welcome back and in today’s video is
Taylor Swift secretly a 4chan enthusiast is she anonymously in for chain daily
talking to unsuspecting fans is this cyclical – eat I’ve done videos on how
to Swift in the past it just seems like she likes to do things like this there’s
some evidence let’s look into it and see what we can figure out so this was a
file on 4chan it was by anonymous on December 18 2011 on a Sunday Hobby ask
one of the most famous people on the internet anything except my name I took
this photo the other day she’s got a nice little photo looks like I’m a
bridge is that New York City if you know let me know in the comments
somebody said number one photographers none of them are that famous
and no one famous would hang out here would Taylor Swift hang out I got like
to think that if I was famous I would be sitting down in 4chan talking to the
people and being like yay and I would do it anonymously it would just be fun
it just feels like something I would do they went on to say I’m not a pro
photographer that was from my phone and then the anonymous person says what are
you famous for and where did you get that statistic they said must be
spider-man I’m famous for being an entertainer asked for the stack goes I’m
being conservative the income suggests I’m doing better than top 50 top 50 the
first thing that I would do it makes sense to me is what who are the top 50
famous people in comes that’s Google let’s go consult the internet guts aka
Google here’s a list of the top 100 let’s check out the top 50 Marilyn
Monroe Abraham Lincoln Mother Teresa I’m looking for Taylor Swift I’ll see
you Taylor Swift I do not see Taylor Swift so here’s the Forbes list most
what does this is the most powerful people
I know she’s not a political leader or anything but there’s Mark Zuckerberg she
might be on this one depending on how powerful Taylor Swift is here’s a a list
a twenty most powerful stars in Hollywood right now this is from 2017 we
have Margot Robbie Adam driver who else we got
and we’re looking specifically for you-know-who Hey look there’s there’s
Danny Donald Glover if you know who Donald Glover is let me know in the
comment section what he is famous what famous rap name he goes by I mean you’re
a cool person Ron Reynolds Kanye what
hey you’re Swift we have our first Taylor Swift appearance not bad one out
of three I think that’s pretty good followed by Justin Bieber another thing
that made fans think that Taylor Swift was on 4chan was this picture which says
sup B I’m out at a New Year’s Gala here in Nashville with my friends pic related
it’s my friends a lot of people said who is this guy but there is for sure Taylor
Swift the thing is is anonymous says I’m here everyone is just anonymous and then
moot the creator of 4chan in fact did comment and has been noteworthy to
comment on a lot of Taylor Swift posts he says that would be schist on working
another huge bit of evidence was when this anonymous person says I’m feeling
down please make me smile she doesn’t show her whole face but as you can see
the background it looks very eerily similar to a legitimate picture that
Dennis cook did post it is legit this same background this person is an
anonymous 4chan user this is legitimately Taylor Swift same
background must be Taylor Swift is actually anonymous to trolling people on
4chan but it could be photoshopped it could not be real who really knows now
it’s time for a bit of story time where somebody says they actually did talk to
Taylor Swift anonymously let’s see what your guys’s opinion is of this is
doesn’t it Taylor Swift browse Fortune anonymous says pretty much why I listen
to her I tried to her once over at mEagle I only told her my first name I
was a bit drunk at the time I used to go on a me go ahead with piano and plays
sad music for people until they clapped then they would say I’m a good pianist
and I would feel a little bit better inside I got to a girl she was wearing a
scarf around her head to look like a mummy I laughed and played Indiana Jones
theme then she laughed and took the top half of and waved she asked why looks
sad I’d been crying the whole day about my ex-girlfriend I told her I was just
tired she typed mmm and asked which country she was in and she said USA I
said I was from Australia and we eventually talked about relationships
and I told her about mine and admitted I was pretty depressed and drinking a lot
she told me she had problems with a guy in her life I asked her her name and she
said Taylor I laughed and said be Taylor and she just smiled we talked for a few
hours about being sad and dealing with life and fortune but I thought it was a
bit weird to give her my contact details and then she goes on to say Taylor if
you’re reading this thanks for the chat I’m still not a hundred percent okay but
I’m getting there by the way ironically her and her girlfriend got back together
with stories like this rotating all around the internet I do realize that people are saying it’s become a bit of a
meme in that people could like get on the bandwagon behind this and make a lot
of fake things up which is why I’m getting the evidence here together for
you to see what your opinion is my rep squad this is one that shook the ground
of 4chan and of the meme that day the script is silently lurking in the ins
and outs of 4chan when some anonymous person on November 6
2011 says linking on Sunday trips names of a new kid a lot of anonymous people
came in to help with suggestions of names
rady pooj isms current waggon sire pootie roof and then meredith simply one
day after taylor swift posted a picture with a new kitten exactly like the one
anonymous said and said meet Taylor Swift’s new kitten Meredith the time of
it is November 7th 2011 as you can see the timing of this post is the day
directly before the suggestion of Meredith name of the
cat being Meredith is absolutely mind-blowing and is almost undeniable
evidence except for one thing I would have totally went with count wagon and
then there was this one where it says on Twitter nothing quite like freezing code
Winry beach it’s an Instagram post it was on
December 28th and then this anonymous 4chan picture here sup B nothing quite
like a freezing cold wintery beach the timing 2011 December 28th December 28th
they both match up okay yeah there’s a lot of evidence suggesting that Taylor
Swift is in fact a 14 anonymous user controlling people if she wants to I
think it’s her own business is it conclusive I can’t say for sure
is it a speculation yes it definitely certainly is and you know how much the
resolution loves it’s speculation but I do have some theories so go ahead and
bring them out that’s right you guessed it the fidgets spinners of truth it’s
not so far out of the way to think that Taylor Swift casually Scrolls 4chan it’s
not like celebrities don’t do this it’s not like they’re some kind of powerful
super beings that just are immune to the Internet but I really see what’s really
going on here you see that look a little closer that’s right the conspiracies are
deeper than we think but as interesting as this is there’s always one thing is
more interesting to me that’s right you guessed it I want to know what you
think’s one spirit leave your creative and your interesting responses in the
comment box below is brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video
I don’t know charlie she can she can go on 4chan if she wants
to nah I don’t think that’s got anything to do with a lizard in my lizard well there is one thing that I do know
this channel loves you


