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  1. Internet may have changed the world but it has given people the right to just sit behind their screen and judge others which irritates me alot! I would dare such people to say such negative things to our faces! As rightfully said by Malika ❤

  2. it is funny u ask about dating apps, only ’cause i recently signed up on one. tried tinder and okcupid but i barely used the app. must’ve talked to a handful of people but nothing ever came of it. i do think it varies from person to person, and what they are looking for. i honestly feel like i’m confused. i am on the app to explore and try my hand at casual dating but it is kinda difficult. casual dating also means casual sex so even if it is a one-time thing or whatever, it feels like who do u trust? i’ve not made any lasting connections yet on these apps but yeah, i am 31 and have been single for almost forever and i wanted to give dating another shot because it never worked out irl with people i did like or know personally. i feel like these apps would be better to navigate, out of india? some of the guys on here are strange but i think sometimes looking at pictures and swiping can cause u to also pick someone based on what about their look appeals to you… so in a sense, u cannot really say. i said confused, because for the most part, i am comfortable with my singlehood and have grown to love it like nothing else. my solitude is sacred! however, loneliness does bother me and i struggle with making connections, either way. dating is hard! relationships are hard too, and i don’t think one is better than the other (as in singlehood versus relationships). wow, i have treated this comment forum as my sounding-board! it felt good to share. 🙂

  3. miss malini ..I want to adopt a bog among them…
    I am 17 and I have a dog NGO and I need it …pls..

  4. Firstly Malika Dua is one of my fav person when it comes to comedy. She is awesome cause she is real 🙂 . More power to you girl
    Secondly Miss Malini love you for this new series ,you are giving a great platform to all beautiful girls to voice out their opinion.
    And about trolling – I think there should be an option to permanently block someone . I mean once a person uses some kind of a abusive language or make unpleasant remarks they should be barred from all platforms.

  5. Hey Missmalini! I hope you’re doing well. I am following you on insta since long and I have seen people trolled you for many reasons like.. yours clothing, your look… etc etc. And recently I saw that someone was telling you how much you are getting paid for sharing some celebrity pictures and praising her. I always feel sorry for them. I have noticed that all celebrities or public figure has to face this. It will take another 50 years for some people to grow up and change their minds. You can’t change them or change their mentality. All You have to do is just IGNORE THEM Or Block them 😊

  6. Hi maam lovely video… I also mailed you..

    It will be very great for me if you guide me in this digital/entertainment carrer.

  7. If someone says that someone has a big nose it is not mean. It's just observations. We do it in real life all the time. There is a difference between criticism and trolling. Please know it.

  8. If someone is troubled by "mean" comments then it is a sign that you are probably better off of it till you have better receptivity. It is an option,why not take it and save yourself of the "massive" "trolling".

  9. It's quite depressing to see folks unleashing barrage of attack online. Really admire the fact that you have started "SwachInternet" initiative. Keep up the good work. Thumbs Up.

  10. Seeing this series for the first time and love love it….. Have been following many utubers for long and feel sad people just post anything and realized that it has become almost impossible to be happy for other human beings….But Malini I personally feel that people trolling anyone are the most frustrated souls on earth, and just venting out their frustration by posting anything and everything !!!!

  11. "This is such a nice show" & "the topics you are choosing are just awesome". Keep doing such a nice work. More power to all the awesome girls out there.

  12. I m so happy Miss malini,you are making all the woman proud.this needs to be spoken about ..thank you for doing such meaningful work!

  13. Just a constructive criticism : Miss malini's accent+ Niharika's accent is very annoying to the ears, flaunt your Indian accent , I have been living outside India for 7 years and i did not change it , or never will try to.

  14. Ms. Malini, Cheers for you!! I enjoy your show and the conversations, small suggestion: Please don't pay so much attention to the negative comments and trolls, practice ignoring and not reading their comments. Best

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