The Big Red

The Big Red

Look at this. Wow How about over there? Yeah, that looks good I’m gonna use this one Size 10. Extended body He’s pulled 50 meters of the backing I don’t know how big it is but it’s a kilo at least It’s very red Look at this. What a fish We need a whiskey Big or small? Small please Cheers. Cheers old friend No bones in that one. Oh no There’s a fish cruising over there This side or the other side? This side Could be two fish He’s running Is it big? It’s not bad Beautiful fish The fly came loose very easy What a fish Congratulations. Good job. Thanks Nice picture Looks promising. Yeah They are coming closer What did he take? A CDC and Elk Size? 14 I think Closer Nice fish Good coffee. Yeah, world class They seem to prefer pupae This one. I’ve had three takes on this What do you think about this one? Looks good Perfect Looks like the pupae I’ve seen on the surface Have you noticed how long they stay on the surface before they fly away? Yeah, it’s still quite cold so… Perfect. He’s gonna take it. Leave it lying Good job. You’ve gotta net it yourself this time I think it’s a 2 kilo fish I’m dying What a run Yeah, he’s in the middle of the lake He pulled 100 meters Good job. Thanks Was it a fish? Yeah, somewhere over there Close to the bank Finally You’ve got the net, don’t you? Oh yes, I’m ready I have it here He’s not ready yet Oh, the line scraped the rocks. I felt it He’s in here now, isn’t he? I think so Not that way please That’s a nice fish Pull it up It’s a two kilo fish I gotta check the leader What is this Thank you Yeah, it’s really worn That could have gone seriously wrong. Yeah, that was a close call That’s how they should look Train is leaving. It’s on the backing now It’s enough now That was a serious run You gotta help me Anders Very nice take I saw it. It’s a hog He’s coming towards me now I’m ready Beautiful fish What an animal Give me your hand. Thanks for the netting Where was it? In the middle of the pool That was a heavy fish There’s a caddis swimming right by my fly This is it Paul Perfect cast Backing Cut it out now I’m getting worried He’s pulled over 100 meters They are really strong fish What a fin I see it down there. It’s a 2 kilo fish Back again He’s been in to the vegetation That’s a serious paddle He’s not the only one who is getting tired Take it now Look at this fish The fly is still in his mouth. Yeah, I know I’m exhausted Oh well… I need to take a break Cheers

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  1. Does everyone in Scandinavia cary around one of those wooden spoon/cup/bowl things? I'm always jealous when I see people dip them in a mountain stream. Few and far between places to do that here in the states. Wonderful fishing and Cheers!

  2. Truly wonderful 👌…you have found and are enjoying a piece of "nature's heartbeat" that all true outdoorsman seek. Thank you for sharing, again.

  3. Brilliant scarlet, blue halo spots all off set by white-tipped fins. Char are really beautiful fish. Way too pretty to kill. God meant for man to eat bushes anyway.

  4. Det blir ju inte bättre! Fantastisk fisk, landskap & film 😍 Tack så mycket för att ni tar er tiden!! 🎣

  5. Oioioioioioioioioi…neeneeneeneeneeneee…😁 What a great fishing !!! So beautifull Fishes ,Just Nature can do such Art. All the best from Germany 🤠

  6. I love the pace of your films, it reflects the emotions of our sport so perfectly. The colours and beauty of those char is utterly incredible and to see the backing peel off the reel for so long is something I wouldn't have expected. Another gem of a film, so thanks for all the hours of editing and hard work!

  7. Beautiful video. As a fly fisherman myself I have a philosophical question with no snark or sarcasm. How far away from the fisherman can someone else net the fish and still consider it landed by the fisherman who hooked it? I see this in Alaska, Montana, Labrador, etc and I cant help but wonder. No hate or anything (to each his own) but, I mean, can you cast from shore, hook the fish, and send someone out in a boat to net it? Or have someone 50 yards down stream wade out and scoop it up? I know they are really big fish and netting them as quickly as possible ensures their continued health but where is the line?

  8. What a great bit of fishing and friendship, i am from Scotland and currently work in Saudi Arabia, how i do miss my fly fishing, this video brought a smile to my face.

  9. Is it true that the further away a fish is, the bigger it is? Arctic char, Brook Trout, and Lake trout are all so similar, it's obvious all three are remnants of the last glaciation, and not 'trout' at all. All three are char.

  10. "OY, OY, OY, OY!… " I love this guy. 👌🏼 And the fish… wow… they are a dream… 😍😍😍 Congratulations, men. You're killing it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  11. This is my favourite youtube channel. No free cool insta lumberjack gansta hippsters but real guys from real life. Peaceful and nice videos with good fish, relaxing and joy of fishing . Thanks.

  12. Good evening Men of Men!! What a Stunning Performance from Both Anglers! Such beautiful fish, and two experienced Anglers!! You both deserved The Whisky. Next time, put some of the Whisky in your lovely coffee. Especially first thing at dawn. Hearty Congratulations too you both. Many thanks and Kind regards Colyn.

  13. Beautiful. Loved it. I presume this was Iceland? Expert fishing and particularly nice casting. Professional filming and editing. Captured the fun and comradeship of fishing so well.

  14. Absolutely stunning scenery and Arctic Char. One day I'd love to fish for these magnificent creatures. That's my kind of adventure. Amazing video 🙂👌❤🎣

  15. was wondering where this was before reading the thumbnail then I heard the fe faun 🙂
    awsome fishing trip and amazing fish, Tack su meker for sharing this (sorry english keyboard, not that it would help my spelling, you get the general point tho)
    take care guys Cheers

  16. I screen shotted the fly you showed. Great looking pattern. Could you give me the recipe for it, I’d love to try it here in Ireland.

  17. another beautiful video. Here's a little while that I look at your videos and this one has finished convincing me to go buy my first fly cane .

  18. Amazing video, I'm looking forward for the summer to fish again røye fisk on Magerøya Island/Nordkapp where I'm living….🐟🐟🐟

  19. Hi thanks for your reply. It’s the detached body one with what looks like a rubbery leg or two on it.

  20. Spectacular, outstanding, wow! Laphroaig 10 to boot. Language barrier no way I understood every word been there so many times.

  21. Beautiful video! Jjust to be picky though, when you are referring to a scotch, it's spelled whisky, without the "e."

  22. Hi. I’m always looking forward to your videos. Thank you friends. Health and success. 🥂👍

  23. I watch fishing videos a LOT!! This was one of the best and most beautiful YT fishing vids I've ever seen. Great job! Thank you.

  24. Watching you guys fish is surreal, it’s almost like it’s a religious experience for you. Another brilliant video.

  25. Reminded me very much of fishing the Falklands for sea trout. Especially around Bluff Cove and Frying Pan areas.

  26. ive never seen an alpine lake with that much room to cast. what the hell is up with that.
    we plant these in lakes up in the rocky mountains here in my home state of idaho in america. i've never found any. i'm pretty sure the lakes i looked in were way too remote.
    we also have a few grayling. which ive managed to find a few times. cool video. reminds me of home, except for the part where you can actually just walk clear around a lake like that.

  27. A dream of a fishing day. The solitude of the landscape, the red coloured fish fighting hard and working into the backing líne…what a beautiful video…a pleasant relaxing music and the soft light of a cloudy windless day… a very quiet zen experience… a nice cup of freshly made coffee drunk by the fire on a fishing talk with a friend..the beautiful flowers…that moose running uphill…a dream, definitely, for us Nature lovers.

  28. What do you use for drink? Coffee, water, etc. Is it characteristic from Sweeden? Amazing videos! Miguel from Argentina

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