Surecatch Spinning Reel Anti Reverse Easy Fix | FishingAdvNHF

Surecatch Spinning Reel Anti Reverse Easy Fix | FishingAdvNHF

I just found out Uh… My this Surecatch, you see the other day… Uh.. The Anti-Reverse was gone Just found out that actually just a spring A tiny spring here is broken So um.. I don’t know do I have a.. This kind of tiny spring So I think this is the closest This one Let’s try Yup! See that? Let me just demonstrate Yup! Previously it was like that You know Totally free Now…Yup! Just a tiny spring here That is broken As you can see Cheap China thing Alright! Yup! We are good to go Ready for some fishing action Umm… Ya, so that’s about it And I guess that uh… I have done with the servicing Uh.. Done with some modification Onto this Daiwa Millionaire And uh.. Just uh.. Clean up the Bearing For my Abu Garcia And uh.. What else i did? Ah ya, I fixed my this Surecatch Which is having the Anti-Reverse spoiled It is not functioning Due to this What they called it, uh… Due to a broken spring, just a tiny spring And I fixed it And then..Yup! That’s all I am ready for fishing tomorrow At this.. What they called it Pulau Ubin So for the meantime Ya, stay tuned for the next video Uh.. Ya on Pulao Ubin Good night Oh Ya! It is 3am in the morning Uh.. On the Friday morning Hur Hur.. I haven’t sleep Alright! Good night

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  1. Man! you can cast really far on the beach! My reel was fine just the line roller needs cleaning and oil. I opened my Penn Power Graph 1500 spinning reel to see what inside and service it after 30 years of fishing with it and the anti-reverse spring was loaded. Two springs below the spool popped out and one clip inside the housing popped out. That was fun to put it back. It took me couple hours to figure the clip, and the two spring won't function right after closed and opened the reel 4 times. I think to myself it's about time I throw it away. then couple days went by. I noticed that all the parts were there, nothin missing. I had the schematic/part list of the reel but it's not explain how to put them back together, so it's only good for buying parts. Today I looked up on YouTube again to see anyone has the same reel but no luck. while doing so I decided to open it up and think of what makes it lock when it's on and what make it's free both way when it's off. And I figured it out how the dang spring was loaded. Yup tried and true. Genius who designed this thing back then.

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