The Best Pet Tracker For Your Dog? – Dr Kate Adams, Bondi Vet Reviews The “Pet Widget” – Bondi Vet

The Best Pet Tracker For Your Dog? – Dr Kate Adams, Bondi Vet Reviews The “Pet Widget” – Bondi Vet

Hey guys, Dr Kate Adams here from Bondi Veterinary
Hospital. I recently got in the mail this little tag. And it’s called “Pet Widget”. And you actually attach this to your dog’s
collar and you can actually then GPS track your dog. So the great thing about this is that you
don’t have to charge it. So there are no batteries – that’s right,
no batteries! There’s no subscription so you just basically
buy the Pet Widget, attach this to your dog’s collar and off you go. Every pet should have one of these! I’ve seen a lot of these tracking devices
and a lot of them are very bulky, they’re very heavy and they’re quite impractical because
people actually have to remember to charge them all the time. And when your dog is actually lost, it always
just so happens that they actually don’t have the tag on. The better thing about this than just a micro
chip is that a micro chip will just essentially register a chip number, you can’t actually
register any details on that chip – you then need someone with a micro chip scanner – like
a vet – to be able to then scan the code to be able to locate the owners. This way they can be found almost immediately
just with a phone.. you are able to scan it. So if someone else finds your dog for example,
they can actually scan the chip and then locate you. So I’ve actually just completed the registration
process for this and the app was quite easy to use, it’s quite easy to navigate. I’ve got a couple of things that I didn’t
love about this. One is, that it’s still not little enough
to be able to be put on cats. And I really, really want to find one that
is actually good to be put on a cat’s collar. I think personally, it’s still a little heavy
to be put on a cat’s collar. And the other thing is also.. for the life
of me, I have not been able to figure out how to actually scan this from my phone. (reads)”If I look lost, scan this tag or go
to for help.” – scanning.. not scanning.. and then.. I tried it on this way and it’s not scanning. So I don’t actually understand how to scan
it. So I think realistically, if someone actually
found your pet, they’d be like ‘I don’t know how to scan it’. So guys, if anyone’s listening, I would love
some help on how to actually scan this.. it says ‘go to for help’ so I went
to and I can actually input manually the code on the back and then I can
locate whoever the owner is. This is the one I’m actually going to put
on Benny’s collar. (calls)’So Benny?’ … I don’t know where he’s gone. Hang on. ‘Hey Ben Dog!’ – ‘Are you coming over here? Come on! Let’s put this on your collar” – So Benny
here has now got his little Pet Widget on.. you can’t even see it through his fur – but
if you did look at his collar you would see this little green tag here. And there we have it: The Pet Widget. Thanks for watching guys! Thank you very much to the Pet Widget for
sending me some of these – I really love them and I think that they’re the best on the market
at the moment! So, you guys can get hold of these on their
website Thank you for watching if you like this youtube
you should subscribe. You can also visit my website on
– See ya!

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  1. You need to have NFC switched on in your phone then hold it against the NFC icon on your phone and badge if they have one.
    The Tag is an NFC device.

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