  1. Are you gonna do a new poppalopagus video soon? Also, Taylor has to be a part of it. Do you believe this?

  2. If she is, that's so cool. She's a huge celebrity and there are weird people out there. I always liked her though. I just want her to be careful of people finding out her identity. Don't know if it's true.

  3. I believe that's the Golden Gate Bridge. https://www.google.com/search?q=golden+gate+bridge&rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS776US778&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=F14ijoty54ZYJM

  4. And BTW, those aren't the same cats. One is a Scottish Fold and in the first picture, the cat looks to have normal ears and way different markings on it's mouth and, for lack of a better word, left cheek. Hey Greg!

  5. The first most famous list was of all time, a list of currently alive celebraties would surely have Taylor in it. The second was influencal people, so not really for artists.
    If you check most records sold or number of billboard rankings, i think Taylor ranks very high, maybe even #1! 😍

    What does Greg think of Meredith, cute huh? 😊

  6. I think that it's a high chance she is doing all those things she might just be bored or maybe tired and wants to try something new

  7. Imagine feeling trapped like an animal and not being a regular person. Maybe Taylor wants freedom without her team or ppl judging or photographers following what she is doing. In her new music video, she is dancing and happy bc she finally feels free from the world. An a-ha! moment. 😌👋🤓

  8. lol the perfect combination. an ultra popular female celebrity shitposting on the derps of right wing troll culture just to amuse herself and her male fans. Love YOU TAYLOR!

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