Sylveon Trolls The Comment Section

Sylveon Trolls The Comment Section

Hello, everyone. It’s your old pal, Sylveon! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last video sure got popular since then. And wow, look at all these comments! Let’s take a look, shall we? Oh. Well, well, there are quite a few, uh,” gems” in here. [giggles proceeds] How about I pick out some of my favorites? Fuck you, you’re ugly asf, stop trying to act cute. What’s an ugly-ass f? Is Sylveon on crack? Wow, so original. Someone is acting unusual and the first thing that comes to your mind is drugs. [insert salty af Lucario comments] There are way too many comments like this. I don’t think people understood the joke. There’s some reason I deleted my comment, but I got triggered hearing Sylveon’s hate against Lucario. I now know why because fairy is weak against steel and Lucario is part steel type. There you go, folks! Now you know! Why does people hate Lrcocro? Lrcocro? Is that a new Pokemon? Are they going to be in Sun and Moon? Are they dragon type? No fuck you Sylvapoop. Is that the best you can come up with? Sylvapoop? Why not Shitveon, or are you too afraid to swear? A friend of mine says you could breed Sylveon and Lucario. [classy sound effect] And now a tribute to all the people that roleplayed in the comments section, despite being told not to by the creator of the video. [triumphant music follows] I only showed off about a tenth of all the roleplayers. The comments section is littered with mindless trash like this. No respect whatsoever. Great job, everyone! You all made yourselves look like complete morons on the internet. Instead of clogging up the comment section with your poor attempts at getting attention, how about you go back to the Neopets roleplay forums, or do you not have your parents’ permission? If not end, I would be okay; but, because of end, I say dislike! If not bad English, I would be okay; but, because of bad English, I say dislike. She just cause at Lucario! This… This is… Unacceptabllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle! Way to make an obvious joke. Also, how do you cause at someone? Well, actually, she didn’t troll everyone. It was only a select few Pokemon. Jk The title of the video is Sylveon Trolls Everyone. You forgot 703 Pokemon. It would take too long. No one would watch it. hashtag logic. Yeah, do you really think I had time to point out every flaw for every Pokemon? Besides, then I would have to point out my own flaws and who wants to do that? I loved all of these, except the stereotypical brony insult. YOUSONOFA- Hey guys, I found the brony! Sylveon, well I killed Eevee XD, so you can’t talk to him or her or teach Eevee. Holy fuck. You killed an innocent Eevee because you didn’t want them to be near me, and you think I’m the cruel one? Ha ha ha! Just fuck you, Dunsparce is better. Ha ha ha! Its movepool is better than your mom so it has more variety when it does your mom. Ha ha ha! [laughter proceeds to turn into sobbing] I miss my mommy! [crying ensues] Resorting to your mom jokes? How original. Go back to playing Call of Duty and stuffing your face with lukewarm pizza rolls. Curse Lucario one more time and I’ll skin you. [only the best edgelord music is played, trust the subtitles on this] You suck! I like that your name is Pikachu and you have a Charmander icon. I’m guessing you weren’t very good at who’s that Pokemon? Fuck you Silvion. I’ll give you some credit, you at least spelled Sylveon in a way that preserves its pronunciation. Fuck you Sylevon. Ooh, so close! you almost had it. Sylveon is the best. I have a Sylveon and I love to make sex with her. [heavy breathing follows] Comment section: 10% doesn’t know how to spell Sylveon 30% roleplaying 60% ranting about the last joke I think that’s pretty accurate. You forgot that, out of all the comments, twenty five percent of them have a 5 Nights at Freddy’s icon. Phew, I’d love to go through more of these, uh, “wonderful” comments, but I feel like I filled my sass quota for the day. So, I’m going to go hunt for some cute dragons, so I can love them to death. [swanky outro music plays in the background]

41 thoughts on “Sylveon Trolls The Comment Section

  1. What the my head is going to explode and if one more thing starts happening I want you to shoot me

  2. If you can hear me you are you one the cutest things I have ever seen you are the reason im into Pokémon now I'm not bored of Sonic anymore A GIGANTIC THANKS To you Sylveon

  3. The people who role-played in the comments probably weren't reading the comment that specifically asked them not to role-play. It can be annoying, I guess.

  4. You know what you can breed Sylveon with besides Lucario? Pikachu, Espeon, Umbreon, Eevee (for some reason), any other Pokèmon that happens to be in the field egg group, I think you guys get the idea by now.

  5. 2:44 this is the internet, trying to tell someone to not be stupid on the internet is like telling sylveon to be nice to dragons……….

  6. The second I heard the lucario joke I got it
    The whole steel and fairy thing but to be honest I did not get the Gardievor ( sorry I probably spelt that wrong) joke….
    Someone please culture this uncultured swine

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