100 thoughts on “The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

  1. She's so rude that lady she interrupts the man and says
    Hiya I'm charlotte.
    I mean no one gives a flying willy wanker

  2. She just witnessed the old dude argue about money then comes up on a plate of scallops and a crab sandwich lols…she savage

  3. Take notes, boys. Instead of leaving the girl, standing there, offering to help you. You offer to teach them how to create something new. It will make you look better.

  4. Not only is she visually offensive, she has nothing interesting to say, and hearing her eat and slurp had me turning away.

  5. You won't get decent fish and chips in Scotland….. Sorry….. The fish is gorgeous but they can't do batter…. Tastes like shit…..

  6. Is it me or does this fully grown woman always act like she's a uni student. Always getting smashed. Always looks hung over

  7. I love when they subtitle Scottish people haha, I work for a company and I have to deal with a Scottish bloke as I am the only one who understands him, a thick thick Glaswegian accent. Thankfully half my family are from north of the border, but even I struggle with some people. real life subtitles would be a treat.

  8. You could tell when she was leaving that all john was thinking about was all the people who were going to try to come steal his crab cages because of this video.

  9. can tell that dude of the fish n chip shop only hires young pretty girls so he can be aroung girls lmao lozer

  10. Can you explain to the lamen amongst us why you're using a square and not spade shovel? Must be a Scottish thing, work smarter not harder! Love from America

  11. The best fish n chips I had were in the Keewenaw Peninsula in the U.P. of Michigan, Lake Superior has some beautiful fish.

  12. I'm so sorry, but I really think this thing of fish and chips, among others, have supposed a drawback to the brittish gastronomic culture and how people see it in general.
    As a spanish I could think of a lot of brittish dishes that would be healthier, warmer and better in a rainy day than fish and fucking chips, but I did my research to get to know them, and cook them.

  13. I used to work at this fish & chips shop in Scotland & their Fish batter main secret is 100 gram rice flour & 100 gram plain flour mixture with 70 ml Cold Vodka & 110 ml Cold Dark Ale/Beer in to Fish batter mixture with 1 spoon honey & little salt… keep it in to fridge for 30 mins. Take out from fridge. take cod/haddock fish , dry it out & dip in to dry plain flour, then dip in to fish batter mix & fry it on 360 degree •F. . Enjoy & give it a try at home & enjoy with your family & friends, please don't forget to give me blessing …Please…Remember me in your prayers…Thank You & love you all..

  14. How can anyone get past the amateurish stuttering and tedious mistakes at the beginning … someone has to tell her its annoying as hell and not charming…

  15. she is so fake…yyeeuuuhhh, Good Looking..(!!) but she makes me want to put her head in a bag while i do all kinds of nasty things to her..!

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  17. I'm Asian, and my uncle was Scot and I rarely speak to him because of the same reason why this woman put subtitles on this video

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