The Alabama Rig – How to Get Started Fishing with It

The Alabama Rig – How to Get Started Fishing with It

So, we’re out throwing the Alabama Rig,
this is actually the Alabama Rig that is made by Mann’s. We have several different versions out on
the market now. We’re just trying this one out; we’ve tried
a lot of the different ones and were kind of getting a feel now for what we like and
don’t like about the different Umbrella Rigs. The Umbrella Rig’s been around for a long
time, I mean they have been throwing it for stripers out in salt water and lakes that
have those large stripers. They have been trolling with them forever. Andy Poss with the Alabama Rig, he kind of
made a version here that you can actually cast and fish with. Even casting Umbrella Rigs have been around
for awhile but I know a lot of the striper guys on Beaver Lake and Cumberland, places
like that have used them forever. What’s unique about Andy’s is he put the
fish head in the front of it and it has 5 wires coming out of the back of it kind of
angled and basically, it just represents a school of bait fish, a little pod of bait
fish that were broken off of the big school. I think what I’ve told people, people ask
me why it’s so successful. I think for me what I have determined is,
it’s the same exact lure that you have with those big trout swimbaits out in California. That’s a big meal that those bass are used
to eating out there in those lakes. Here their used to eating shad and bait fish
like that, minnows of that nature so you put 5 big shad on a rig like this and it’s a
huge dinner swimming by that’s easy for them to grab a hold of. And I think that’s what the appeal of it
is. It moves a bunch of water, it puts out a lot
of flash, ya got a lot of baits down there moving in the water. So, you’ve got 5 baits that give off a big
profile in the water. The key to this though is throwing it with
the right tackle. I mean a couple problems we’ll run into
is if people throw it on too light of line, we’ll have Alabama Rigs laying all over
the bottom of the lake. My partner the last 3 months Chad, has caught
3 of these rigs now that weren’t attached to his line. So, I see that as being a problem and that’s
just from people throwing it on a tackle that is too light. We fish with 65 lb. braid; occasionally we’ll
go down to 25 lb. mono if the water is real clear in the area we’re fishing. Heavy, heavy rod, I’m throwing this on a
Dobyn’s Swimbait Rod, the 795 Swimbait MT. This is an 8 foot rod. Muskie guys have been throwing 3 and 4 and
5 oz. baits for years. And what you run into when you try and throw
this like on a medium heavy action rod, when you pull this rig out of the water, you’ve
got more than an ounce. Depending on what size jighead you use, I
mean these are just 1/8 oz. jigheads on here but you put the rig, the jigheads, and the
weight of the swimbaits, all of that on there, you could have 2, 3 or 4 ounces on here. The problem you run into is when this rod
loads back, your wrist and tendons and all that, you’re going to tear that up, because
there is just too much weight right here when it shifts forward. What you need is a long rod that you can build
a fulcrum with. You want a pivot point you can throw the rod
and that’s how those muskie guys have been doing it for years. They have a strong rod with a lot of backbone,
good length so when that rod loads back and you go to throw it; you can pivot the rod
with 2 hands and take some of that torque off of your wrists. Now when I pull that rod back by the butt
and push it forward like this, then my wrist isn’t doing all the work to try and hold that
weight as the rod loads behind me. So your tackle is probably as important as
the rig itself. If you’re getting this bait hung and you
are fishing in the right places, we have found that slow is better. We reel this as slow as we can, we have caught
a lot of fish out of brush piles and different pieces of cover. The deal is, I mean it’s going to get hung
in places but if you’ll just not set into the cover, you can generally just take your
boat up there, get on the back side of it and wiggle it. It has so much on those other baits that it
will knock itself free of just about everything. So if you don’t go to jerking on it and
swinging on it, you get back just about every rig that gets caught. I’ve been throwing them for 3 months now and
I think I’ve only lost one so if you’ll just take your time with that. The other piece of it is how the fish……
how the bites usually go and obviously if you have fished at all, you know not every
fish bites exactly the same way but for the most part, what you are going to feel on this
deal is….you may feel them come up and pop it and jar your rod, I mean the strikes are
violent. The deal is, it’s just like frog fishing,
you can’t jerk on that violent strike. That’s not the deal, it’s not as soon
as you feel one bump it, swing as hard as you can and try to stab them ya know. Normally what they do when they come crashing
through it, is their trying to kill some of those baits, their going to come up and roll
on it and try to kill some of those baits. When one comes up on that rig and gets it,
you’re just going to feel the weight, you’ll feel it jar and then just start pulling your
rod back, it’s going to load up. That’s when all I do is just lean into them. You don’t have to get crazy and set the
hook like mad and actually we found it’s better if you don’t set the hook and start
wrenching on them like crazy because if you take and one jars it and then he loads up
and then just start slowly working on them, a lot of times you get those following fish
and they will come and grab the other baits that are swinging around back that he’s
not hooked on. So, actually we have found that it’s better
to fight them a little bit slower because you have that chance of doubling or tripling
up on the rig. So, one thing we’ve found, obviously when
you’ve got 5 swimbaits hanging off the rig, it can be cumbersome to put a rod locker and
to keep up with. What I’ve found is that we’ve got these little
wraps that we got from Gemini, just regular bait wraps, velcro wraps, take and hook one
bait on the hook hanger then wrap the other ones up it will slide right off the rod locker
without getting stuck on anything and then of course a Rod Glove can take and push the
wires down on the rig itself and keep everything covered up so that makes it real easy to store
these things. Whenever you’re ready to fish, basically
all you have to do is get those two things off and get your hook hanger undone and you
are ready to go. The last thing that people always seem to
ask about the Alabama Rig is where to throw it. Where do I throw the rig? And that is a good question, obviously what
we have found and what most others have found and what Andy Poss said when he created the
Alabama Rig is it is a suspending fish tool is what it is and that is why we are catching
some of these fish that we have never caught before because it’s a way to present baits
to those suspending fish. What we’re doing we basically think we know
where the fish are suspended or we see them on our graph and then we count the baits down
to that level and then just basically start in on a slow retrieve. I’ll give it a quick couple of turns and
get the baits to flare back behind the rig, get it kind of straightened out and then it’s
just a steady, easy retrieve. Nothing fancy, not too much jerking or popping
and like I said, just wait for the rod to basically load up before you lean into them. That’s part one of our castable umbrella
rig video, hope you enjoyed it!

