Taro Tips –  Emerald Shiner Pike Rig

Taro Tips – Emerald Shiner Pike Rig

One of the simplest ways to catch a pike at a cold water is a little finesse rig like I got here. Deadly. I got a tiny little trout hook. Tiny little trout hook. We’re gonna use Emerald Shiners. Emerald Shiners are really good… it’s good when the water is near freezing And I got a 25 pound fluorocarbon leader that I tied myself. I just have a spool here of 25 pound fluoro leader. Little barrel swivel to an eight pound line and then just put a split shut up here and we’re just going to drag that around and pull it with the trolling motor. Such a simple basic rig that anybody can do and so effective Now see this line here, the fish could bite through that since it’s not metal. So, what I do to compensate is use a really gummy soft rod and a lighter drag and we don’t really set the hook in the fish. You kind of just… you feel a little tick like a perch bite and just reel into em’ and game over. It shouldn’t take too long. For demonstration purposes, I’m using a dead stinky dead dink stinky minnow from the bottom of my boat… And I’m just gonna hook it to the bottom lip to the top jaw so the fish could swim freely and naturally in the cold water… it’ll just suck it in. As you can see, this one’s not gonna swim to well but you get the idea. Dirty dangler.

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