100 thoughts on “Surveillance video released in fatal fish market shooting

  1. Yet another so called COWARD of a thug killing his own race, wondering why people just don't like black males🤔????

  2. What happened in Jamaica didn’t stay in Jamaica!! This guy sent this woman here to have a relationship with this guy get him comfortable then killed him!! I think he ordered the killer to kill her too and she realized it that’s why she’s in protective custody!!

  3. Pretty sure the shooter shot to miss on purpose. If he wanted to kill her he would had when she peek over the car…in those heels she wouldn’t have had all that time to run away. But he clearly gave her all that space b4 shooting to miss. Any normal person who had no idea would had ran away from fire shots or if the victim meant something attack the gunner. It’s almost like she knew she had no risk.

  4. It’s crazy people are judging this girl. Maybe she wanted to help but was scared and then realised she couldn’t do ran 🤷🏻‍♀️ imagine losing your bf like that then the whole world judging you and assuming your guilt because you didn’t immediately run and abandon the person you love. You lot are wild

  5. Don’t know if this is a honeytrap but when you hear gunshots you run away from them. This chick peaking to make sure he gone.

  6. Yo she set that nigga up from that selfie so his back would be turned! Watch how she ran off..she wasn't ducking or nothing because she wasn't looking to get hit! Bs man!

  7. She set him up u can clear see she was standing right there then she wanted to take off running c’mon now she clearly set up up

  8. That's why it's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it guarantee that b***** will never happen to me although people have tried because of a certain situation and a bunch of f**** idiots that I had nothing to do with. People like this is why I stay in the orange and red zone at all times. Always prepared always surveying my surroundings and the people around me and how I do things where I go what I do. World's gone crazy basic facts you never know if you're going to make it home and you leave your house everyday weather be a maniac like this Buckhead car wreck and Rhythm heart attack f*** a car can go over the curb and run over you at any second the cops could shoot you in the face they do that all the time halve the time that people are innocent but the cops are so stressed out from dealing with all these f**** idiots they're ready to pull the trigger any second I kind of get it

  9. his "girl" seems awfully calm …. as she peeks around the car to watch a few more shots. notice the selfie pose too – haven't we all hit similar licks, mine where without murder tho

  10. Hell yea she was in on it they knew they werent going to get any of those lobster tails once its all fried up so they killed that poor man stole his lobster tails

  11. Yeah, by the looks of the thug "victim" I'm sure it was a senseless crime where he had nothing to do with it. Yeah, right. Karma baby.

  12. The part where she’s watching it happen makes me think this may be a situation where her jealous ex someone she knows did the guy in. They said this was a new relationship so it’s possible . Why go and get a closer look instead of running like the dude in the black shirt ran off when the shooting take place . And yes she could’ve figured the bf was the target so she didn’t need to run and he may have shot at her for calling his bluff about being with another guy . If it was over drugs or something then that may explain why he didn’t shoot at her when she got in closer to get a look at what was happening.

  13. Da plate reads EZX that's crazy which means she was a thot ez ex girlfriend got that dude killed get it

  14. Wasnt so sure it was set up until you see her taking 5 seconds to selfie while guy walks up behind her "new" bf, these hoes aint loyallll

  15. Definitely a set up … that girl knows more than you think Detective… unless he goes to the fish market often that dude was waiting for him.. which means that female most likely tipped the hit man off…🤔

  16. She was in on it. The guy was shooting him then she goes over to look and slowly stutters off. Cmon on now..

  17. If there was no context, you could almost mistaken the one in red, as a undercover police officer, headed to question the subject for suspected shop lifting.

  18. Russian president Vladimir Putin does not like cameras ,….the shooter was targeted before the attacking the victim ,…….coldblooded,….all the local and government authorities are laughing at the general public,…..if you move outside,..you and i are monitored 24/7,….lol ,…can you folks figure out who and what for ? ,…..

  19. I’m just saying but somebody set him up, look at close friends , your so called family and that Girlfriend,

  20. 0:48 why she is taking selfie??!! No conspiracy but looks like she wanted driver not to enter the car for a while to give time for shooter to execute

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