55 thoughts on “The Alabama Rig – How to Get Started Fishing with It

  1. Been looking into this for a little while now, unsure if umbrella rigs are legal in Wisconsin, anyone with info would be awesome, thanks

  2. @FruffleZ This guy (i.e. me) was making an example. I never said all the fish out west only eat trout or don't have any shad in their lakes. I said the A-rig and umbrella rigs work for the same reasons trout swimbaits work in lakes that have trout (i.e lakes out west since ours dont have trout). It's a big meal the bass like seeing that they think they can eat without having to forage all day. At least listen to the context of the statement before being so judgmental.

  3. @RacerEckss Come on, Live bait is legal in state laws, Trolling is legal by state laws, Multiple rods are legal by state laws….this should not be it falls in with the effectiveness of these methods and the same skill set (hardly any) I used this setup for the first time yesterday caught a bunch of fish and almost half were snagged somewhere on their body.

  4. I throw my TN rigs (3 baits instead of 5) on 17 lb fluro with a 7ft. flippin stick and a 6.4.1 reel, and i reel it slow. and you better hold on when you hit a ball of bait with bass underneath them!! i have had double and triples up to 11 lbs on one catch and never had a break off.( I have broken off off 2 times on snags though) great video really good information!!!!

  5. @FruffleZ Judging by your sarcastic tone, I bet you're much smarter than everyone on here, so I figured I'd ask a follow-up question. Are there shad in many northern U.S. or Canadian lakes? No, jackass. Not all lakes have shad in them. Some have bluegills and other small panfish, small shiners, etc. Therefore, the question about shad in Western lakes is completely legitimate. My home lake (Wawasee, IN) does not have shad in it – bass still survive. Please educate yourself before being a prick.

  6. @powiepow85 Throw braid! Don't have to worry about breaking off in snags cause you can just bend the hooks out on your swimbaits, grubs, whatever… and then fix them instead of losing an entire rig – expensive when you factor in all the swimbaits, hooks, rig itself

  7. @citalopram40mg NO! They shouldn't make a musky version of it! Why? Because I have already made my own musky version of it and would love it if I was the only one throwing it! 🙂

  8. @boysgonefishing They did a study on it earlier this year. David Dudley talks about in this article on FLW's site (sorry I had to chop it up to be "youtube acceptable"). Basically, the whole theory that it'd kill fish is false. Live release rates have been extremely high, if not perfect, in most tournaments for A-rig fish. TX rig is the #1 fish killer due to swallowed baits. Multiple trebles on 1 bait tear up/blind fish. A rig? seemingly none of that…

