76 thoughts on “Terry Hearn – The Little Grey – Iconic Carp Fishing (Subtitles Available)

  1. Brilliant! He certainly knows how to tell a story – one of the few modern day big fish anglers who uses his brain to really understands his quarry be it carp, perch, dace, zander or indeed anything else that swims! – Habitat, stealth, watercraft and bait application are the main reasons Terry is so successful.
    A truly old school angler operating in the modern era who's up there with the likes of Gibbinson, Mumford, Marks, Stone, Middleton and even Walker in my all time greats list of thinking/innovative anglers.
    Regarding casters; you watch, all the shops that have ceased to stock them (and even maggots) since pellets started to dominate the carp puddle match scene will suddenly now have a demand for them again! (suits me as I often struggle to get decent supplies for my big tench, roach and bream fishing!) – Unfortunately most people who watch this will buy them "cos Tel does" without a second thought as to why they work or whether they are the most appropriate bait for a given circumstance.

  2. What a wicked little story he’s great to listen to…..😎 and what a great result at the end I would have been happpy with one of the commons absolute belters what an absorbing watch keep up the good work👍

  3. He’s brilliant at catching carp,but as for the fishes welfare he couldn’t give a toss! Why oh why do people persist on keeping the fish out the water far to long!!!!!!? 2 photos is ample for any fish equals 3 mins out of water not 13mins! It’s like us running around a lake flat out then when we get back some throwing us in and pushing our heads under! How do you think you would feel! People are so so ignorant to this it makes my piss boil!

  4. I'm no carp angler, just barbel/tench/pike,but Terry is a fantastic fisherman if he did fly fishing he'd probably be the best at that aswell

  5. What a find…a new vid! Made a brew…settled down….enthralled….a superb story teller. I am going fishing tomorrow! Thank you for continually sharing your expertise Mr Hearn. Top draw!

  6. great stuff, this man uses his brains and stalking, rather than 10kg of bait. and a baitboat. the way he tells how he caught them is just as entertaining as the pics off the fish.

  7. What a legend. Simples! I could listen to Terry ALL DAY LONG! what an absolute carping warrior. Such knowledge, no nonesense, find em, fee em, catch em.

  8. Nice vid. The only thing that puts me off carp fishing is the muddy taste of these fish. Fine in a curry but anything else is unpaletable

  9. The combination of Terry and Jack Reid on camera and editing is a great combination it's easy to forget that Terry has no social media presence and there is hardly any video content of him because I guess he doesn't like doing it. Can we have one every week please?

  10. Good vid, although i dont know why carp anglers think they have to get all scientific when its got to be one of the easiest aspect of any angling

  11. Great enthusiasm, with an amazing passion…. Goes beyond normal thinking in order to get the fish he's chasing. Respect.

  12. My dad fishes there great lake possibly bigger fish than that in there he caught little grey at 49 pounds he's told my all about Terry

  13. Enjoyed listening with the way he tells and explains the way he goes about his fishing, keep them coming and thanks.👍👍👍

  14. No one around can tell a tale like captain Hearn , he could even make a Korda video interesting haha
    Fingers crossed another winter tale hits our screens this year esp 🤞

  15. Terry Hearn is a fishing legend. He tells his stories with such passion, even if I wasn't into fishing I wanna get out there on the bank. Love watching his videos and gaining information from his experience and years of sitting there waiting for the rods to tear off.
    Massive respect and huge thumbs up.

  16. I'd love too fish with Terry such passion for every fish caught, I could listen to him all day explaining how, why and when to fish these low stock lakes

  17. Dude is a legend and so blessed with skill. You have a feeling he would have been great at anything he turned his hand to. Luckily for us it was fishing and storytelling. Big up to the production crew too, fantastic. No need for gimmicks, flashy cut-scenes and the latest clubs doof-doof music – Terry, Little Grey, top notch filming and a magnificent story are all that is needed.

  18. I'm not even a carp angler – I'm a dyed-in-the-wool sea angler – and I found this fascinating. A good fishing story is a good fishing story, full stop.

  19. The wide eyed excitement is comparable to a young child waiting for father Christmas. His compassion for each individual fish is amazing. The watercraft he studies is ona different level.

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