66 thoughts on “Stormy Daniels trolls Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’

  1. Sick fnn nothing on the horizon except porn…the filth we keep our children away from now on fnn nearly every night. Oh well less viewers for the ratings again. Porn greek origin porne.
    Sexual scenes, acts performed by humans with all types of animals where physically possible FACT. That is porn !
    Sexual acts between Human with human is not considered modern day porn. Since the freeing up of sexual partners being of same sex or opposite is NOT porn in fact seems the norm !

  2. what the fuck though? Has CNN really run out of material so much that they're not even reporting proper news anymore? Oh wait, lol, that's what they have been doing for the last 10 years anyways.

  3. "critical, delicate national security matter" Jaajaajaa, o yeah huge national security matter! jajajaja, stop exaggerating

  4. Porn will become America's mainstream culture very soon, parents will be prepping their kids to join the industry. And that day isn't far when a porn star will be the president of USA. Eventually, paedophile will not be a crime anymore, it will rather be humanized by law.

  5. I'm a bit late, but Giulifanny is a cousin-fucking cretin. Seriously, her name is Regina Perrugi, and, surprise surprise, Wittle Wudolph cheated on her.

  6. Why does this whore get any air time? Why is this news network still allowed to propagandize their filth? Why isn't that C— HRC, in prison awaiting a noose?

  7. This had to be classic.. just thinking about these Pumpkin Spice Effeminates who are subordinate to their insignificant others watching this sheep shit show..

    "Oh that Stormy Daniels is so funny," she says from all the cued teleprompter laughter.
    "Yes dear."
    "You don't know anything about her, do you?"
    "Why of course not dear. Afterall it's only your breasts and your cellulite ass that I want."

    Liberal faggots.

  8. 53% white women voted for Trump. That means it's ok if Stormy let's him fuck her because her girlfriends will vote for him in 2020.

  9. What man wouldn't you got a pretty guy with big tits hanging out golddigger money hungry whore throwing pussy around then what man wouldn't and I don't care if he fks the whole country

  10. Really ignorant….I’m ashamed for anyone who is participating. How would they like it. The poor First Lady, and obviously they don’t realize she is a person with feelings. I really don’t think it’s funny when people’s feeling can really be hurt.

  11. CNN should give Stormy her own show, where she can talk about stuff. And she could end each episode with her catch phrase, "a storms a-comin,' baby," like form SNL. That would be cool.

  12. Little know fact: Did you know Stormy Daniels was voted by her graduating high school class as the most likely to suck seed?

  13. The only thing I hate more than Donal Trump is 24/7 news coverage of Trump and Trump Jokes. They aren’t funny and no one wants to hear them, I’m a leftist through and through but this isn’t journalism it’s just sad

  14. What is disgusting is how SNL and Avenatti used Stormy. Trump paid her, compensated her. Treated her with more decency than these men.

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