    (see next comment for site post)

  9. @boysgonefishing

    type in FLWoutdoors(dot)c0m with this attached to it… /fishing-articles/blog/153229/what-is-the-true-fire-behind-the-furry/

  10. @boysgonefishing haha OK, that's cool. believe KVD that fish were stuck with hooks, and I'll believe the hard evidence that's come from the tournaments this year. Don't be a fool kid. I'm ALL FOR banning the a-rig. I hope all states make it illegal and don't give circuits the chance to allow it in tournaments. HOWEVER, they are nowhere near as harmful to fish as people have tried to claim. the release rates speak for themselves. 98-100% is extremely high. So, continue being ignorant – don't care

  11. @boysgonefishing …and david dudley's not behind the scenes? did you see the site i sent you to look at? KVD isn't even allowed to throw the rig in tournaments, so FLW pros are the ones who are behind the "seans" (lol SCENES) and see what's going on. The evidence speaks for itself – live release rates for fish caught on the a-rig are extremely high – sometimes perfect. You can not fish it all you want, but you're going to get your ass handed to you in plenty of tournaments this year if you dont

  12. What I like about this video is how the talking is on one channel and the music is on the other. I could just turn my audio balance to the talking and not have to hear the music. If I'm just looking for some instructions on something I don't need to be rocking out. I guess some others do but having a choice is a great idea.

  13. yea but if u get lucky n get 2 or 3 decent sized bass (which i have seen happen) on one rig all that weight could quite possibly break the line if ur using to lite of a line or ur rod if ur not using a good heavy thick rod so needed yes overkill no

  14. Glad to hear you dispell the notion that Andy invented this. These have been around for a long time. Saltwater guys like me make our own varieties all the time. Wish I thought to market it to naive fresh water guys!

  15. Me and my buddies just took the alabama rod out for 6 months. Its just like any other rig. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Drop shot seems to catch fish just as much or more. Any pro will tell you its not just the rig its if you are able to break down the body of water and figure out what the fish are doing that makes you a good fisherman.

  16. It's been proven to be very effective in the fall through winter months when the fish are more apt to suspend and follow big schools of bait.

  17. There isn't a minimum depth. We've caught bass on it in a foot of water, around grass and as deep as 25 feet on it. The key is to real it just above the bass. So if you think the bass are 10 feet deep, maybe reel it 8 feet under the surface. You want them looking up for it so to speak.

  18. Something with a lot of backbone because it will pull on your wrist a lot if the rod is too limp. I like a long handled medium heavy or heavy action rod. I've been using an 8 foot medium heavy carolina rig and an 8 foot heavy swimbait rod for them and both make casting a lot easier.

  19. Sorry about that. Some of our earlier videos only had one channel working for some reason. The music is in both channels and the mic only worked in one channel. So you probably have a left or right speaker hooked up and the audio is playing in the other one.

  20. 6-foot might wear you out. A longer rod can make tossing such a heavy rig all day tiresome. Line and reel are fine but I do recommend a bit longer rod if you can spare it.

  21. Yeah I love the A-rig but one of my favorite lakes only allows 3 hooks so I run 2 smaller dummys on top works great for when they dont want anything else

  22. Great videos, y'all are one of the best, if not the best bass fishing channels on YouTube. Very useful and informative information. I just subscribed. Check out my channel and sub back if you like what you see. Thanks, Cass.

  23. Make sure your knots are good and fish in areas with little to get snagged on. Doesnt hurt to use weedless lures as well. I lost my 20 dollar Alabama rig the first day out with 5 bucks of hooks and soft plastics on it. Yea, sucked hard. 

  24. this man said you should get a long rod to take some of the tension off your wrist (basically). So you're telling me that approximately 3oz's are going to injure my wrist from casting an Alabama rig 10-15x's before i switch to something else? I've done some strenuous work in my lifetime, between the military and civilian world, and I have yet injured my wrist. that's a horrible selling point. i hope the newbies read this comment before thinking they need a 7'6 rod hahahahaha. I have a 6'6 and I probably catch just as much fish as he do on his 18' lol

  25. Skipping is something that I need to practice.Nice demonstration and I have two things to work with (roll your wrist) and don't over throw the cast with a tightened down reel<that is what I did,made a mess and gave up but now I have two simple points to start with.

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