Stream Fails: Can’t live without them or can’t live with them? Stream fails. Stream fails.mp4 With the amount I’m streaming lately? Check it out by the way. Check out my streams. Make sure you hit that “sponsor” button. Become a “dumpling nation”. I’m bound to end up on this list, at some point. You know I’m gonna slip up. It’s bound to happen. IN THE MEANWHILE, we’re gonna laugh at other people! “Can I get some ‘tat Love’ and ‘tat Hype’ in the chat for all the Cyclones here with me”? “The Cyclones??” “What team is the Cyclones?” *searches on Google* *laughs* *laugh?* Man: “Cincinnati Cyclones..?” *another laugh?* Tim:”Based out of Ohio.” Tim: “Well, I’ve been alive 25 years and I have heard nothing of this team. So apparently, they’re pretty bad but hey. Wahoo!” He’s trolling, right? He’s trolling. He has to be trolling. *Weird alien language* Tim: “Oh wait!” (TIM) Tim: “Wait!” “I’m wearing this!- don’t odd shot it! That was way too long right?” That wasn’t 40 seconds. Gosh dang it!” Tim: “I forgot that I was wearing this…” Tim: “Damn it!” Tim: “Alright, stream’s done for the day.” Yeah. Yeah, you should probably just quit streaming. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I know the people wearing those kind of shirts don’t actually care about the team! Same thing with… band shirts. “Metallica, uh -what is that?” Tim: “Cincinnati Cyclones: a professional Hockey team, based out of Ohio.” Tim: “Well, I’ve been alive 25 times and I have heard NOTHING of this team. So-” I mean, he’s been alive for 25 years and he has heard NOTHING of this team. Whatsoever! Oh, that’s brilliant! That’s so funny. “Come on, Tim!” “Use Your f**king head, its on your shirt!” Why are you wearing the shirt?! Yeah, that’s what i want to know! WHY ARE YOU WEARING THE SHIRT?? Oh God, what is this? What- No. No, I don’t like this. W-why di- Why did- Why did she piss herself? “Drunk idiot wets herself every – everybady pay subscription, ok?” If I piss myself, If I’d notice that I’d piss myself, Which wouldn’t happen by the way. It would never happen and it HAS NEVER happened. Shut up! It has never happened but if it happened, You made sure- I’d make sure I’ll turn that camera off I’ll be like… “Excuse me for a minute, it would seem I need to ‘relieve’ myself… ..over at the bathroom and it DID NOT happen… right here in my chair…” She’s like proudly flaunting it and sh*t. It’s typical stream girls. They can’t help themselves. Any chance they get to show off their bottoms, they’ll take it. “What’s the max level in Pokémon go?” Okay, I’m not gonna read the title. I just want to know what’s happening. When I figure… okay. I get it, I get it now. “Um, I’m pretty sure it’s the level I am.” “24. I think I’m the highest level in the entire game.” I’m level 27 and I stopped playing like what? 8 mo- a year ago? “What’s that under your bed?” (Busted) “Umm, probably a uh…” *Trying to think of an object* “… a uh, a guitar?” Oh probably, yeah. Probably. *Blows out laughters* Oh, that was good. That was really good. “Anyone see the vibrator in the back?” “I think I’m the highest level in the entire game.” “Yeah.” “What’s that under your bed?” “Um, probably a…” “Probably a guitar.” As you can see here, the guitar is underneath the bed, everyone. “A uh… a uh, guitar? “Probably a uh..” “Probably a uh… a uh, guitar?” Probably. Yeah, probably. You know what? Probably it is. Probably it’s a guitar. What is that behind me!? Ah, that’s uh… probably… a-a ?guit-ar? It’s probably a guitar, I don’t need to check or anything. It’s not like I see it in the video. I’ma just move this… Might just move this… …gameplay over here so you can see it a little better. That’s right. Better 😉 It’s funnier not to read the title. I feel like. “Omg stop stop! I got a butterfly knife. I’ve got a butterfly knife.” “I’VE GOT A BUTTERFLY KNIFE!” *excitement* “Omg. That’s gotta be worth like, $400. “Sh*t, I think I just sh*t myself.” Oh no. “I f*cking just actually shit myself…” “F*CK!” “Why does this always happen?!” *Disgusting* *PEWDS IS ANALYZING* *Still thinking* Why do they keep sh*tting themselves? How excited can you be for a… …fictional knife? I can sort of understand if you’re overly confident and you’re like “that’s a fart.” And then you mess up. But getting so excited that you sh*t yourself… Nah fam. That ain’t cool, man. You don’t deserve the butterfly knife. “You are not playing!” “GET OFF!!!” “Stop screaming!” “GET OFF!!” Do you think he thought he muted there? “I AM GONNA PULL OUT ALL THOSE WIRES SO SHUT IT OFF AND GET BACK IN BED!!” “DON’T INGORE ME, ADAM!” “MUM??” “I’ve been sleeping all day.” “I don’t care. Get back in bed.” This is just too cringey for me. I can’t- It’s too relatable. I’m just kidding, not really. “…and yes I’m screaming on purpose!” “So all of them can hear!” “Mom, they can’t hear now.” I knew he forgot to mute! “Get in bed right now!” I want to see him realize he forgot the microphone. Ohhh sh*t. It was freaking on the whole time? *laughs* Ohhh! That ending made it worth it! Yesss! *more laughter* Ohhh! God Bless. Oh, I’ve seen this one. This is amazing, it’s this Japanese guy. “Minecraft Player Livestream, House Fire” He’s showing off his lighter, right? But he put in lighter flu- uhhh…. what’s it called? Lighter fluid? Ain’t it? So we don’t- ugh, which tends to burn. And as you can see, he has no shortage of flammables here in the back? Awww, oh no. Ughhhh…. No, look behind you please. Look behind you. Oh God no. That’s not gonna do it. That’s not gonna suffocate the fire. Suffocate the fire. Take off your t-shirt. Oh no. Use the pillow! Oh my god no. You’re so, Oh god- You’re adding more flammables to the flammables- Ohhhh…. This is painful. There should be an instructional video what not to do. He’s- he’s just running away- Okay. That’s, that’s– Great. Well, I read afterwards that uh… …he was fine. No one got hurt, which is what’s important. And take this as a lesson of uh, ….What not to do, okay? Wait someone’s mom appeared in a bikini? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bjergsen’s mom! BJERGSEN’S MOOOM!! He has got it goin on! That’s not a bikini, boys. That ain’t no bikini. “Are you starting your stream?” “Yep!” “Oh!” “Okay, after this game okay, I wish that after this game,” “Yeah” “You just started.” “That’s right.” “Okay!” “What time is it in America?” “I don’t know, I’ve lost track of all time since you’ve moved back to China.” “Awww~” How long does this go- Oh My God. This is the most awkward interaction. What is happening with the chat? I don’t- “Oh, by the way, Trump!” “Uhh…” “There is this word. I saw a lot of times today, it is called “F-A-G”.” “I search it in Google translate but, there is no such result. What does that mean?” “What? You lied. If you search that in Google, you get a lot of hits.” “But I think that the, I think the terminology that they’re using is mainly…” …that I’m homosexual. Which is untrue. “Homosexual?” “Ohh, so “FAG” means I am gay but I am actually not gay.” “So, hello! Trump!” I can’t. No. I’m sorry. I can’t wat- I can’t watch this anymore. How long did I have? Three minutes. Okay. It hurts. Okay I can’t. I can’t. That’s all I got for today. Jeez. Oh I think I shit myself. But I’m not gonna show it off! Okay? I’m just gonna end this stream here. Did I just say stream? I meant video. Thank you guys for watching! Leave a like. And, squad fam out!

