and pretend like were helpless little snakes! we’re just so, so scared! psych! AHHH (laughter) alright, well I crashed into the dude. I’m trying to pretend that I, …am defenseless and I’m just a little helpless snake who you’re going to trap cause I’m just circling like a doof nugget and then you break the people and eat all of their dots. sooo, yes welcome to todays! whoa whoa whoa! whoalalalalalalalalaLALALALALA we we we we who wants to eat me? oooo! there’s dots never mind. abandon ship! eat the dots (high pitched sped up laughter in progress) OOh sorry got a little distracted from all the dots there, were gonna try this again just gotta get the.. whole circle motion going and going, watch out watch out DOOOooo I usually love cupcakes, AHAHAHAHA But today their evil!!!!! Oh look at me I’m just a helpless little snake…. please don’t eat me. I don’t know how to play sike [LAUGHTER] Oh ho, look at that another guy ran into me! You’re welcome, sir. Yes, I do have impenetrable armor on my body. Oh no! There’s a giant snake! SIKE! Oh, wha-? What the…poo You didn’t see anything! I won’t let you guys down this time! Come on mister, come on mister, come on mister… [Random Noises] (maniacal laughter) [in high pitched voice]
Just marvelous! So marvelous! I’m a little snake donut! HUH sounding like homer In I go nuts! [laughter] woah oh dots abandon ship abandon ship go get the dots we’ll trap bait peoples laters, we’ll trap peoples laters we’ll trap baits people, i’ll just make myself bigger so that way its even a greater accomplishment.. ..When i bait them. [odd lip and teeth clanking] [minion noise] OOHHHWEE hey hey, Get a load of this little guy here! Try’ina mess with the big boss. YUOINK I did the sound for him! URHURHAHA Trying to mess with the big boss [then mumbles] Oh yes! I got him! Step right up Roberto, time to be annihilated! No, no, no, no, no! Do, do, do! WHAT?! What you talking about? Well I’m like so dizzy I don’t know how to play! Psych!! Ha, ha, ha, ha! got that food, got that food [Silly laugh] eat that food FOODS ahaha I’m a snaaake, I’m a snake, I’m a slippery little snake AND [Maniacal laughter] Ha ha! Take that, …
hicka jicka diffa ma na em en em What was his name? Well, I don’t care. I don’t ever want to
see him again Oh, look it’s the one… …TO DDDIDIIIIIEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE EEEEE YUOINK Oh my gosh, I got a boo-boo. Excuse me Mr. Big Snake Can you please teach-y me how to play Slither cause I don’t know- SIIIKE [Laughing in high pitched] Wipeout! [still in high pitch] So this trapping method.. It’s really fun
guys. and it takes a little bit of time to get
large enough to want to be trapped. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! BUTT, once you do it and you circle yourself, and you become like desirable, What The Fart Bart’s Here? in the snake community to be chopped up NOOOOOOOO!! I was gonna say it’s worth it! but it’s not! UHHHH! RAHHHHHH! RAAH! RAAH! RAAH! RAAH! [Dinosaur sounds] Alright, well now ladies and gentlemen since we’re all into the trolling mood We’ve got some games here called uh
trolling games. Huh, huh, huh. [Cricket noises] So, what we’re gonna do is maybe pick a couple and let’s see how we roll with troll. First up is toilet success! Ah.. Da.. Yeapp We got a big cat that’s fluffy Alright, we’re starting with level one. I always start my day with this and they’re just okay.. I’m just jumping into a toilet..
Success, next level. okay.. next level.. I even skip meal for my routine. Hi-yah!
What?! Wait, what? Wait, what? Wait, what? [deep voice] (props to the editor of this video you sir are insane) What’s happening?! And Hi-yah! Oh. Wait, what?! Okay, well I don’t know why I was having a problem there! Success, next level. Every morning, I should be the first to
sit on the toilet. Not even my brother can beat me! Wait, no! Quick, I was reading! [farting noises] [extreme laughing] I just pooped everywhere! No, quick! You’re not beating me this time, brother. Yaaay! I’m first! I can’t just turn my back on my daily
ritual Wait, what?! No, no! I can’t turn my back? Can I go backwards? Ah, it did this when I go backwards! if there’s an obstacle this is a serious cry for help i have no clue where i am and i don’t think i can hold out any longer I will find a way to perform my morning duty! Yeah, I’d probably just sit here and just
say forget it I’m just gonna poop Why can’t I jump?! Hi-yah! Oh, there we go. Oh, hi-yah! Hi-yah! What? Oh, hi-yah! Wait, what? Hi-yaah! Dude.. He’s gonna poop everywhere!! He’s gotta poop in the air! Poop, poop [Laughter] Flying poopies All right, seriously I don’t get that one.
Let’s try it again! Go down Yeah!! I thought that! I saw the little
notch in the wall and I was like I guarantee you, that’s probably Notch from Minecraft [notch screaming] And you have to move with it You have to move with it! No! Anyways, about the whole notch.. I thought that maybe that would be it.
