100 thoughts on “Slurping Down Headless, Raw Fish in the Netherlands

  1. Herring comes in throat

    Anerican: cough ah fuck

    Dutch: coughs kankertering tyfus vis gooit haring op de grond trapt er 6 keer op gooit het de gracht in op gesodemieterd.

  2. Tasty! People eat raw beef but find it strange to eat raw fish? Same same but different 😆 I love raw fish 🐠

  3. "nobody died from herring"
    the way he said it sounded like if people have died from herring lol still wanna try it tho

  4. Nobody's eats that crap, only old people, in 10 years nobody eating that anymore, also a patatje is much more famous.

  5. The Narrator butchers the word Scheveningen like the Scheveningen citizens butcher their herring…

    Also, its basically sashimi…
    Tho ye, medieval one is kinda a nah for me

  6. most famous dish, i think a lot of Dutch people would disagree. Maybe if you live in the north or in Holland people will agree.

  7. It's not actually raw though. It undergoes a process called "kaken" that releases the enzymes from the pancreas, which then interact with the salt it's put in. This sort of predigests the herring. So, it's more uncooked than raw.

  8. If you want to be sure having a fresh herring, let the seller serve the onions separately. A small percentage will try to sell old herring and onions are used to mask the real smell. A fresh herring has the scent of fresh sea water, so no onions are needed at any time.

  9. I once saw Gordon Ramsay at the Haring Huisje in Schevingen. He said it was fucking raw, and that it was so undercooked, that it he might keep it to put it in his aquarium at home.

  10. Nothing weird about that, most of northern Europe eat preserved herring. I'm in the UK, and I've been eating rollmop since childhood. Most supermarkets seem to sell it if they're big enough.

  11. Is the "headless" part an english translation from dutch or Scandinavian?
    because it's also a gutless rawfish.. ijs
    Looks good to me though it can't beat a polynesian rawfish salad omgahhd

  12. Stroopwafels dont come from amsterdam but from goude. not even close to amsterdam. so no amsterdam is not famous for that. Amsterdam is also not famous for their harring. seriously did you just thought this was all famous made in amsterdam because you can buy it in amsterdam as well? love how clueless foreigners are about my country

  13. I didn’t try that particular dish while I visited there but I did have a club sandwich type with raw salmon, baby shrimp,tuna,onion and cilantro and it was fucken great. Healthy and delicious, cleaned me right out afterward

  14. Same in Polynesia there is a dish where we marinate the fish in coconut cream and vegetables then either refrigerate or just eat it there now

  15. That is food that I miss the most now I don't live in The Netherlands any more, and the first thing I eat as I go for a visit 🙂
    Hollandse nieuwe, mmmmm…

  16. The idea sounds revolting but these herrings are also the perfect hangover cure, makes the nausea and banging in your head go away almost instantly

    OH and don't eat them with pickles, that just kills all the subtle silty sea taste

    Edit: important tip: once out of the brine and cleaned they go rancid quite fast within 1-2 hours, so if you buy them buy them from a busy place where you can see them being cleaned

    Good herring is shiny silvery on the outside and bright pink/red on the inside, avoid the gray red/brown looking ones unless you enjoy rancid fish oil or cod liver oil

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