100 thoughts on “STREAM FAILS

  1. 7:00 If I was him I would save the computer. I can't live without my expensive computer. He let the computer die. 🙁 I hope he didn't pay a lot for that computer.

  2. 6:16 I feel bad for those guy's… Like just stop… Stop screaming at your game at 2:00AM… People are trying to sleep, and you're crying cuz you lost at a video game. I know people like this. They're a nuisance.

  3. “Yea, you should probably…just…quit streaming…”

    Lol that was timthetatman he’s hella popular on twitch

  4. Fuslie before she get famous , "What's under your bed ?" , probably a guitar. Few persons remind her this stream-fail days agao with this same question lmfao !!

  5. One of the funniest parts about the girl who thinks 24 is the highest level is that on the screen it says 24 out of 💯

  6. 5:20 It does really happen once you start aging after 21. I'm 23 and sometimes my farts are shit in disguise that I can't fart in public anymore like I did in my teens. Back then I could fire a lot of farts while walking, I still can but I have to bet it on luck that nothing comes out.

  7. while as I was watching this, when the Minecraft streamer with the lighter lit himself or whatever on fire, my fire alarm went off but there was no fire cause it goes off randomly

  8. anyone else notice that the video was made on 9/11 the day of the twin towers getting hit into a plain idk just scrolled down and seen it

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