15 thoughts on “The invasive hero

  1. Awesome video! Thanks for Sharing! I am glad you are teaching many people about the invasive species! I am glad this species helps the populations of the native species!

  2. Peacock Bass are some of my all time favorite fish, you did a great job covering them Emilio! I didn’t know that the FWC released these guys intentionally, that’s a creative solution to a difficult problem for sure. Though I imagine the peacocks are eating a lot of the tropical invasives that they are accustomed to, do you know what impact they have on the native species? It’s always a gamble introducing invasive species, I wonder if the presence of another predator in the same niche as the Largemouth Bass has impact on their numbers. ¡Buen trabajo Emilio, no puedo esperar a tú próximo video!
    – Harrison and Evan

  3. Great content and video bro 👌🏼👊🏼 just found your channel and smashed your bell 🛎 I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your videos ‼️ well done

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