37 thoughts on “The BEST Bass Tournament In Canada – The 2019 Kenora Bass International

  1. Unbelievable on the edge of your seat video!!! You got it next year Jay!!! The filming though 👊👊👊 Thanks

  2. One of the best, if not the best tournament video out there!!!! love the emotion you have in all of your videos!

  3. Having no net is key! My first win in kayak fishing came after dropping mine to the bottom 😂😂 I'm landing that winning pike in my profile pic

  4. That's a lot of tree poundas. Amazing video as always Jay, edge of your seat stuff right there. Me and my son finished 7th out of 50 in our first Salmon tournament with only 4 out of 5 fish this year. Such a rush fishing these events! Good luck next year Jay, maybe you can finish good enough where Sam will bring you a beer!

  5. Sweet video. It is awesome to see how the communities come together for their tournaments. I fished the I-Falls one a few times and it is the same way. Congrats on another good finish.

  6. good job guys. is there a HP limit to that tournament? and cant wait to see ya back in Barrie with Tero Murata. some biggings being caught now. my home bay.

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