Surigao Traditional Fishing: Trolling or “Subid” Catch Bariles| Yellowfin Tuna

Surigao Traditional Fishing: Trolling or “Subid” Catch Bariles| Yellowfin Tuna

Good day AniMalupet viewers! Finally after two weeks we have a new episode that we will learn a lot of things. Today we will catch yellow fin tuna. This method of catching in our town is called Three of us will go to the ocean. They used the same method in catching tuna. We will stay there for two days. We will find floating barrel and we will tied-up our boat there and take our rest there. Unexpected event happened, suddenly we encounter a lot of Dolphin playing under our boat. Awesome! They are many! It is my first time to encounter dolphin so close to us they are so big when they are near. This is the bait we used. It is made-up of crystallete, two hook and lead formed like head of fish. In trolling this bait you should not drive the boat faster drive the boat slowly, so that the fish will easily see the bait. Those Dolphin earlier they are not attracted in this kind of bait they are smart they know that this bait is a trap. Its died? What happen to that? I don’t know Our colleague found a died Marlin We thought that this Marlin died earlier there is wound in the belly due to gaff We thought that this Marlin caught by another fisherman but freed away. Heavy! So heavy! the meat is okay The Three of us divided the Marlin and we make dried fish. After 9 hrs. we don’t have any catch and we meet our neighbor from Mangagoy, Bislig Today is their 4 days of stay here and they have many catch. and we caught them pulling tuna. This is it! take it slowly Shout out to this guy Jimboy from Mangagoy Please don’t forget to subscribe so that you will be updated if we have new videos. The kind of bait they used in our town is called in the other place they called it the bait they used is squid with hook and then tide-up in the stone and then they put cuttlefish Ink. Soon I will make a vlog on how to do this method. they caught two already This is it tuna You there! come here! Its here! Clear shot? Yes, its clear They hit the head of the tuna so that it will die faster and the fish will not suffer. It is humane if you will kill them suffering in the cold of ice and so that the ice box will not damage. The same to other country they hit the head of Tuna so that it will die faster. Many asking Jboy why you hit the head of tuna. Just hit here here! we have a catch two already, You there don’t have a catch yet. haha.. The night is near and we don’t have yet catch. It is already 6 pm and suddenly there was something bite the bait. Maybe it was a big squid It is already morning, we continue in trolling we slept here in the boat last night and we tied-up the boat in the floating barrel. This is the Tuna we caught last night. we will go home now because today we don’t have a catch. The Marlin is already dried. We sell the Tuna in the market and it weighted 13 kg and the price per kilo is 200 pesos. and we cooked our dried Marlin.

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  1. Hain na nga area dha sa lingig gihapon kamo na mingwet bai?ka abot diay dha ang tga mangagoy baya…hahaha..nice daiy dha ma mengwet baya ky dile kaayo crowded nuh…maayo cguro dha mag finance ana nga pama agi bai…nice catch dile na lugi sa gastos.more videos to come..tiga scaling q bai.

  2. Kahit antok na ako'y pinanuod ko talaga..midnight na dito sa amin…ang gandang panuorin ang mga dolphins na nakikipagpaligsahan sa bangka nyo 🥰

  3. glatak unta ninyo naay nag snod2 barilis anang mga lomod"" shout out diay sko papa lando og kol lotlot"" dha sa guiuan samar na mang latakay"" og bariles""

  4. Idol pa shout po on your next vlog! Napanood ko na lahat ng videos mo. Ang ganda ng content ng mga videos mo! More power!😊 watching here in palawan.

  5. Now that's more my kind of fishing ! I dream of catching tuna one day. Congratulations on your 10k subscribers btw

  6. Bro.. ilang oras kayo biyahe sa payaw? .. Plano ko next year mag finance sa Zamboanga .del Norte . Season doon dec ..until april.

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