Oh yeah, this is easy. And hi-yah! Yaay! No more pooping for me I wish I was able to bridge-dy Oh, is there a bridge somewhere? [Laughing] I knew it I knew it Ha ha! Poopy Use the mouse. I was looking for
my pet hamster and I was like what does he have to do with this?! Sometimes those toilets are placed in an unusual way and it’s not helping Could I do anything with the mouse again? No. Jump! Nothing. and hi-yucca. No wait. Oh, I’ve got to do this Oh man, I’m running out of time. I’m
totally about to poop on the world! Wait.. How do I do this? Wait, what?! Oh, I fall down? Yeah! Ha ha! Can never stopped me from
pooping! When I gots to go, I gots to go [in deep voice] And I will find any way, yo! I appreciate if you would give me a
little push Huh, huh! Child, that was gonna take his head off. Grr.. One more step and my poop will burst. Oh! That’s what I just.. Huh? Oh, ok. Whatever! I will use anything to avoid that stinky situation from ever happening again. Well, let’s see what this block does. It looks so interesting. Ready?! Oh, is this the block that I push?! Well, look at this sir. Hi-yah! Ah, that was easy! Who wouldn’t notice the big ‘ol block there? Oh man how do we do this part? Oh, we just do this part Let’s see when he stops. Look! See he has to go poop but then when he’s active, he’s like oh I don’t have to go poop. Ha ha, ha ha! Oh, wait I do! Do everything to save my dignity Ready?! And hi-yah! Let’s see how.. No!! Wait! Even if I have to destroy things. Oh, oh, oh! Wow I need to be brave to avoid
embarrassment. Like this? Yah!! What?! Let’s wait till the last second to
go in. You ready? No man! Just go for it now! Stop trying to be funny I GOTTA POOP! I GOTTA POOoop ! I GOTTA GO POOP! Alright, here we go and h-yah! [Laughing] That’s like the best time! When it’s like
you just make it I’m sorry, I’m getting gross here. Alright, next level! Hey.. Oh my goodness! All my bros have to go poop. Aw, let me in guys! There’s a line?! I can’t wait any longer. Wish these
people would disappear. do I have to commit MURDER [ dramatic music] [Dramatic SFX] Oh man, here we go! No I’m sorry guys, (singing) I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you die! Oh! I crushed them NO! I still didn’t.. Oh, I still kind of.. Aw, that’s still
success? If I poop all over people Wait, what?! I got.. It’s making me do it again. I want to do
this! There we go and yeah Yes. Now do it? Okay, now did we get it though for real? Okay, we got it! so my stomach is rumbling again, cool. um, so i really thought the first time i got it, it said sucess! It must be a game glitch. So, what do we do here? Should we do this? I know I can pull a
good solution to this problem. Pull it? Like do this and then pull it? Wait, what? No I can pull. Pull a.. Oh! There must be a thing here. There must be a little thing here! [Laughing] Trying to troll me? I’m a troller! Coca-Cola! Roller coaster! Toaster! I’m a troller! I’m a cola! I’m a coaster! I’m a toaster! Coca-troller! Roller-cola! Coca-coaster! Roller toaster! I can’t hold it anymore in and this
clicking sound in my head isn’t helping. It’s just like a time bomb ready to
explode.. What is.. What is.. I don’t like these.. What.. Oh, this thing! Ah!! Aw, I’m trapped! Only one thing left to do.. [Farting noises] Oh. Oh, I can trigger (normies) with the space bar?! Wait, what happens if I do this? Ah, cool! Bow, bow, bow, bah I can’t bounce it HA HA HA Okay, wait up. Dude, can you get off of me?! I gotta go poop! No, I’m gonna be stuck
here forever! No, you’re gonna make me poop in my pants! Oh, wait. I don’t have pants. Do I have pants? Are they stick pants?! What kind of pants are these? [Duddy Beatboxing] This guy dances good when he’s got to go poopie! [Duddy Beatboxing] Oh God, here it comes! AAAAAHHH! Pop that out Boom! What level fit.. Wait, what? Wait, what? You have to keep clicking it? Oh, I have to keep clicking it. Maybe? I don’t know. No? I don’t know! Sometimes I need to do a combination of
things Okay.. Walk sideways, this way. yeah yeah yeah yeah Do it! Push it! Push the block! And then, do this. [Farting noises] Oh, no! No, no! Wait, what? Just when you thought it was going to be easy then those unexpected obstacles come along Look, I’m flying in the clouds! I’m like Sadness! If you think she’s sad.. How do you think I feel?! Hi-yah! Aw, that was still kind of easy! Sadness is good at going to the bathroom There’s a secret wall here Not here. Not here. Not here. Not here. Not here. Not here. Not here. Aw, it was here. I should have figured it was there. Yay! I just went. My little brown friend is already.. What does that say?! Forming? That’s kind of gross. So I just press the X go next to it Go up here and then beer. Mmm.. It’s kinda easy guys! I’m the master! It seems that not every
story has a sad ending. Well, let’s see. NOOO!! No! I don’t care I’d still go poop in that little toilet! Success? Yaaay!!! We beat the troll! I pooped! I pooped! I.. I.. I pooped! We just figured out Pooped Clues! We just figured out Pooped Clues because we’re really fart Ah! Ha ha, ha ha! Seriously, they were clues to how to go poop. I’ve seen a couple of you guys request
another troll game that you want Mike and Lex to play So, we will ask the children if they’re
interested in playing it and if so you shall have it in the future… nearyness… Peace out. Bibbly-bop! fart noise. [Music]

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